Move Over Mario Kart, Here Comes Coffin Dodgers

There’s no question kart racing games are popular, and Mario Kart definitely paved the way. It’s time for Mario and friends to move over though as Milky Way and Wales Interactive are taking it up a notch with Coffin Dodgers, a dark comedic kart racer which has you racing as one of seven quirky retirement village residents.

Coffin-Dodgers-Grim-ReaperWelcome to a suburban retirement village where all is not as it seems…

After settling down to recover from the responsibilities of working life, the residents of Sunny Pines have been idling away the days, life could not be more tranquil.

However, a creepy new resident, Mr Grim Reaper, looks set to turn retirement on its head. After years trawling the earth for souls to harvest, Mr Grim Reaper concludes Sunny Pines is where he’ll lay his hat, where he can harvest souls from the comfort of his rocking chair. However, seven of the sprightliest senior citizens have other ideas and set out to prove that life for Grim in Sunny Pines definitely won’t be like shooting fish in a barrel.

The stately seven decide to strike a deal with the Grim Reaper; a mobility scooter racing championship to the death. If they can prove themselves to be fast and full of life, surviving and ultimately winning the championship, then he will allow them to live. However, too slow and they will be condemned to the retirement village in the sky.

What the Reaper doesn’t tell the folk of Sunny Pines is that once he takes your soul he can bring you back as one of his army of the living dead; mobility scooter racing zombies that are hell bent on making sure that nobody wins, by any means possible.

Racing on your pimped-up mobility scooter, and armed with a variety of homemade weapons and gadgets, players will race and battle The Grim Reaper and other retirement residents in a 13 race Championship. Out rank the other competitors to progress, lest you finish last and lose your soul to the Grim Reaper. Last long enough and you’ll go head to head with the Grim Reaper in a final race that takes place over each of the 4 distinct areas in Sunny Pines Retirement Community. Collecting XP allows you to gain coins you can use to upgrade your engine parts, weapons, and paint jobs to give you an edge over your competitors.

Game Features

  • “Road Rash” style player-to-player combat with wacky weapons and geriatric gadgets.
  • Character ragdoll physics!
  • Upgradable mobility scooters with modifications to suit your driving style.
  • Select from 7 old, quirky but full of life retirement village residents.
  • Unlock and play as the Grim Reaper himself!

Game Modes

  • Invite your friends to the 2-4 Split-Screen Multiplayer Mode!
  • Battle your way through a Single-Player Story Mode with races and challenges set around the beautifully crafted Sunny Pines retirement village.
  • Challenge yourself with the 3D open world “Crazy Granddad” Mode.

Check out the story mode trailer below:

Get ready to “Race in Peace” as Coffin Dodgers is set to release on May 3rd for the PlayStation 4 (£10.25, $11.99, €11.99) and May 6th for the Xbox One (£9.59, $11.99, €11.99).

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