Nintendo stock drops sharply after realizations they didn’t make Pokémon GO


After flying as high as the army of Pidgeys you can expect to find upon booting up Pokémon GO, Nintendo’s stock has come plummeting back down to Earth in recent days. Nintendo stock had a huge bump shortly after the release of Pokémon GO, as analysts mistakenly believed that Nintendo was responsible for the latest mobile craze. … Read more

“Breeding Dory” is not a sequel to Finding Dory, but a scientific breakthrough

Movies, and Disney movies in particular, have a habit of making certain things popular. That isn’t always an issue, since oftentimes there are action figures, shirts, books, and more to sate the appetites of fans. It can be more problematic when the popular things are animals. Popular animal characters in movies or tv shows can cause huge … Read more

Google Play Books makes reading comics easier with Bubble Zoom

As much of the media we consume increasingly goes digital, we end up staring at our phones and tablets quite a bit. For many things, this can be a pretty pleasant experience, with greater clarity and contrast than traditional media. For other things, you might just have some issues due to a smaller screen. Comic … Read more

Overwatch fans find more clues about Sombra, Blizzard remains tight-lipped

A few weeks back, Blizzard announced that they would officially announce a new character for the Overwatch lineup at the San Diego Comic Con. Well, the announcement ended up coming a little bit early, and Ana Amari was added to the fold. Not that the healing sniper wasn’t a welcome addition to the roster, but … Read more

Google points DeepMind AI at data centers, reduces cooling bill significantly

Since acquiring DeepMind Technologies back in 2014, Google has been having all kinds of fun using AI for various tasks. They’ve recently partnered with Moorsfield Eye Hospital to help scan for early signs of disease, they’ve even taught the AI to play Go — and win. Machine learning has come a long way in a short … Read more

NASA turns to Rocky to keep astronauts fit in deep space

Let’s just say right up front that no, Sylvester Stallone will not be a permanent fixture on future space missions, nor will his silver screen boxing persona be making any trips to Mars in the near future. Rocky — short for Resistive Overload Combined with Kinetic Yo-Yo — is the name of the exercise equipment … Read more

Watch this truck roll out its own temporary road, roll it back up

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t… ok, so for the foreseeable future we’re still going to need roads. Doc Brown and the rest of the Back to the Future team overestimated just a bit with their ideas of the future. Even though roads are very important for getting from one place to another, there are … Read more

Braven BRV-1M review: An outdoor speaker ready for whatever you throw at it

Most everybody loves music. We each have our own personal soundtrack, and want to be able to listen no matter where we go. Sometimes you need a rugged waterproof speaker. Braven has recently released the Braven BRV-1M, their newest rugged waterproof speaker. Keep reading to see how it performs in this Braven BRV-1M review. Specifications … Read more

Wally’s Natural Organic Ear Oil Review: Soothing for ears agitated by ear bud use

This might be a bit of a curveball and something somewhat out of the ordinary here at Techaeris. When you think about technology, you don’t necessarily think about eardrops. Though when they’re pitched as eardrops meant to rejuvenate the ears of those that wear earbuds a lot, I had to investigate further. You may have … Read more

Google Play Indie Games Festival coming soon, indie devs can apply now

One of the great things about platforms such as Steam, Google Play, and even iTunes is the relatively low barrier for entry. A small team, or even a single developer, can create an app or game that is used and loved by millions of people. Google recognizes the indie spirit and wants to help promote … Read more

Ghostbusters Review: Give it a chance, seriously

The internet basically exploded when word came along that Ghostbusters was getting rebooted. Not only was a beloved movie getting the reboot treatment, but *gasp* the cast was to be comprised of… women! If hearing that news is the worst thing that happens to you in your day, then to be honest you really have no … Read more

T-Mobile offers free data for Pokémon GO players


We’ve seen John Legere and T-Mobile make some pretty crazy offers in the past. What other company would offer its customers a share of its own stock? Uncarrier moves such as Binge On and Music Freedom may get some side-eye glances from some, but they are both clearly very popular. You know what else is … Read more

