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Google Chrome to begin blocking Flash content starting in September


Google Chrome will start blocking Flash content in September, with HTML5 becoming the default in December.

Following up a change Google made to how Chrome handles Flash content last September, the search giant is taking it one step further. Starting next month, Chrome 53 will begin blocking Flash content on the web in favour of HTML5 which is lighter and faster.

Google states that over 90% of Flash usage on the web today is used to support page analytics and other behind the scenes functionality which only slows down the viewing experience for viewers. In Chrome 42, some Flash content became click-to-play, and the change in Chrome 53 is only the next step. The company went on to say that with Chrome 55 in December, HTML5 will be the default experience. There are still some sites which only support Flash, and for those sites you’ll receive a prompt to enable Flash the first time you visit that site.

Flash content has been around for as long as most people on the web can remember, and was great for providing rich-content for a dynamic browser experience. There’s no question that it played a big role in bringing animation, video, and gaming to the web, but with technologies like HTML5 which not only loads pages faster but reduces power consumption and improves security on the web, Flash has definitely had its day.

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