KickassTorrents back online hiding behind cloud servers

cloud servers

KickassTorrents rides again this time it’s being operated behind an army of cloud servers making it more difficult for the authorities to pin down. KickassTorrents is the internet’s most popular torrent site after The Pirate Bay was crippled by the authorities. Back when The Pirate Bay was taken down, there was also a small effort … Read more

KickassTorrents owner gets pinched; awaits extradition to U.S.


Just days after a French high court decided that Bing and Google shouldn’t censor torrents from search results, the owner of the largest torrent site on the web (KickassTorrents) gets pinched in Poland. KickassTorrents was started back in 2008 when The Pirate Bay was going hot and heavy. After The Pirate Bay was unceremoniously chopped … Read more

Learn guitar with FourChords Guitar Karaoke


If you’ve ever wanted to learn guitar but haven’t had the time to take lessons, FourChords Guitar Karaoke utilizes an easy to use interface with lessons crafted by online guitar instructor Justin Sandercoe (a.k.a. JustinGuitar). Not only is it easy to use, with adjustable backing tracks and lyrics, but the entire songbook of 100+ hit songs can … Read more

Rocket League soundtrack available for pre-order on vinyl


Psyonix and iam8bit have announced that the Rocket League soundtrack is coming to vinyl in the form of Rocket League: The Vinyl Collection. The collection is a 3 LP 180-gram album featuring both Volumes 1 and 2 of the official soundtrack from the popular hybrid arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem game. The Vinyl Collection features custom artwork from Dan … Read more

Spotify partners with Master & Dynamic on Rolling Stones headphones

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are one of the most celebrated rock bands in history. Now Spotify and Master & Dynamic are making a limited edition pair of Rolling Stone headphones! With music and tech becoming increasingly intertwined, premium audio company Master & Dynamic has partnered with streaming service Spotify to target superfans of one of rock’s most … Read more

New Ghostbusters theme song is… well, you be the judge!


The upcoming Ghostbusters remake has already faced its fair share of criticism — warranted or not. Earlier this month, it was announced that Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott would be performing a new version of Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme for the female-led reboot. FOB x @MissyElliott #Ghostbusters collab coming soon ? who ya gonna call? — … Read more

Suicide Squad Soundtrack List Released: Covers, Collabs, And Wubs


Suicide Squad is by definition a different type of superhero movie. Most notably, the cast is comprised of super villains rather than super heroes. The bright, shiny branding for the movie is in stark contrast to the other recent DC properties, so it would only make sense that the Suicide Squad soundtrack would be a … Read more

Final Show Of The Tragically Hip Concert Tour Being Broadcast Live


It’s been a few weeks since Gord Downie, the lead singer for The Tragically Hip, announced he had cancer and subsequently announced a final Tragically Hip concert tour. CBC, Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster, announced today that they will be broadcasting the final The Tragically Hip concert of the tour for free. The … Read more

Classic Hits: Remade to Rock n’ Metal


This installment of classic hits will take a look at rock covers. I am always intrigued by how a favorite hit from yesteryear can be re-arranged to sound just as good with crazy guitar riffs and screaming vocals thrown in. Let’s look at a few. One of Deborah Harry’s (a.k.a. Blondie) biggest hits came in … Read more

Classic Hits: From Remakes To Remixes


Last time we talked about songs that had been re-made or covered by other artists. My next installment of Classic hits will be remixed. I like fast tempo music. Couple that with my love for classic 80s and 90s music and we have a winner! Here are a few of those I enjoy. First up, … Read more

Axl Rose Sends DMCA Request To Take Down Unflattering Photo

There’s a saying when you’re driving in icy or slippery conditions, that if you start to lose control of your vehicle, you should steer into the skid. Doing so helps you right the ship, so to speak, and prevent further damage to you, or your vehicle. That saying should probably be applied to celebrities who … Read more

Classic Hits: Remake or Remix?


Many of us love the music (and remakes) from the 80s and 90s (without actually revealing our age), so it’s difficult for us to accept when a newer artist decides to pay a ‘tribute’ to the original artists by reworking their songs to sound more modern. It’s a form of flattery that may work in … Read more

New On Netflix Canada: June Sees Return Of OITNB, Adds New Series


Fans of Orange is the New Black only have a couple more weeks to wait as season 4 is set to return in June on Netflix Canada, along with a few other new series. Netflix Originals June kicks off with the Netflix Original Hibana: Sparkon June 2nd, a new series based on the prize-winning book. Starring Kento Hayashi, … Read more

Michael Keaton Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming; Kingpin Coming As Well?


