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PSA: Free Comic Book Day Is May 7!

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Geek or not, everyone loves comic books. Hailed as one of the most popular mediums for storytelling since the early 20th Century, comics have a special place in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The most wonderful thing about comic books is that there’s always something for everyone to enjoy, from Star Wars and Marvel to Archie and My Little Pony. Although I was never into super heroes growing up, I did read as many Star Wars comics as I could get my little hands on.

Thankfully, Free Comic Book Day is nearly upon us! This annual event will be held on Saturday, May 7th this time around, and is a great opportunity to meet up with other fans of comics and engage in polite discussion (read: polite heated rage) about the finer details of comic book canon and get some really cool freebies, special editions, and limited merchandise.

Many local comic book shops make big events out of Free Comic Book Day, sometimes giving away other prizes and holding deep discounts on some really good back issues and other awesome products.

This year’s lineup of free comic books is looking particularly excellent. Personally, I’m hoping to snag a copy of Stuff of Legend, Lady Mechanika, and Mooncop. Free Comic Book Day isn’t just all about us adults, though. There’s a huge sampler of comics that are perfect for kids, so be sure to bring them along for the ride, too.

Since they’re the true lifeblood of the industry, take some time this Saturday to head on down to your locally owned comic book store and show them some love!

What free comic books are you looking to pick up this year? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter!

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