Roadie Tuner For Guitar Players Makes Tuning Effortless


Kickstarter campaign Roadie Tuner from Band Industries is fully funded and promises to be a very awesome tool for guitar players. The Roadie Tuner uses an iPhone/Android app to tune your guitar. But there are dozens of apps and online tools that already do that? Yes there are, but Roadie Tuner comes with a hand held tuning tool that moves the tuning heads for you. The app communicates with the tool and moves the head, loosing or tightening the string to the correct pitch. It really takes the human error factor out of the picture. I know I have tuned my guitar many times using tuners to assit but I always fight getting the pitch correct because I might put too much or too little tension on the string.


Roadie Tuner pairs with a FREE app on your smartphone, iPod or tablet through Bluetooth 4.0 smart (check FAQ section below for a list of supported devices).

All the audio processing happens on the smartphone which sends tuning commands to Roadie. With Roadie, tuning your instrument becomes easier than ever, less error prone, and far more accurate than manual tuning.

Roadie can fine tune your guitar in a few seconds or completely change tunings in less than a minute. The tuning process on Roadie Tuner is three times more accurate than the average human ear. Musical instruments are living things that change with age, moisture, temperature, rust, etc. Roadie adapts to all these changes to make your instrument deliver its best musical experience.

Check out the video below and head over to Kickstarter (click the logo below) to check out Roadie Tuner.


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