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[301] Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 Review: “The Last Place You Look”

It’s been not quite a month since our Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 review, an episode that dragged a bit from the promising first episode. The third episode was released last week, and our Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 review takes a look at “The Last Place You Look” and sees if it brings the story back on track.

As with our Episode 2 review, we’ll just be focusing on the story for this review, check out our Episode 1 review for details about the graphics, gameplay, and sound.


In case you missed it, you can catch the trailer for the third episode:

There’s definitely a few vague spoilers in what follows, so you’ve been warned.

Continuing where Episode 2 left off (obviously), Jesse and crew were trapped in their attempt to locate Soren, the member of the Order of the Stone who can craft the Formidabomb which supposedly can destroy the Witherstorm which is wreaking havoc and destroying everything in its path. After a few wrong turns and run ins with zombies, creepers, and spiders, Jesse and his companions find Soren trying to control some interesting creatures. I’ve heard a thing or two about these from my kids and their Minecraft escapades, and I’d have to agree that they can be a bit scary for younger kids, so you might want to keep that in mind.

After finding Soren, Jesse tasks himself with building the Formidabomb and using it on the Witherstorm. While not everything goes according to plan, the bomb is created and used against the destructive creature, and all is well… or is it? After the Witherstorm is destroyed, Jesse runs into a character who he thought was dead, and another character makes the ultimate sacrifice while helping the group defeat the Witherstorm.

But wait, this is only the third episode, and of course the Formidabomb didn’t work as it should have and, well, we’re basically back to square one which is to be continued in the next episode.

Again it was a super short episode, and I would love to see Telltale stretch these out just a bit further, but I am glad to see the story was more action oriented and exciting over the previous one. Another thing I did notice was the language was much cleaner in this episode than the previous two. I’m not sure if they toned it down on purpose or if it just happened that way but I didn’t notice some of the not so kid-friendly phrases that I did in the previous two episodes.


Minecraft: Story Mode is back on track with the latest episode. It’s still short, but given the target audience I suppose that can be expected. At least there was what felt like more choices, action, and excitement this time around.

*We were sent a review copy of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3: “The Last Place You Look” for the purposes of this review.
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