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Apple Watch: Apple Has Reportedly Shipped 7 Million Apple Watches

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We all expected it. Apple is owning the wearables market right now. Research firm Canalys has released a report saying that Apple has shipped 7 million Apple Watches since its launch in April, 2015. Apple is also the only company which sold over 300,000 units last quarter.

7 million is a huge number. Let me give you some perspective: all the other smartwatch manufacturers *combined* have been unable to sell that many of their products in the last five quarters, that is, since before the Apple Watch actually launched. As is standard these days, the Apple Watch received a lot of hate and ridicule from fans of the Android/Android Wear platform. This latest piece of news should shut them up for a bit.

The Apple Watch is currently compatible only with iOS devices which says a lot about how many iPhones are out there and validates the point about brand loyalty being strong with users of Apple’s product line up. Many were initially disappointed with the design of the watch and how much it cost, but clearly, neither of these factors have held back the device.

With the second generation of Android Wear watches such as the Huawei Watch and the new Moto 360 now shipping, it’ll be interesting to see if they’ll slow down the momentum of the Apple Watch, especially since they now work with iOS devices. Apple Watch’s recent update to watchOS 2 brought some much anticipated features such as native apps and Time Travel, which is just a timeline of the user’s agenda and the weather at different times and the like. Canalys writes that the firm will be watching the success of the Apple Watch in the upcoming holiday season, which will also act as a measure of the potential of the smartwatch industry.

Pebble, which pretty much kickstarted (pun intended) the smartwatch craze, managed a respectable 200,000 sales last quarter, helped by its recent launch of the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Companies like Fitbit and Xiaomi led in the fitness band category, with Xiaomi crossing the 10 million mark with its Mi Band since its launch in July 2014.

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  Source: Canalys
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