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What’s In The Box!?: Supply Pod X-Files Edition

Supply Pod X-Files Edition

After a short hiatus, we’re diving back into What’s In The Box!? with the Supply Pod X-Files Edition. For those who don’t know, the Supply Pod by Outer Places is a monthly subscription box that focuses on where science and science fiction collide. The last time, we took a look at the very first Supply Pod, which centered around the movie, The Martian.

This month’s theme is X-Files in honor of the sci-fi favorite show that’s returned to television after a lengthy time away. As such, the fine folks at Outer Places have put together a pretty robust set of items for Sci-Fi and X-Files fans alike. Let’s take a look.

The Real Science Behind The X-Files Book


The book that was written by Dr. Anne Simon, a professor for the University of Maryland, the book explores the facts behind the science fiction of the X-Files. Not only that, it comes autographed by the author herself.

Cell Phone Wallet


In this day and age, the smartphone is becoming the end all, be all when it comes to communication and thanks to the various credit/debit card storing capabilities, wallets as well. Even so, sometimes you just need that space to carry an extra card or ID. The cell phone wallet included in this month’s box will allow you to attach the necessary cards in a convenient pouch that attaches to your phone.

Funko Dana Scully Vinyl Figure


Personally, I love Funko figurines and I have been collecting a wide-variety of them. Thanks to this month’s Supply Pod, I have Dana Scully to add to my collection. Those familiar with Funko’s figures will appreciate Scully in their collection, others will have a pretty strong start to their Funko collections.

Knit Beanie Hat


A Supply Pod exclusive, the knit beanie shows your love of Outer Places while keeping you warm this winter. The beanie is a one-size-fits-all and keeps your skull pretty warm.

Truth Detector Card


The whole point of the X-Files is that “the truth is out there.” Find your own truth with your very own business card sized lie-detector. Place your perpetrator’s thumb on the card and ask him/her your questions to see if he/she is telling the truth.

X-Files Season 11 No. 1 Comic xfilesComic

Mulder, a government fugitive, is on the run from the law thanks to the “Glasses-Wearing Man.” Get a glimpse into Mulder’s story with Season 11, No. 1.

X-Files Mythology Timeline Poster


The folks at Outer Places have put together a fine poster with the chronological timeline of the X-Files world. It’s a pretty handy poster for those who would like to  know how things shake down in the X-Files world.

That’s about it for this month’s Supply Pod. The Supply Pod X-Files edition had a wide-variety of items and I was really pleased with the box overall. From Funko items to an X-Files flashlight, the box had items that should appease the collector in all of us. Next month’s Pod is on sale for five days and change, so if you want to do so, now is the time. You can do so by going here.

Those of you who have received the Supply Pod, what did you think of this month’s Pod? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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