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Cortana Will Now Only Work With Bing And Edge


Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant, and much like Apple’s Siri (but better) and Google Now it aims to try and make the user’s life a little bit easier through voice assistance. Cortana was introduced in Windows 10 after being on the Windows phone operating system for some time, and it’s even made its way onto Android and iOS in an effort to replace Siri and Google Now. The use of digital assistants is gaining more interest lately but not everyone is sold on the idea just yet. Cortana may have been useful for some but its integration with other browsers on Windows 10 is coming to an end. In an effort to “streamline” the user experience Microsoft has decided to make Cortana integration available only to its own Bing and Edge services. This effectively cuts its use out of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and any other browser you might be using.

“Unfortunately, as Windows 10 has grown in adoption and usage, we have seen some software programs circumvent the design of Windows 10 and redirect you to search providers that were not designed to work with Cortana,” Microsoft says in today’s announcement. “The result is a compromised experience that is less reliable and predictable.”

“The continuity of these types of task completion scenarios is disrupted if Cortana can’t depend on Bing as the search provider and Microsoft Edge as the browser,” Microsoft writes. “The only way we can confidently deliver this personalized, end-to-end search experience is through the integration of Cortana, Microsoft Edge and Bing — all designed to do more for you.”

Of course there is the argument that Microsoft is simply attempting to steer more users to Bing and Edge by denying Cortana integration with any other browser. There is always the chance that Microsoft is being honest in its statement about making things more reliable and usable for its users. At this point all anyone can do is speculate as to Microsoft’s true intentions or simply take their word for it.

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  Source: Techcrunch
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