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Withings Thermo review: Smart accurate temporal thermometer

Withings Thermo

The Withings Thermo is a temporal thermometer so it never touches your skin.

Being a parent I know what it’s like to have to take the temperature of a wiggly kid. Not an easy task. Even adults can become impatient and annoyed by mouth or even ear thermometers. The Withings Thermo aims to make taking your temperature a whole lot better. Read on to find out why the Withings Thermo is taking a Techaeris 2016 Top Pick award.


Lightweight and very ergonomic the Withings Thermo is made of high quality plastic with a rubber sensor cover. The back of the device is where the batteries go in, and the cover is held on with a magnet. The front is where you’ll find a single button as well as the LED screen. It looks very much like the HTC Dot View case. There is also a diagnostic LED near the main button and a touch-sensitive area near the front rear of the Thermo. Overall it’s a clean and simple design made from high quality materials. The only thing I might worry about is the rear battery cover popping off and someone stepping on it, but the magnet seems to do a good job of holding it in place.


The Withings Thermo Android and iOS app is a breeze to use as well. Simply connect to your Thermo via the app, and then you can start creating family member profiles to save the temps you’re taking. You can also take notes about symptoms and behaviors or anything else that might help doctors if you end up having to make that trip. It takes a bit of effort to fill in all the data you’ll need, especially if you have a lot of kids, but it’s worth it. The app also has a plethora of useful info and links that can help you understand temperatures and fevers. It’s by no means a replacement for a doctor, but it is solid info.

Ease Of Use

This is the tricky part. Using a the Withings Tehrmo temporal thermometer is unlike other thermometers as you never come in contact with the patient. It takes a bit of practice to move the Thermo in a straight line from the center forehead to the temple of the patient. It took my wife and I several attempts before we actually started to get readings but once you do get the hang of it, it’s a snap. Using the app to track your family’s temperature history is convenient, especially for parents. Often times the doctor asks what the child’s temperature was before coming in and having that history right there is helpful.

Using the Withings Thermo is much easier than even the ear thermometers like Thermoscan. We’ve found it useful to check the kids’ temperatures when they’re asleep. Since it doesn’t touch the skin and all you need is their forehead and temple, it’s a snap to take temps and not wake kids up. Overall it’s very easy to use once you have some practice using it. There is a learning curve, but it is small.


We tested the Withings Thermo against a traditional mouth thermometer and one you place under the arm…both of which can be a challenge when dealing with small children. The Thermo’s readings were right on par with those thermometers with only small fractions of difference. The other nice feature is the ability to assign readings to patients logged into the app from the Thermo using its touch pad. You can also assign readings from the app later as the Thermo will send those readings to your smartphone and you can pick who to assign those readings to. The Thermo performs brilliantly and is a huge time saver and headache reliever when it comes to taking kids’ temps.

Battery Life

The Withings Thermo runs on two AAA batteries. Ours have been in the unit for just under a month with no signs of battery wear. It would have been nice to see the Thermo use a rechargeable method or perhaps a solar option but I don’t think this device draws a lot of power.

Withings Thermo


Ear thermometers and other thermometers can be pricey, and I think the Withings Thermo is competitive in its price of $99.95. It might be a little higher than comparable competition, but it is so worth it when it only takes mere seconds to get a reading.

Wrap Up

The Thermo is a great device for anyone but parents, in particular, will want to consider picking one of these up just to save time and headaches. I highly recommend the Withings Thermo as they’ve done an excellent job of making a useful product that works well.

Withings Thermo
4.8 Out of 5
Nailed it
Super accurate readings, easy to use, easy to setup, great app for Android and iOS.
Needs Work
Small learning curve.
Bottom Line
Everyone gets sick and everyone needs their temp taken at some point. Withings thermo does it without being obtrusive and it does it accurately. This is a must for parents.
Ease of Use4.50
Battery Life4.75
*We were sent a review sample of the Withings Thermo for the purposes of this review.
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