LG Talks WebOS – Netflix – GFlex – and Home Chat at CES 2014

LG talked about WebOS and partners with Netflix at CES 2014. They also featured Home Chat and discussed connecting to your home and devices. They also touched on the GFlex and flexible technology. Check out the video for more. Related articles CES 2014: How Many Smart Home Platforms Does LG Need? LG Lifeband wristband photo … Read more

Heroes of Steel Review: Mobile Tactical RPG for Android/iOS


I was given access to Heroes of Steel – the upcoming tactical fantasy role-playing game from the Trese Brothers – on November 24th at around 1:30 am.  I was getting ready to head to bed and figured I would just install the game and really dive in after I got some sleep.  After getting everything downloaded I thought I would just boot it up so I could check out the beginning of the game, but then get some sleep and play more in the morning.  The next thing I knew, it was 4am and I was still playing.

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The Regular Guy Review: Google/LG Nexus 5

Nexus 5

There are plenty of long, wordy, clinical reviews of the Nexus 5 to be found around the web.  Loads of sites will give you all sorts of empirical data, battery rundown tests, and lots of trivialities that won’t mean much of anything to someone simply trying to use their phone.  I would like to break from tradition and take this in a bit of a different direction.  I’m a pretty normal guy, and I use my phone in pretty normal ways – I’ve played some games, viewed some social media, made some calls, etc.  I also bought the Nexus 5 for my own personal use…no review hardware for me.  Please continue reading to see if I am happy with my new daily driver.

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Why Facebook Infuriates Me (And How Social Fixer Made It Better)


Written by Justin Jelinek
It really just seems to be a part of life these days – most of us use Facebook.  Whether you’re a FB power user, a grandmother looking at photos of your grandchildren, or something somewhere in between the two it can be difficult to escape Facebook’s clutches.

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Guest Game Review: Star Command


Star Command Game Review By Guest Author: Justin Jelinek Four score, and seven years ago – well, technically just about 2 years ago, it maybe just seems longer =) – Warballoon Games started a Kickstarter campaign for Star Command.  Described as “Sci-fi meets Game Dev Story,” and promised for both iOS and Android, I was … Read more