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Google Photos Now Helps Free Up Local Device Storage Space


Constantly running out of space on your smartphone or tablet? With microSD card slots becoming rarer in the latest devices, storage space has become a bigger issue for a lot of users. One of the biggest culprits of eating up storage space is all those selfies, party, travel, and other photos and videos that you take, backup to Google Photos, and forget you even had on your device.

A new Google Photos app update, rolling out now on Android and coming soon to iOS devices, will allow you to free up space on your phone by heading to the settings screen and tapping “Free up space.” When you do so, Google Photos will remove the local device copy of your backed up photos and videos. You can also set up Google Photos to keep track and notify you when you are running low on space, and also easily remove backed up photos that are older than 30 days.

You don’t have to worry about losing your photos, as you’ll still be able to access them all while you’re connected, or through the website.

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