World of Warcraft silence penalty to curb negativity?

A World of Warcraft silence penalty goes live Tuesday

It looks like a World of Warcraft silence penalty is on the horizon as Blizzard readies the pre-expansion patch for Legion. The latest expansion is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, August 30, but the pre-expansion fun will kick off this Tuesday with the newest patch. With the newest patch, the silence penalty will go … Read more

Snapdragon 821 to fill gap until next big chip

Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 821.

After months of speculation, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 is finally official. Qualcomm announced the chip this morning and the 821 comes on the heels of the successful Snapdragon 820. However, rather than replace the 820, the new chip will serve as filler until the next-generation chip arrives in the future. The Snapdragon 821 isn’t a … Read more

Pokémon GO exploration leads to found body in Wyoming

Pokemon Go exploration leads to discovery of a dead body.

With a launch this week, Pokémon GO exploration had many out into the world trying to be the very best, but one girl got more than she was expecting. While playing the AR game, a 19-year-old female in Riverton, Wyoming, came upon a dead body. In an interview with BuzzFeed news, Shayla Wiggins happened upon the … Read more

Simpliday offers a visually appealing way to manage a calendar

Simpliday is an iOS calendar that is visually stunning.

Business professionals spend a large amount of time in their calendars and they’re often drab to look at. Simpliday looks to change that. The iOS calendar tries to simplify the calendar process by removing the need for toggling between multiple apps. The app comes in the wake of Sunrise Calendar’s sunset next month. You’ll see the … Read more

BabyBit Baby Monitor offers working parents peace of mind

BabyBit baby monitor offers the working parent a peace of mind.

Being a new parent in a connected and busy world can be daunting. BabyBit: The Baby Monitor has that in mind as it keeps parents connected to their babies. With automaker Jaguar Land Rover’s backing — the monitor being a Jaguar Land Rover tech incubator project — the development team asked themselves “how can we provide useful … Read more

New cast option comes to Google Chrome, can mirror to Hangouts

Google Chrome has new cast options

Google Chrome users how have new a new cast option in the latest stable release of the web browser. In order to cast from Chrome, users were required to use a Google Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store. Now, users who have Chrome 51 or higher installed will find a new “Cast” option listed … Read more

Microsoft makes final free Windows 10 push with fullscreen ad

The free Windows 10 upgrade is making one final push.

As we near the first anniversary of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and its free Windows 10 push, the company’s tactics are getting more obtrusive. The Redmond company has spent the last year using whatever tactics it could to get people to upgrade. While some have seen mandatory upgrades to the update auto-installing on its own, it … Read more

AMC’s Preacher green-lit for season two

AMC's Preacher has been renewed for a second season

It looks like AMC’s Preacher is doing well as the show is already green-lit for a second season. For those who haven’t seen, nor heard of the show, it’s a supernatural and dark comedy/drama following Texas preacher Jesse Custer. Played by Dominic Cooper, the preacher is inhabited by Genesis, a mysterious alien being that gives … Read more

Try YouTube Red and Google Play Music before you buy for up to four months

Play Music offers four month trial

It looks like Google is trying to entice new music subscribers this holiday weekend with new offers for Play Music and YouTube Red. The search giant is apparently using July Fourth and the Independence Day holiday to offer a four-month trial. That’s right. If you sign up for Play Music or YouTube Red, the company … Read more

Marine Corps working on mobile laser mounted defense

marine corps

The future is now as the Marine Corps is working toward small mobile units packing a laser mounted defense. New mobile units will be able to protect themselves from aerial attacks via drones and other aircraft. They’ll be able to do so thanks to new laser weapons and Stinger missiles. Both of these systems are … Read more

Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion Coming In September

Destiny: Rise of Iron comes to consoles in September.

Players of Destiny will have new content to play in September as Bungie announced the game’s newest expansion, Rise of Iron. With Oryx slain and his Taken army in disarray, your guardian’s attention turns toward Old Russia where you will take on plagued Fallen. The expansion will feature a new playable cinematic story campaign set within the Plaguelands, a … Read more

DC’s Injustice 2 Revealed With Trailer In Tow

DC's Injustice 2 coming in 2017

Following the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us in 2013, NetherRealm Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced Injustice 2. Coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2017, the sequel will boast a plethora of features. Included in the newness are new characters and new environments. In a blog post, NetherRealm … Read more

Microsoft Drops Microsoft Planner On The World

Microsoft Planner is rolling out.

