Fitbit Facing Second Jawbone Lawsuit

Lawyers for Fitbit and Jawbone will be making more trips back into court, but there is no word on whether or not they will be wearing fitness trackers made by their respective clients to track, and bill for, their number of steps.

On Wednesday, Jawbone filed their second lawsuit¬†in a month¬†against rival fitness-tracking device maker Fitbit, claiming that basically all of Fitbit’s products violate one or more patents belonging to Jawbone. The suit asks the court to force Fitbit to stop making and selling those products, and seeks the usual compensatory damages, lawyers fees, and other payments.

In late May 2015, Jawbone filed a lawsuit against Fitbit in San Francisco. Jawbone claims that a group of employees who quit Jawbone to work at Fitbit, stole research, trade secrets, and other valuable information. Jawbone says the employees were not upfront about going to work for Fitbit, and thus were allowed to stay on for their final two weeks.

Fitbit has, of course, denied all claims in both suits, and has said it will vigorously defend itself in court. Jawbone is seeking a jury trial to settle the claims.

Both companies make and sell respective lines of wireless fitness tracking devices. Fitbit’s offerings range from small devices worn on the belt to watch-sized devices such at the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge. Jawbone’s line includes the UpMove, Up2 and Up3, as well as several wireless speakers and headsets.

Fitbit also makes a wireless bathroom scale, but frankly, I’m not so sure I want my scale being able to communicate with other household appliances. The refrigerator might not ever let me in again.

What’s your take? Do you use fitness trackers from either of these companies? Would you be upset to see Fitbit stop manufacturing? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Fitbit Facing Second Jawbone Lawsuit”

  1. I used a Fitbit for 1 year and while I enjoyed all the information it gave me, I learned all I really needed to know about my patterns and grew tired of it — I’m not sure if I’d get another one or continue to need one every few years like I would a mobile device. I believe the popularity and hype of these devices will eventually dwindle down and they’ll eventually join pedometers and bathroom scales.

    • Good thoughts Patrick. I totally understand what you’re saying about a wearable tracker…I’ve had my Fitbit since February and am kind of coming to the same conclusions.

      I imagine if I purchase another wearable it will be an Android Wear device.


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