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Google Calendar Adds Goals


Not content to just have appointments, reminders, and tasks in Google Calendar, the company has gone ahead and added Goals as well. Your first thought might be that goals are the same as reminders, but there’s a pretty big difference once you start setting up goals. While reminders are set for a specific time and date, it sounds like goals will adjust as your Calendar will look at your schedule and find the best times to squeeze in your goals.

For example, if you want to work out more, the app will ask you how often, how long, and best time and then add the necessary entries into your Calendar based on your existing schedule. If you end up adding an event during the time one of your goals is scheduled, Google Calendar will move that goal to a free time slot. If a goal pops up and you’re busy doing something else, you can defer it and Calendar will reschedule it. The more you defer, edit or complete your goals, the smarter Calendar will get at scheduling your goals at better times.

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  Source: Google Blog
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