If you happen to be a Office 365 subscriber then access to the new Microsoft Planner is in your future. As of yesterday, the general availability for Microsoft’s newest service came to pass. According to the Redmond company, the rollout for the service is happening for Office 365 customers throughout the world. Those included in … Read more

Here’s Chris Evans As Hydra’s Captain America

Hydra's Captain America

Last week, Marvel dropped a bombshell on the world when it revealed the shocker that is Hydra’s Captain America. For those who have been living under a rock, Marvel’s iconic hero — fresh off his MCU trilogy conclusion — is a Hydra double agent in the new comic series. Falcon took up the mantel of … Read more

The Play Store Is Coming To Chrome OS

In April, news started circulating around the Internet that Android’s coveted Play Store is coming to Chrome OS. While it wasn’t mentioned in the keynote today, — we’re not sure why — it looks like one of the sessions at the I/O this year will discuss that very item. This information was found in the description … Read more

Margot Robbie To Get Harley Quinn Spin-Off Movie

Margot Robbie and her own Harley Quinn spin-off

We’re just a few months away from Suicide Squad and it looks like Margot Robbie will get her very own Harley Quinn spin-off prior to the movie’s release. That’s right. It looks like Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn has netted the actress her very own movie. According to EW, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. … Read more

What’s In The Box!?: Supply Pod X-Files Edition

Supply Pod X-Files Edition

After a short hiatus, we’re diving back into What’s In The Box!? with the Supply Pod X-Files Edition. For those who don’t know, the Supply Pod by Outer Places is a monthly subscription box that focuses on where science and science fiction collide. The last time, we took a look at the very first Supply … Read more

The OnePlus X Invite System Is No Longer A Thing

OnePlus X Invite System is dead.

Add this to news that should have happened a long time ago, but the OnePlus X Invite System is finally gone. Since its first phone in 2014, the folks at OnePlus have raised publicity for its “flagship killer” phones by making them invite only. Through that and a bunch of hair-brained schemes that seemed to … Read more

The Wii U’s Google Maps Service Shutting Down

Wii U's Google Maps service shutting down.

It looks like Nintendo will be shutting down the Wii U’s Google Maps service as of March 31, 2016. That is, according to the company’s web site. As the company puts it: “Thank you for your use and support of this software. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Once service is discontinued, this software … Read more

Google Drops $185 Million In Back Taxes In The UK

Google Ireland

In a wave of public pressure, Google just paid $185 million (roughly £130 million) in back taxes to the United Kingdom. The U.K’s conservative government has cited a recent agreement with Google and the back taxes it has accrued since 2005. Though there is still worry that the search company is getting off a bit … Read more

Brotli Data Compression To Make Chrome Faster

Brotli Data Compression

Google announced that in a coming update, their Chrome browser will become a lot faster. The update will push Google’s new data compression algorithm Brotli for this. According to the search giant, the algorithm shrinks the size of a web site down by 26 percent more than it’s current compression tool, Zopfli. In Google fashion, Brotli continues … Read more

Caltech Findings Suggest Ninth Planet In Our Solar System

Ninth Planet findings

Move over Pluto, it looks like our solar system has a new ninth planet, at least according to current Caltech findings. Planet Nine, as it’s called, appears to have a mass that is roughly 10 times that of our planet and it’s about 20 times further from the sun. The planet also appears to have … Read more

Lenovo ideapad Y700 Touch 15″ Review: A Solid Gaming Laptop

ideapad Y700 Touch Featured Image

In the middle of 2015, I built a mid-range gaming rig. I opted to piece one together myself versus getting one that’s pre-built. I never even considered a gaming laptop as my previous experiences with them have been lackluster. Even so, I jumped at the chance to check out Lenovo’s newest laptop gaming hardware, the … Read more