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Tech 21 Case Review: Lightweight Slim Design


The case market is certainly saturated with competition and sometimes it’s hard to filter through the dozens that are out there. Apple iPhone and iPad cases probably make up the majority of cases out there but there are companies that make cases for both iOS and Android. Tech 21 is one of those companies and they’re lightweight and add little bulk to the phone. This is the Tech 21 case review.

Tech 21 cases are certainly well made and offer good protection for your devices. The ups include, tactile feel of volume rocker and power buttons, lightweight and slim design and great idea to make room for Apple’s iPad cover. The cost of these cases, at around $35, could be one point some may not like. There are certainly other cases you can find on the market for less but you’ll also not be getting as high a quality build as Tech 21 provides. In the end you’ll have to decide if Tech 21 is worth the price. The reviews on their own site reflect a satisfied customer base and sometimes paying a little extra is worth it. Overall these are nice cases, more on the simple, lightweight and slim side but well worth looking at. Take a look at Tech 21’s video on their Impactology technology below and hit the link after to check out their website.

Tech 21 Cases
Assorted PricesMSRP
4.1 Out of 5
Nailed it
Great mid-range protection for those who don't manhandle their devices.
Needs Work
Designs are nice but not the nicest out there, pricing online is better than in stores like T-Mobile where I think they jack them up.
Bottom Line
Great cases, but best to buy online and not in stores.
*We were sent some Tech 21 cases for the purposes of this review.
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