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Welcome To The New & Improved MOARGeek!

Hopefully you’ve noticed by now that we have a fresh new look with a few extra features here on MOARGeek! We’ve only been around for about 6 months but our readers – YOU – have helped us get to where we are in such a short period.
First off, we chose a theme that is much more entertainment oriented, with bigger graphics to give you a more visual experience. Not only that, the site translates well to mobile devices so you can be assured that it will look just as great on your smartphone or tablet allowing you to enjoy our site wherever you may be.


Our new look features larger images.

We’ve also added Gaming sub-categories so now you can access articles based on your gaming preference – whether it be Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox – quicker. These sub-categories will populate in the new mega- navigation menu when you select the Gaming category. Of course, selecting Gaming will still take you to all our gaming articles. We’ve also added the ability to “Like” an article right on the site, simply click on the heart icon at the top of each article. We’d still love for you to share our stuff on social media though and have added a few more options to this same bar, as well as kept the current social share options near the beginning and end of each post.

Easily like, share, or jump to the article comments.

We’ve also added other articles you might like to the bottom of each post making it easier for you to find related articles to what you just read. A few categories and tags show up as well so you can choose from a few related article options.

Read articles that really are related to the one you just read!

Now for the fun stuff! The biggest area to get a revamp is our review section! For all reviews, we have a better looking Overview box which provides you with specific details regarding the movie, TV episode, game, or other item we’re reviewing.

Get the low down on the game, movie, TV show, comic, or book that we’re reviewing at a glance.

As well, we have a cool content jump bar so you can jump straight to the particular sections of the review that interest you most. For our game reviews, we’ve added some specifics to break down our ratings. These include Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Story, Multiplayer, and Concept.
We know reviews are subjective, and our new site allows you, our readers, to add your rating as well to anything we’ve rated! Simply mouse over the User rating for the corresponding rating detail and set a score! Alternatively, you can leave a rating comment which allows you to add your positives, negatives and other comments as well as rate the specifics. When you rate through the comment method, it will add it to and update the User Rating section in the rating section.

Our new review system lets you, the reader, let us know how you’d rate it!

Alex wants to thank all the readers and visitors for supporting our independent websites, without them we wouldn’t keep on keeping on! Alex also thanks his whole writing staff and editors and especially Jason Bouwmeester for doing a bang-up job on both the Techaeris and MOARGeek redesigns! Enjoy the new site! And please continue to tell everyone about us! A special shout out to Spiderfly Studios as well for the continued support and awesome graphics work. Our logos do a great job of defining us and it’s because of their great work.
Thanks again for reading MOARGeek, and feel free to let us know what you think of the new look and features in the comments below!
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