Coloud Re-Launches With A Lineup Of Three Heaphones

Zound Industries may not be a name you’re familiar with, but I’d imagine you know all about some of their subsidiaries. Urbanears and Marshall Headphones are two of the brands under the Zound umbrella, so you know they’ve got a pretty good handle on headphones. Their stable will be growing with the return of Coloud. … Read more

Ocean Alliance Taps DJI For “Snotbot” Project, Drones Studying Whales

Whales are majestic creatures, and some of the largest animals in the world. Scientists have been observing and studying these animals for years, though many of the methods used could be best described as intrusive to the animals and their habitat. The Ocean Alliance has recently started working with DJI on a project called “Snotbot,” … Read more

Acer Liquid Zest Plus Brings Huge Battery, Impressive Camera, Reasonable Price

We’ve already talked about a couple of Acer’s announcements coming out of Computex 2016, and last, but certainly not least is a new mid-range smartphone that has features that seem to outpace its price tag. The Acer Liquid Zest Plus is a 5.5″ Android 6.0 smartphone with a 5000mAh battery, and camera features that will … Read more

iClever Waterproof Outdoor/Shower Speaker Review: It Handles The Elements

We’ve reviewed our fair share of Bluetooth speakers here on Techaeris, but most of those speakers aren’t going to perform quite so well when they’re wet. The iClever Waterproof Outdoor/Shower speaker shouldn’t have any problems in that regard. Keep reading to see how this waterproof speaker handled some light splashing. Specifications Bluetooth profile: A2DP, HFP, … Read more

Facebook & Microsoft Partner For “MAREA” Sub-Atlantic Internet Cable

We’re all spending more and more time online, and companies are doing everything they can to make that experience better. To that end, Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to build “MAREA,” the highest-capacity subsea Internet cable across the Atlantic Ocean. Both companies have received clearance for the cable, which will run from Virgina Beach, Virgina … Read more

Oracle vs. Google Trial: Android Makes “Fair Use” Of Java API’s

Google experiment

It seems like Oracle and Google have been wrangling for years over Android, and the underlying Java API’s that power the leading mobile operating system. On the one hand, Google has repeatedly said that they are not at fault, and that they were using Java as agreed to by Java’s former owners, Sun Microsystems. Oracle, … Read more

Project Jacquard And Levi’s Partnership Bears First Smart Fabric Product

It was almost exactly a year ago at Google’s I/O 2015 when the world was told about a new partnership between Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) and Levi Strauss & Co: Project Jacquard. The aim of this project was to bring smart clothing devices to market using conductive yarn. The obvious first thought when considering … Read more

iClever BoostCube USB/AC Charger Review: 2 AC Outlets Make A Huge Difference

We all have a lot of USB cables lying around to charge any number of phones, gadgets, toys, etc. It seems like sometimes every single one of those phones, gadgets, or toys need to be recharged at the same time. Thankfully there are convenient options available to let you do just that. But what if … Read more

Daydream Is Google’s Answer To Mobile Virtual Reality

We didn’t quite get to all of the news announced during yesterday’s I/O Keynote, so we’re back today with some additional announcements. It had been long rumored that Google would unveil their newest Virtual Reality headset at their I/O event, and it seems that those rumors were at least mostly true. Daydream is Google’s vision … Read more

Android System Updates Will Be Seamless In Android N


If you’ve used an Android phone you’ve probably sat and jammed on the “Check for System Updates” button to see if the newest Android system update was available. If you’ve ever used a Chromebook you’ve never had that experience as all updates are handled in the background and applied automatically. In the near future, Android … Read more

ExoSOLS Are Custom-Fit Insoles, Created And Ordered Via App

Anybody who spends time on their feet can understand the soreness and pain that can come from exerting yourself, or even just standing for too long. If you’ve seen me shuffling around at CES the last two years you’ll know that I know that feeling all too well. You can buy insoles for your shoes, … Read more

Google Spaces Unveiled, Where Do They Fit In?

