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Should you worry about your YouTube account being hacked?

YouTube account

As we reported late last night, the YouTube account of WatchMojo.com was hacked with relativity harmless modifications to its video titles. It doesn’t appear that the YouTube account was comprised further than changing the video titles. But it does bring up a good topic to discuss. Should content creators and even non-content creators worry about their YouTube account being hacked? In the case of WatchMojo.com, we’re not exactly clear on how this hack happened and how the hackers accessed the WatchMojo.com YouTube account.

We’ve reached out to WatchMojo.com as well as YouTube for comment to hopefully clarify what happened here. YouTube accounts are tied into your Google account which has us hypothesizing that perhaps WatchMojo.com had a weak password with no two-factor authentication. Google generally does an excellent job of securing itself and while I’m sure they get hundreds of thousands of hacking attempts a day, they seem to have their act together. So this hack could be entirely due to lack of security on the users part.

The other possibility is Google/YouTube was hacked and WatchMojo.com’s YouTube account was the target. If the hackers were able to access WatchMojo.com’s information from Google/YouTube servers then that’s a bit more disconcerting. Even if WatchMojo.com had two-factor and a strong password, gaining access to Google/YouTube servers would give the hackers much needed information to crack open the targeted YouTube account.

With those two scenarios to draw from we can only assume that it was WatchMojo.com who probably didn’t secure their account well enough allowing the hackers access. That being said, you can protect your own account by using a strong password and turning on two-factor authentication. We’re still waiting on any kind of statement from YouTube about the incident that may help shed some light on what happened and why. We’ll be sure to cover any statements given by WatchMojo.com as well as YouTube so stay tuned!

What do you think happened in the WatchMojo.com hack? Do you think this is just a case of poor security on the part of WatchMojo.com? Or do you think hackers were able to get into Google/YouTube servers? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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