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[VIDEO] The science behind fireworks

science behind fireworks

The science behind fireworks is both simple and complicated. Today, millions of Americans will gather around their respective communities to celebrate Independence Day. Every one of those community gatherings is likely going to have a substantial fireworks display. But what do those millions of people know about fireworks and the science behind fireworks? Gunpowder was invented by the 9th century Chinese and they used this gunpowder to create the first fireworks. Chinese fireworks were first used to scare away evil spirits and China remains the largest maker and exporter of fireworks.

Today we’re diving into the science behind fireworks with two videos for your consideration. Like the science that governs fireworks, the explanations of how fireworks work and what’s behind them can be simple and complicated. The first video does a fantastic job of truncating the information into an easily digestible 5 minute video. The second video dives into the matter with more granularity and is well-worth the hour and ten minutes it will take to consume it. Either way, you’re going to learn something if you hadn’t already known it.

There you have it. Two amazing videos with simple and granular explanations of how the fireworks you’re going to see this summer work. We hope you enjoy your Independence Day celebration wherever you’re celebrating! Remember to stay safe, and if higher grade fireworks are legal in your state, use them responsibly! And if you need a good tutorial on how to photograph fireworks, we have one you can read!

What did you think of these videos? Are you going to a fireworks display today? If you’re not from the U.S. what holidays does your country use fireworks for? Let us know your thoughts and your comments below or hit us up on social media, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Be sure to hashtag #fireworks and #4thofJuly!

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