DCEU vs MCU: 4 keys to success and how each measure up

dceu vs mcu

DC and Marvel have been longtime rivals in the comic book world and have just recently started competing on a much grander scale, to the delight of every nerd ever, on the big screen. Unfortunately all comic book creations turned to movies are not created equal and the last installment for each company couldn’t be … Read more

Can the HP Elite X3 save Windows 10 Mobile?

Elite X3

Windows 10 Mobile isn’t exactly on fire and that is something we all just need to come to terms with. I’m a fan of Windows 10 Mobile’s aesthetic look and its functionality as a mobile OS. But I’ve never been thrilled with Windows 10 Mobile’s app selection. HP is set to release its reentry into … Read more

Petition asks Apple to stop “upgrading” old iPhones

unlocking iPhones

“Planned obsolescence” is a phrase that we’re hearing more and more these days. The idea that companies are designing their products to fail at a specific time in order to try and procure more sales is a rather dubious one, and yet the signs can seem pretty obvious at times. SumOfUs is a consumer group … Read more

[UPDATED] Tesla’s Autopilot “failure” is a lesson in distracted driving

distracted driving

As we reported this morning, the NHTSA is launching an investigation into a fatal accident involving a Tesla being driven in Autopilot. Is the incident a lesson in distracted driving or a a flaw in Autopilot? While the NHTSA has yet to investigate the accident, we do have witnesses and evidence to help us at least start … Read more

Chicago loses the Lucas museum keeps parking lot

Lucas museum

The long battle between The Friends of the Park and the City of Chicago is finally over and the Lucas museum is officially dead. George Lucas expressed interest in building his narrative art museum in Chicago two years ago. Almost immediately there was both excitement and opposition to the Lucas museum, especially the chosen location. … Read more

Why you should already be locking down TeamViewer


Post Author Max Emelianov started HostForWeb in 2001. In his role as HostForWeb’s CEO, he focuses on teamwork and providing the best support for his customers while delivering cutting-edge web hosting services. If you haven’t already heard, there was a nasty vulnerability recently unveiled in Teamviewer. If you haven’t locked yours down already, you’re in … Read more

Should you worry about your YouTube account being hacked?

YouTube account

As we reported late last night, the YouTube account of WatchMojo.com was hacked with relativity harmless modifications to its video titles. It doesn’t appear that the YouTube account was comprised further than changing the video titles. But it does bring up a good topic to discuss. Should content creators and even non-content creators worry about … Read more

Clutter and junk and spam, oh my!


It is a widely known fact that many executives, doctors, lawyers, and business associates of all types have personal assistants. These real life personal assistants are often amazingly efficient at making the executive’s life easier. They pick up coffee and always get it right, they know the schedule and if squeezing in a lunch meeting … Read more

Is Tim Cook’s Apple past its peak?

Apple services

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Ben Taylor Following Apple’s first down quarter in over a decade and mixed reviews for the company’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference, an ominous question is making the rounds. Has Apple peaked? Ask four people this question, and you’ll get four different answers. “Apple peaked when [former CEO Steve] Jobs … Read more

[UPDATED] Is This The End Of The Xbox One Kinect Sensor?


For anyone paying attention, it seems like Microsoft has all but given up on the Xbox One Kinect sensor with the release of the Xbox One S. In order to make the Xbox One S as compact as possible, the company shifted some of the ports and buttons around, and removed the Kinect port from … Read more

Instagram Timeline Algorithms Going Live Now

In a move that all but guarantees I will never look at the app again, Instagram has flipped the switch on their new timeline algorithms that change your feed from chronological to what they’re calling “a new way of ordering posts.” Not content with simply adopting a newer, uglier logo, Instagram has decided to alienate a … Read more

Eric Schmidt Admits To Using Both iOS And Android

eric schmidt

Eric Schmidt is currently the executive chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google where Schmidt was CEO for a number of years. Eric Schmidt has been with Alphabet for a very long time and has been an important part of the history of the company, particularly Google. So it’s no surprise that the Internet has … Read more

Do We Really Need All These Google Messaging Services?

A few Google I/O’s ago, rumours swirled about Google launching a standalone messaging system for Android which would rival Apple’s iMessage. This was soon to be the application we now know as Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts has been around for a few years, with recently incorporating SMS’s and such on mobile and being split up from … Read more

Apple Sales Take Significant Hit, Refocusing Best Bet

Apple Sales

Apple sales have taken a hit this quarter and the company is starting to feel the pressure of poor performance and a saturated smartphone market. Apple sales have been slumping the past few quarters with Tim Cook even saying things were probably going to get worse. With the cellphone market saturated with both iPhones and … Read more

Dropbox: When Account Security Goes Too Far


There’s no doubt in this day and age that online security is at the top of most people’s minds, and if it’s not, it should be. Two factor authentication has gained popularity as a common practice for logging into various accounts and services, and the file-sharing/storage service Dropbox was one of the first to get on … Read more

Apple vs. FBI Has Turned Into King Kong vs. Godzilla

The Apple vs. FBI battle has been going on for some time about hacking the iPhone from the San Bernardino terrorist attack. None of us wants to see all iPhones hacked, whether it’s by black hat hackers or legally sanctioned government hackers. At the same time, I doubt even Apple wants to see a missed opportunity … Read more

The Villainization Of Apple And The Future Of Personal Data


Now that the FBI vs. Apple case has grasped the headlines inside and outside the tech world the villainization of Apple is in full swing. Just to recap quickly, the FBI is asking Apple to write a program that would essentially break the encryption on a phone used by the San Bernardino shooters. Apple is … Read more

Microsoft Crosses The Line; Windows 10 Will Now Display Ads On The Lock Screen


While your laptop or desktop are called “Personal Computers,” that tag will soon be inapplicable. Windows 10 now displays advertisements on your PC’s lock screen, definitely taking the personal factor away from the whole experience. Right now, the ads are limited to titles available on the Windows Store, a service that Microsoft has been trying … Read more

Tech Talk – You Tell Us: Uncle Sam Pressures Apple To Access iPhones

Uncle Sam

Our last tech talk went fairly well with some great comments and responses so we’re continuing the series today with Uncle Sam. It was revealed yesterday that Uncle Sam (the US government) is ordering Apple Inc. to unlock an iPhone used in a heinous crime. As we know, Apple and Tim Cook have already said they … Read more

Tech Talk – You Tell Us: Why Do You Use Android Or iOS?

tech talk

Hey there readers! We wanted to take a stab at a new series that will hopefully open up our readership to engaging in constructive and healthy conversation about tech. We’re calling it Tech Talk – You Tell Us. We’ll pick a subject from time to time and invite you all to comment below explaining whatever … Read more

A First Hand Third World Tech Experience: “Same, Only Different”


Over the last several weeks, I’ve had some interesting tech experiences. I got to experience travel to Central America, partly for fun, mostly for fact finding. And my initial takeaway is that we in the US are spoiled. Maybe especially me. My trip was to Costa Rica, where much of what’s in the stores is … Read more

Why Are We Gushing Over A Flush Camera On iPhone 7?

iPhone 7

So in case you haven’t read about it here, here, here and here…the new iPhone 7 “might” do away with the protruding camera that many disliked about the previous 2 generations. But that’s not all, those ugly antenna bands around back, which most of you don’t see anyway due to the case you have on … Read more