HTC Email Commits To Android Upgrades And Replacing Screens



HTC sent out an email to users today committing to keeping their software up to date and replacing cracked screens on new owners HTC One’s, they’ve dubbed it HTC Advantage. The entire email is below for you to read.



HTC has been on a run lately trying to re-establish their image and reputation. That written commitment to Android upgrades is a huge deal to many Android users, let’s hope they continue to keep their promise. The cracked screen replacement is a nice touch but from how it reads this is only good for new owners. And of course the addition of the extra cloud storage is a nice little perk. What do you think? How’s HTC been doing lately? Do you think this helps them in re-making their image? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Oh, BTW, there is fine print in the email, you can catch that below.


Source: HTC via email

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