Planned George Lucas Museum Likely Dead In Chicago

It’s been a long and bumpy road for the proposed George Lucas Museum on Chicago’s lakefront. From the early days, vying to get the nod, to the excitement of winning the bid, we’ve been there from the beginning to keep track of the goings-on with the proposed museum in Techaeris’ back yard. It seems only fitting … Read more

Evodesk Standing Desk Announces Deskshields, Protect And Decorate Your Desk

Standing desks are great for getting you up and off of your butt, and stretching your legs while you’re using your computer. Standing desks are a definite investment though, and they deserve to be protected. Evodesk is an attractive option when it comes to standing desks, with plenty of features allowing you to tailor the entire … Read more

Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode Is Not A Gimmick

Tesla Model

Tesla now has a stable of two (soon to be three) electric vehicles that are drool-worthy on their looks alone. Many of us here at Techaeris would love to have one, and have offered multiple times to test one out and provide a complete review (we’re still more than willing, Mr. Musk). The Tesla Model … Read more

New On Netflix US: May Has Marseille, Sandler, Mermaids, And More


Well, sorry for the delay on the Netflix US list, this is my first time behind the wheel on the big, bad New on Netflix US post so it’s taken me a bit longer to get things together. Onwards and upwards though! Let’s take a look at what’s new and exciting on Netflix US in the … Read more

BLACKROOM Kickstarter Postponed Until Gameplay Demo Completed


John Romero and Adrian Carmack recently made news with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for BLACKROOM. The ambitious sounding game from the well-known developer duo raised part of the requested funds pretty quickly, but Carmack and Romero have decided to put the BLACKROOM campaign on hold until they’ve completed a gameplay demo for the game. … Read more

Lenovo ideapad 300 Review: Good Performance At A Good Price

Lenovo ideapad 300

We’ve reviewed quite a few Lenovo products here on Techaeris and have generally come away impressed. Will the affordable Lenovo ideapad 300 continue to impress? Keep reading our full review to find out. Specifications The Lenovo ideapad 300 is available in several configurations. The configuration as tested is: Processor: Intel Core i5 6200U OS: Windows 10 … Read more

German City Caters To Distracted Pedestrians, Adds Sidewalk Traffic Signals

We should all know by now that texting while driving is bad. It’s really a horrible idea and you shouldn’t do it. We may be less likely to know that staring blankly at your cell phone while walking can be an equally bad idea. While you’re less likely to strike and kill someone else, you’re … Read more

Microsoft And Google Call A Truce: No More Running To Regulators On Each Other

It’s been said that some companies should rely more on innovation and less on litigation. There’s another saying that says one should keep their friends close, and enemies closer. We may never know which (if either) of these were the reason why Microsoft and Google have decided to bury the hatchet, but that’s where we … Read more

Toddy Cable Launches Kickstarter For Customizable Lightning, Micro-USB Cables

If you’re reading this site, chances are very good that you’ve got a smartphone. If you’ve got a smartphone, you undoubtedly know all about having to keep that smartphone charged. You may work with other people who own smartphones, and you may, on occasion, share your charging cable with those people. While there are some … Read more

D-Link AC1900 EXO Wi-Fi Router Available Now

We’ve been impressed with D-Link’s networking hardware in the past, and today the company is announcing a new addition to their lineup. The D-Link AC1900 EXO Wi-Fi Router is available today, and it brings speed, performance, and all around sharp design to the party. The AC1900 EXO features everything you’ll need from your router today, … Read more

MOCAheart Review: Track Your Heart Health Quickly And Easily

Our health is important. People that are already in good shape tend to want to stay that way, while people in less-than-ideal shape generally at least would like to be in better shape. An important metric used by nearly every health professional in the world is blood pressure. Blood pressure is honestly a pretty erratic … Read more

Nintendo NX Rumors: Portable Controller, Beefy Processor, Games, And More


Since it was officially announced in March of 2015, there have been no shortage of Nintendo NX rumors. Some seem plausible while others are so far out of left field that they hardly warrant any attention. A NeoGAF forums user — 10K — seems to have some inside sources that have provided some new clues … Read more

