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Tesla Autopilot Program Hiring Coders, Musk Personally Interviewing Candidates

Tesla Autopilot Program Elon Musk
Image courtesy Tech Insider

The Tesla Autopilot Program is looking to hire coders to keep pushing the self-driving car initiative at the company and Elon Musk will be conducting the interviews personally. In a series of Tweets, Musk called the program “super high priority” and no prior experience with vehicles was required. Of course you’ll need loads of software engineering experience to land this job and you’ll likely be heavily screened before you can land in Musk’s office for any kind of face time with the executive. But this could be an awesome opportunity for someone to hone their skills on an exciting future tech project.

Self-driving cars are being worked on by several companies, Google being the most widely known for its Google Self-Driving car Project. Tesla is well known for their Model S becoming one of the more popular and pricey electric cars on the market. The Model S as well as Tesla have had their own challenges and milestones and Musk is looking to expanding on the Tesla project and possibly offer a self-driving version of his Model S. If you feel you have something to offer the company just send email to with a code sample and link to your work.

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  Source: Market Watch
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