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Welcome To The New And Improved Techaeris



Hey there folks! You might have noticed a few things have changed here at Techaeris HQ! Well we up and moved the entire site off of in order to have a little more control over what we can and cannot do. We enjoyed our time over at and thank them for hosting us and being very kind to us.

So we’ve moved on to a new host and a brand new look as well! The blue and green is gone and we’ve gone a little more minimal and simple, we hope. It’s been an awesome journey so far with so many people that have stepped up to lend us a hand and advice. We’re going to continue to keep bringing you all the tech news we can and reviews you can trust! Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to evolve and learn. You’re sure to see things continue to change from time to time but we promise we’ll try not to overwhelm you as much as we have with this move. You’ll see subtle changes here and there from time to time. Hope what we have put together here is to your liking cause we sure put a lot of work into it!

Here at Techaeris we’re all about being a little voice among the giant tech blogs and we thank you for supporting us! You can really help us out by sharing our articles to your social networks, to your friends and to your family! The more people we got coming to read Techaeris the better it will get! Thanks again for reading and supporting us we look forward to what this year is going to bring!

Cheers and Thanks!

From Alex and the entire Techaeris team (that includes non writers)! Keep reading! Keep sharing!

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