[CES 2016] KUBE Your Ultimate Party Speaker

While we were at CES 2016 we had the chance to listen to the KUBE Bluetooth speaker. KUBE invited us to a private showing of their product so we could experience it in a surrounding they’re intending it to be used in. The show floor at CES 2016 is less than ideal for a demo of this caliber and many of the surrounding companies would likely not be happy. So off to The Mirage hotel we went to immerse ourselves in what KUBE is calling “the sound of envy.” KUBE was introduced at CES 2015 and the team has been working on improving design and sound since then.

KUBE was created to bring sound to parties of around 100 people and the company claims a best in class 125 decibels which is louder than a rock concert. The device is connectable by Bluetooth so it will pair to your Android or iOS device and play just about everything your device plays. But what makes KUBE a little “cooler” is the 35 quart insulated inside it boasts. That’s right, this party speaker also holds your party beverages.

KUBE is also waterproof and has a hidden panel with auxiliary power ports and USB ports for charging your devices. Speaking of charge, the company claims 20 hours of continuous play meaning you should be able to party all night long.

So how does it sound? In a word, amazing! I’ve reviewed my share of Bluetooth speakers and none come close to the loudness and clarity of this speaker. But then again, this speaker is much larger than the ones we’ve reviewed in the past. I’m more than certain this device would work for any backyard parties, tailgate events or beach parties and provide an immersive experience for all. We had a few hours with the KUBE and we should have a review unit when they’re ready to ship so we’ll get a full review up soon. In the meantime, head over to their website and sign up for updates. Pricing isn’t yet announced and we hope to have that soon as well.

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