WINNER!!! The Draco One Aluminium Bumper For The HTC One Giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS! Shahin Fadakar! You are the winner!

Hey folks, we are giving away a Draco One Aluminum Bumper in Silver for the HTC One MSRP $79.99! Big thanks to Draco Designs. Be sure to hit the link and check out their website for some awesome products. As you can see, the Draco One is an all-aluminum bumper that looks sleek and awesome on the HTC One…practically makes it a whole new device! So now that you’ve seen the pics you want to know how to win this baby? Β Here are the rules to enter.

  • US Lower 48 States only (sorry guys, shipping to other countries is a bit out of reach for us at the moment)
  • Must either circle Techaeris on Google+ HERE
  • Or follow us on Twitter HERE
  • Or follow us on Facebook HERE
  • Leave a comment below and tell us why you want the Draco One. (Only one comment per person! More than one comment will get you disqualified!)
  • Contest will run until October 31st Halloween, winner will be randomly selected and announced on all three social sites at 10PM Central Time October 31st

That’s it, not hard at all. Remember, you don’t have to follow us on all three social networks, you just need to pick one of the three to follow us on and it doesn’t matter to us which you pick. And you must also leave that comment below (just one comment). You can’t win if you don’t leave a comment and follow one of our social streams. Good luck to everyone!

Draco Design

30 thoughts on “WINNER!!! The Draco One Aluminium Bumper For The HTC One Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve been itching for a good blend of protection and style. Price was the only objection from the other half! Good luck contestants, and thanks Techaeris!

  2. I love these bumpers, but as a broke college kid, my money goes to food, and if I’ve been good with spending, a phone.

    I usually keep every device I’ve ever owned in a case, because of my tight budget I like to keep them in pristine condition for resale down the line, yet I found the One too good looking for that. I’m working towards a degree in industrial design (specifically product design) and realized that if the One was my child of labor and love, I’d hate to see it wrapped in a gaudy shell.

    Then one day, it dropped. Someone tugged on my shirt, I watched it plummet to the concrete, bare aluminum and all. I was fortunate that only a single corner of the entire device got scuffed. But still it kills me to look at.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I have a currently have a TPU case for my HTC One. Although it protects the phone and isn’t too thick…it’s killin’ my phone’s vibe!

    Winning this bumper would allow me to bring the sexy back!

  4. This is pretty slick. I just got my One and have had too many close calls almost dropping it. It is naked and needs some protection! Also, a new something to play with and tell everyone about lol. Oh wait… Random selection? Then I can’t talk you into one for a free review and a bracelet from my site can I?? Lol.

  5. I would like to have this bumper because I love my HTC One! It’s the most awesome device I own. The bumper would just make it that much more awesome! It would come in handy for me an be such a lifesaver.

  6. I work security. I carry a lot if equipment. I have been searching for a strong, low profile case that would work well for me, and this is it!

  7. I love the HTC One. It’s by far the most attractive phone in the market and one of the most powerful. That’s a combo you do not want to let go of for a while. It also requires protection. I personally do not want to mask the phones beautiful design with an ugly case. That’s why I want the Draco One. It’s a case designed to compliment the HTC One. To me, it’s an extension of the phone like the Ironman suit is to Tony Stark.

  8. The HTC one is too beautiful to hide under just Gaby case. This bumper adds to the great design of the phone. Now if I could just win one

  9. I want the Draco One Aluminum Bumper because it will make my HTC One even more beautiful!! From what I’ve seen, this case won’t take away from the beauty that is my HTC One but it will enhance it by at least 10X.

    I hope I win πŸ™‚

  10. I love my phone but I am extremely frustrated with the lack of accompaniments. Winning this would be dope and I’d be the envy of all my friends…which is why we dress up our phones right?

  11. I currently have an ugly black case on my One. I bought the phone for its beautiful design, and I’m sad that I am covering it up so that I don’t break it. I am definitely a dropper, so no case isn’t an option for me, but this beautiful aluminum one will help me protect my phone while showing off its beauty! Plus… I’m poor and can’t afford nice things like this.

  12. I am an owner of the first design HTC one s. It’s a phone that has impressed me since the moment I saw it. From the metal shell, to the ease of using it, awesome camera, and it’s super fast processor, boy I love it. It’s an older technology, so I can only imagine how amazing the new one must be. I would love to own the new HTC ONE, it’s phone that is hard to beat.

  13. Because just for once, for one shining moment in time, I would love to have the best of something, without having to eat Ramen Noodles and Cheez Whiz for a month to get it! I have the right phone, now I need the Draco One for it.


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