Giveaway: myCharge Freedom 2000 For iPhone 5/5s

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Alrighty folks! We are doing yet another giveaway! This time we’re going to give away something for the iPhone camp. Last time we gave away a Draco One Aluminum HTC One bumper. This time we are giving away the myCharge Freedom 2000 for the iPhone 5/5s valued at $79.99. The myCharge Freedom 2000 is a case/external battery for your iPhone 5/5s and we did a review of it last week. You can find that review HERE. Now the folks at myCharge took note of my one complaint about this product and they sent me a brand new myCharge in Red and are looking into the issue. So, we want to thank myCharge for providing this great product for you all to try and win. Please subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

So on to the rules of this giveaway! FIRST: This is only open to the lower 48 states of the USA, we’re very sorry to our international readers but we’re still a very small site with no funding. But help spread the word, and help us grow.

Very simple process to be entered to win. And you MUST complete all steps to win. Any step left undone and you lose the chance to win.

1. Circle Techaeris on Google+ or Twitter or on Facebook doesn’t have to be all three just ONE will do.

2. SHARE THIS GIVEAWAY ARTICLE to Google+, Twitter or Facebook and tag Techaeris. This is important, be sure to share this article NOT a post from one of the social networks and don’t forget to tag us.

3. Leave a comment below telling us how you use your iPhone and why you need a battery backup. Just ONE comment, please do not spam the comments section.

That’s all you need to do to enter. We will run the contest until next Saturday November 30th 2013 12pm CST. We will choose a winner at random from the comments below (making sure they have followed all the rules) and they will be notified via email.

6 thoughts on “Giveaway: myCharge Freedom 2000 For iPhone 5/5s”

  1. I need a battery backup so darn bad because I’m in my last year of college and constantly find myself checking email and assignments online and it really takes a toll on my battery life. On days when I have class from 9:30 in the morning to 9 at night I can’t afford to not have a phone charger wish me, but it’s such a hassle

  2. At my work I am unable to charge my phone. I also ride a scooter and sometimes use it for GPS and navigation and a battery backup would allow me to be able to travel much further on my scooter rides not to mention the security of having a phone if I were in an accident.

  3. I’m constantly recharging my phone a daily basis because if I’m not on my phone talking,Texting,reading,sending Emails or just just playing around on my phone period!!

  4. My iPhone 5S has become my tool for just about everything since I really do not have a computer that is adequately equipped with the power needed to complete theses tasks in an enjoyable way, including but not limited to managing my bank account, browsing the web, checking up on Google+ and Facebook, chatting with friends, playing games, listening to music, using my email, contacting my family, video chatting, keeping track of events, and managing my online server. All of these tasks require a lot of battery, and tend to drain it quite quickly. I find myself plugging my iPhone into the wall several times a day. I rely on my iPhone to allow me to contact my family and girlfriend through the day, and most importantly, at the end of a working day, 13 hours after I step foot out of my house I need my iPhone to be alive so I can send a message to my father to alert him it is time to come pick me up. Many days, I forget or lose my charging cord, which requires me to try to conserve my battery throughout the day, but even with the most conservative of battery use, I am still left wondering if my iPhone will make it through the day, and come 9 hours, I am often found desperately trying to get my hands on a charger, be it from my friends, or some person i have never met.

    I would be proud to sport this rugged-looking case on my iPhone, and never have to worry about the diminishing amount of battery life in my phone every day! Thank you for your consideration


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