Opinion: Has Blackberry Found A New Way To Stay Relevant?

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Reuters is reporting that Blackberry will be entering a deal with Amazon, Inc. to begin offering 240,000 Android apps through the Amazon App Store on newer Blackberry devices. This is supposed to happen soon after Blackberry performs an upgrade to its operating system later this fall. But is this enough to pull Blackberry out of the grave?

It’s very well known that Blackberry has had more than one foot in the grave, but has just refused to let the dirt be piled on top to finish the job. You have to admire the tenacity of the company to want to remain relevant in the mobile market. Once an industry leader, Blackberry now trails far behind the firm and mature market leaders, Android and iOS. This is the failing company’s latest attempt at staving off the undertaker.

But will this work? On paper it sure seems like it could. But that all depends on a few key points. Of the 240,000 Android apps that Blackberry will soon offer on its devices, how many of those are relevant and highly sought after apps? This will be an absolute bust if Blackberry’s offerings end at fart apps and meme makers. And what is Blackberry doing on the design side of things? Will the next Blackberry OS be more appealing and functional?

I’m the last guy that wants to see a company die. I’d love to see Blackberry turn things around, because we need a few more players for good competition that will push all of the companies in the market toward innovation. If Blackberry’s previous plays are any indication, however, this might not be its saving grace but I’m willing to give them one more shot.

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Has Blackberry Found A New Way To Stay Relevant?”

  1. Let’s be honest. They are done. You can already do what they are going to partner with Amazon for, it just is not in the nicest user friendly package. BB10.2 updated the java engine to jelly bean i think and there are even apps that will let you download from Google Play on a blackberry. It just isn’t enough. They haven’t just lost market share. They have lost mind share. Look at their hardware options and tell me they are innovating. The Z10 and Q10 are basically the same phone, just one has a keyboard and smaller screen. The Z30 came out later and is just a Z10 with a bigger screen and bigger battery. THEY DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO UP THE SCREEN RESOLUTION.

    We are waiting on the arrival of the beastly G3 with it’s QHD screen, 3 GB Ram, and Quad Core Processor and Blackberry’s highest end devices are 720p dual core devices. They are too far behind the curve on hardware for anything in software to give them a substantial bump. I actually LIKE BB10 (though it has some visual missteps) but simply is not enough. Blackberry doesn’t have the talent, brand value, or capital to dig out of this hole.

  2. 1. I said the z10 and q10 were the same except the screen size and keyboard. You dispute me. I don’t know what you think I have wrong but here is a side by side comparison of all 3. http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/BlackBerry-Z10,BlackBerry-Q10,BlackBerry-Z30/phones/6599,7693,7519
    If you look at these specs, they are very close.
    2. With regards to my saying Java engine, it was poor wording in the interest in speed. Someone who knows how Java works would have known that I was referring to the Java virtual machine. You see the way Java works is, you have this virtual machine that converts Java code into machine language for the device it is on. This is the case on Windows and Mac and is also the case for Android and BlackBerry. This virtual machine is called Dalvik on Android and JVM on blackberry. I was referring to that.
    I don’t claim to be an expert on QNX. Hell, I don’t claim to be an expert on Java or app development. However, I think the links I provided back me up enough to show that I’m not talking out of my rear.
    3. Yes, Android is my favorite mobile os. However, I love technology and swear allegiance to no one. I have used bb10 extensively as well as iOS and Windows Phone. I choose iOS on tablets over Android and use a mac at home. If blackberry were better than Android I would scream it from the rooftops but it isn’t.
    You have made assumptions about me based on either your ignorance or misunderstanding what I was saying. I understand why you would think I’m a mindless fanboy. The Internet is full of them. However, on this occasion you are incorrect.


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