Google has never been shy about creating new products. Even products that overlap or even directly compete with other Google products. The latest head scratcher out of Mountain View was announced today. Google Spaces is a new app that, at first glance, looks to be an amalgamation of Hangouts and Google+ Communities, with a sprinkling … Read more

Toddy Cable Review: Customized Micro-USB Or Lightning Cables

A few weeks ago we told you about the Toddy Cable Kickstarter and what they were trying to do to give you a special cable of your very own. I mentioned that Toddy Gear was kind enough to send me an early sample of the cable, so with a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign … Read more

Bing Ads Blocks “Computer Support” Ads From Its Ad Network

It was only a couple of days ago that Google decided to stop allowing ads for Payday Loans. A move that was applauded by many, as reducing predatory lending options benefits many. In a similar move, Bing Ads has decided to block ads for any “Computer Support” services from their ad network. A move that … Read more

Runkeeper Faces Complaint In Norway For Tracking Habits

The popular fitness app Runkeeper is in some hot water after receiving a formal complaint from the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) after it was determined that the app tracks its users at all times, and sends that data to advertisers. As a fitness app, there is a certain amount of tracking that will need to … Read more

“Breathalyzer” For Lung Cancer Wins $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

A breathalyzer is usually used in instances where you’ve done something wrong, and a need arises to determine just how far out of bounds you are. There are definitely exceptions to that rule, but for the most part, a breathalyzer is usually associated with some sort of punishment. A team of students from MIT and … Read more

Roger App Gets Major Update With Alexa, Slack, IFTTT Integration

Roger, an app created by former Spotify engineers and funded by former Facebook executives, started its life as a walkie-talkie app. In a major update released today, Roger has become so much more than that. The new update brings Alexa integration as well as connections to Slack, Dropbox, IFTTT, and even your voicemail, allowing you … Read more

Kangaroo PC Review: A PC That Fits In Your Pocket

Computers are an important part of our life. In an increasingly digital society we’ve got documents, media, games, and all sorts of other files spread between work computers, laptops, desktops, and the cloud. What if you just want a reasonably capable PC that you can take anywhere, and hook up easily using nearly any monitor, … Read more

Thin Ice: Wearable Weight Loss Vest

Many of us would like to lose some weight. I know that personally I’ve got more than a few pounds to lose. Until those fantastic nanoparticles that MIT is working on come to fruition, we’ll just have to figure out another way, right? Thin Ice is a new wearable that wants to help with our weight loss … Read more

Ready For A New Fitness Tracker? Set Your Sights On Withings Go

Fitness and health are important. We’re definitely more likely to reach our fitness goals if we have some help tracking our exercise and eating habits. Withings, a French company known for their fitness trackers as well as other health-related products have added a new option to their catalog. The Withings Go is a new fitness … Read more

ZUS Returns With ZUS Kevlar Cable — The Last Cable You’ll Ever Need?

Hot on the heels of their successful Indiegogo campaign for the ZUS Car Charger, nonda has returned with a new campaign. Not content with the runaway success that they’ve already achieved with their car charger that earned a 4.9 out of 5 rating from our very own Alex Hernandez, the new Indiegogo campaign is for … Read more

“It’s Flying Season” With Parrot Drones Sale

Drones have been all over the place lately, and everybody seems to want to get their hands on this technology. Parrot drones have been some of the best available in the consumer drone market for some time now, and Parrot has decided to get into the spirit of summer. Whether you’re a seasoned drone pilot, … Read more

Captain America: Civil War Review: Now That’s How You Make A Super Hero Movie

Marvel has had their roadmap of upcoming movies laid out for quite some time. Based on the announced films we’ve had a pretty good idea of where the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be headed. Today, you’ll be able to see the next film up: Captain America: Civil War. In this spoiler-free review I’ll talk about … Read more

Henlen Smartwatch Arrives On Kickstarter With A Customizable Experience

There are loads of different smartwatches available these days. Everything from the Apple Watch to the Moto 360, Huawei Watch, and everything in between. The thing is, if you want a bit of a different smartwatch experience from a design standpoint, you’d be stuck paying an additional $250+ for another smartwatch with a different design. … Read more

Two More Tesla Executives Leaving The Company


Only a few days after showing off how completely real their Bioweapon Defense mode actually is, Tesla had some less exciting news today. It’s been reported that two more Tesla executives are leaving the company, and the timing is pretty bad. The two departing vice presidents are in charge of production and manufacturing, both pretty … Read more