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MainTool Wants To Turn Your Timepiece Into A Smartwatch


Smartwatches are still in their growing up stage and it’s easy to see that the consumer isn’t yet convinced they need one. Apple Watch sales have taken a tumble this past week and is not likely to meet its projected sales figures. Android Wear devices are selling even less than the Apple Watch, though I’m not certain of combined OEM sales. Consumers just aren’t ready to part with their hard earned dollars for something that’s going to be worth less in two years than what they paid for it. Currently smartwatches are more for early adopters and those who have copious amounts of money to spend on such things. The technology still needs time to mature and offer something more than what a person’s phone already does.

When I think of a traditional timepiece I think of quality, longevity and memories. That old watch my dad had has sentimental value, it’s an old pocket watch from Timex and I still have it. You can bet there are hundreds of thousands of people who own a watch (pocket and wrist) that has sentimental value and still works to this day. These are the people MainTool is targeting for their latest startup product, a smart watch strap for your traditional timepiece.


This “smart strap”would be able to fit just about any watch on the market making that awesome Omega watch both elegant and functional with any smartphone. Yes, MainTool wants to make the strap function with any phone, which we’re assuming means Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Any regular wristwatch fitted with our smart strap can:

‣ measure your heart rate

‣ track your footsteps and calorie consumption

‣ measure your skin temperature

‣ measure the temperature of your surroundings

‣ alert you smartly through discrete vibrations

… and communicate with any mobile device!

This is all new and pricing, availability etc haven’t been announced but the idea is certainly a good one. Essentially MainTool is making a fitness band that would fit on your traditional timepiece. With smartwatch adoption still in the low numbers, this product might have some traction, if they can get it to market fast enough.

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  Source: MainTool
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