NES Classic Edition small in size, huge in nostalgia

Pokémon GO is currently tearing its way through the world, offering a healthy mix of nostalgia and new gameplay. While Nintendo doesn’t outright own Pokémon, they are the company most often associated with the games, and have been reaping the benefits of its success. Pocket monsters aren’t all that Nintendo has up its sleeves though. If … Read more

iClever BoostCube USB-C Wall Charger review: Solid charger for office, travel

If you’ve got a shiny new Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nextbit Robin, or any newer phone that includes a USB-C port for charging, you’ll need to replenish your stock of charging options. The same thing happens every time a new standard emerges, so toss your Micro-USB cords into the closet and embrace the change! Our iClever … Read more

Pokémon GO on iOS has full access to your Google account, Niantic is working on it

Pokémon GO on iOS

Pokémon GO… you’ve heard of it, there’s almost no way you haven’t heard of it. I am exaggerating only very slightly when I say that everybody in the entire world is currently playing Pokémon GO. The game has attracted all kinds of attention, both good and bad. While the launch has been mostly positive, there have … Read more

Pokémon GO server issues will slow international roll out

Pokemon Go exploration leads to discovery of a dead body.

So, you may have noticed that Pokémon GO is available in the US. If you’ve downloaded and started playing the game, you have almost certainly also noticed that the game is a bit… flaky. Developer Niantic Labs realizes that the game has become incredibly popular in a very short amount of time, and the servers … Read more

Amazon Prime Day Countdown Deals, July 8th tech deals

In case you missed the announcement a few days ago, Amazon announced the second iteration of Amazon Prime Day, set for July 12th. In the meantime, the retail giant has been offering several Countdown Deals each day to whet your appetite for the big day. These deals have included a decent variety of items, and … Read more

Petition asks Apple to stop “upgrading” old iPhones

unlocking iPhones

“Planned obsolescence” is a phrase that we’re hearing more and more these days. The idea that companies are designing their products to fail at a specific time in order to try and procure more sales is a rather dubious one, and yet the signs can seem pretty obvious at times. SumOfUs is a consumer group … Read more

Monster teams up with Nas for Ghostbusters inspired headphones

With the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot coming soon, we were bound to see some movie tie-in products coming along. Monster has teamed with Nas on a trio of limited-edition Ghostbusters inspired headphones. You’ll have a special edition over-ear design, an on-ear model, and in-ear headphones to choose from. Over-ear design No matter which side of the … Read more

Amazon Prime Day is July 12th, Countdown Deals available now

If you remember back to the inaugural Amazon Prime Day, it was a bit of a letdown with a lot of build up for very little payoff. Amazon is gearing up for another shot at Amazon Prime Day. Hopefully they’ve learned from last year’s mistakes and provide a real sale to get people excited! In the … Read more

Lenovo, HP, other OEMs hit with UEFI bug in BIOS

security breach

Lenovo has definitely had some software issues on their generally high-quality hardware of late, though in this instance they aren’t the only ones affected. Security researcher Dymtro Oleksiuk located a vulnerability in the BIOS of some Lenovo computers that bypasses some aspects of Windows Security. In his post related to the issue on Github, Oleksiuk described the … Read more

Skullgirls bring their fight to Android, iOS devices

Today at Anime Expo, Lab Zero and Hidden Variable Studios announced that Skullgirls, the popular 2D fighter currently available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will be coming to Android and iOS devices later this year. This over the top brawler pits a cast of female fighters against one another in hopes of obtaining the Skull … Read more

Do Apple, Google, have too much power?

There’s no doubt giant tech companies have a few advantages over many of the rest of us. Unless you’re a multi-billionaire there’s the obvious advantage of the bankroll of these companies. Those giant piles of cash allow companies such as Apple, Google, and to grow and absorb other smaller companies, which in turn often … Read more

Android N name revealed, prepare for Android Nougat


The proverbial cat is finally out of the bag. As is tradition with new Android version names, Googlers crowded around to see the unveiling of the newest Android mascot for Android N. The curtain was pulled away and we were left with… Introducing #AndroidNougat. Thank you, world, for all your sweet name ideas! #AndroidNReveal … Read more

New on Netflix US: July has Marco Polo S2, Stranger Things, 80’s classics galore


It’s getting close to the beginning of the month, that means we must be getting some new Netflix content! We’re getting into the middle of summer, and hot weather might keep some of us in front of the TV streaming. Keep reading to see what Netflix US has in store for the month of July … Read more