Tesla Model X Could Be In Customers Hands Early 2015

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CNN Money is reporting that Tesla has sent out emails to customers stating that the handsome Model X Crossover should be ready for delivery by early 2015. The prototypes should be out by end of this year with customers seeing their orders by early 2015. Those very beautiful Falcon-Wing doors will be a standard feature on the Model X as well as all-wheel drive. But Tesla did say third row seating would be an option, leaving some customers a little upset over that.

“Making 3rd row optional is definitely a disappointment,” wrote one potential buyer on the site. “It is just another way of increasing the price.”

The excitement over the Model X measured in dollars is around $40 million dollars. That’s the amount (CNN Money reports) in orders the Model X has so far and it continues to climb. That’s just an estimate as Tesla has not revealed the actual price of the Model X. We’re excited for the Model X as it could prove to be a nice people mover more than the Model S. Of course that’s with the now optional third row seating.

There are a lot of things shaking out at Tesla this year. Elon Musk announced last week his intent to open up Tesla’s patents so that everyone can use them (in good faith). The Model X is due to ship out early next year. And the Model S seems to be going strong. All of this good news is making investors love Tesla stock at the moment. We can only keep hoping the company continues to do well and that innovation and cooperation continues to shine through Tesla Motors. What do you think of the Model X announcement? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Our social media links are to the left of your screen.

Source: CNNMoney

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