Smart Mattress Tracks Your Partner’s… Infidelities

Cheating is an unfortunate aspect in some relationships. For whatever reason one partner decides to be unfaithful, and sometimes even thoughts of infidelity can break up otherwise solid relationships. A Spanish company has decided to create a smart mattress, or “Smarttress” to give peace of mind — or even more reason to be suspicious — … Read more

Chinese Self-Driving Cars Set Out On First Long Distance Trip

Google has rather famously been working on self-driving cars here in the U.S. but they certainly aren’t the only ones interested in the technology. Changan Automobile Group in China have their own fleet of self-driving cars, and they’ve recently started their first long distance trip across their home country. On April 12th, two vehicles started their … Read more

TYLT ENERGI Desktop Charging Station Review: Stylish, Fast USB Hub

Seems like most all of our gadgets can be powered via USB these days. It’s a simple yet effective way to charge everything from your phone to Bluetooth headphones, and everything in between. When you’ve got enough USB powered devices, you’ll often need a way to charge more than one at a time. The TYLT … Read more

iClever Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Review: Mobile Productivity Enhancement

Have you ever tried to type anything of any length on your phone or tablet? While it doesn’t particularly bother some people, for most of us it’s really kind of a pain. There’s only so much you can really do with the rather limited screen space. Thankfully there are options available if you are in … Read more

Composite Metal Foam Destroys Bullets, Sees Future In Body Armor And More

Researchers at NC State have been experimenting with a composite metal foam that completely annihilates bullets upon impact. Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Afsaneh Rabiei has been developing this foam over the last few years, and as you can see in the video below, this foam is good at its job. The bullet fired wasn’t … Read more

Google May Want To Use Apple Swift Programming Language On Android

Apple already has some history of their software running on Android. Their Move to iOS and Apple Music apps have been pretty well received based on the legitimate and honest reviews to be found on the Play Store. The next batch of Apple software to appear on Android might be a bit more surprising as sources … Read more

Boogie Board Jot 8.5 Review: Replace Your Whiteboard With An eWriter

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got some variety of note taking device (or more than one) hanging on the side of your fridge. Whether it be an old, ratty whiteboard or a notepad of some sort, the refrigerator is a pretty common place to keep notes. Maybe you’re happy with your fridge note-taking but … Read more

Somm By SYNEK Launches On Kickstarter, Wants To Change The Way You Drink Wine

It seems like only yesterday that our friends at SYNEK were trying to change the way you drink beer by allowing any beer to be poured from a machine on your counter top. Today, SYNEK has turned their attention to wine with Somm by SYNEK. The Somm Kickstarter launches today, and this new device wants … Read more

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer Launched Today


Hot on the heels of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens availability on Blu-Ray, Disney had another surprise in store for Star Wars fans this morning. The first official teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released, and oh boy is it fantastic. Take a look at the trailer below, and … Read more

Aurai Kickstarter Launches With Cool/Warm Eye Massager

Aurai may not be a name you’ve heard, but it’s one you might be interested in hearing more about. Today, Aurai has launched a Kickstater campaign for their cool/warm water-propelled eye massager. We all spend a lot of time looking at various screens, and otherwise straining our eyes. Aurai wants to help rejuvenate your eyes with … Read more

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Launches On Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Launched back in 2012, Marvel: Avengers Alliance has enjoyed four years of solid popularity on our mobile devices. Starting today, you can check out the sequel, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Create your team, and set out to destroy the forces of evil in the newest mobile game from Marvel … Read more

Amped Wireless ATHENA-EX Announced: AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender

We recently got a chance to try out the Amped Wireless TITAN-EX Wi-Fi Range Extender and came away quite impressed. The TITAN-EX AC1900 had an impressive range for sure, but why stop there? Not one to rest on their laurels, Amped Wireless has upped the ante with the newly announced ATHENA-EX AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender. … Read more

Health o meter nuyu Sleep System Review: Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our overall health. If you don’t get enough sleep, you aren’t going to be at your best during your waking hours. We would all like to get more sleep, but sometimes that is easier said than done. If you read my review of the Health o meter nuyu Activity … Read more