After rumours were confirmed that Robert Downey, Jr. would be reprising his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming reboot movie, the cast is getting another major addition — and a new rumour. After recently coming to an agreement with Sony over the rights to Spider-Man, Marvel has been quick to bring the web-slinging … Read more

This Star Wars Danger Zone Music Video is Fantastic


Everyone remembers last year’s absolutely delightful Archer tribute to Kenny Loggins’ famous Top Gun tune, Danger Zone — if you don’t, you should go watch it! Well, looks like it’s time to don your flight suits and strap in again, pilots, this time into the cockpits of a myriad of beloved Star Wars starfighters. Weston Wong over … Read more

Original Misfits Members Reunite For Riotfest In Denver And Chicago

After teasing a huge announcement for 9am this morning, Riotfest has released the first official band for the 2016 lineup in their Denver and Chicago locations: the original Misfits. 33 years and “20 eyes” after their last show together, Glenn Danzig will “Come Back” on stage with Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankestein once again. The Misfits … Read more

ADEL Technology Says It Can Get Brian Johnson Back In Black

Brian Johnson

Brain Johnson is a legend among rock stars. As the lead singer of AC/DC since the untimely death of original vocalist Bon Scott, Johnson has been belting out AC/DC tunes since 1980. AC/DC is also one of the workhorses of rock & roll as they continue to tour and record well into their sixties and … Read more

shomi Xbox One App Finally Launches Next Week


shomi, one of a few new Canadian streaming services that allow viewers to stream TV shows and movies, will finally land on the Xbox One. Currently available for the Xbox 360, Apple TV, Chromecast, and PlayStation 4, the shomi Xbox One app will launch on May 3rd. “We’ve heard from many shomi members and Xbox One users … Read more

Lip Sync Battles? Jimmy Fallon Has A Lip Sync Conversation With Ariana Grande


Lip sync battles, the art of mouthing the words to popular songs, have become pretty popular as of late with the rise of Spike’s weekly Lip Sync Battle TV show. Part of that credit is in no doubt due to Jimmy Fallon, and his lip sync battle segments with popular actors and musicians on The Tonight Show … Read more

Lip Sync Battle: Clark Gregg’s “Toxic” vs. Hayley Atwell’s “Bad Romance”


A few days ago we teased a couple of clips of Clark Gregg (a.k.a. Phil Coulson) and Hayley Atwell (a.k.a. Peggy Carter) from an upcoming episode of Lip Sync Battle. In the preview clips, Gregg was performing “Toxic” by Britney Spears, while Atwell was taking on “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)” by The Offspring. After … Read more

Music Snapshot: April Showers


It’s April and time for another Music Snapshot, with music that’s keeping the club scene fresh and sparkling. I have some brand new music to share with you today and some you’ve probably already heard. Without further ado, let’s get started… First on the docket are a couple of Jersey brothers making up the electric … Read more

Lip Sync Battle Pits Peggy Carter Against Phil Coulson


Marvel agents Peggy Carter and Phil Coulson are crossing space and time to compete against each other on Thursday’s upcoming Lip Sync Battle on Spike. Well, not really, but Hayley Atwell, who plays Peggy Carter in Marvel’s Peggy Carter, and Clark Gregg, who plays Phil Coulson in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will face off tomorrow night. The … Read more

Can’t Make Coachella 2016? Watch Live On YouTube!


I’m sure we’d all love to head down to sunny California for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival, but let’s face it, not all of us can for various reasons. Samsung Canada and YouTube have partnered up to bring you Coachella 2016 live, exclusively on Coachella’s YouTube channel from April 15 through 17th. … Read more

New Gears of War 4 Trailer Hits Right In The Feels


While we’ve seen gameplay from Gears of War 4 before, we haven’t really seen anything in regards to the story. That changed a little last night with the debut of a Gears of War 4 trailer during last night’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead  on AMC. The trailer, dubbed “Tomorrow” gives us a glimpse of Marcus Fenix … Read more

Microsoft Launches Music x Technology Collaboration Website


Microsoft has officially launched a new online destination for new ideas combining music and technology called Music x Technology. The website will feature monthly content with new artist collaborations and behind-the-scenes videos on how technology helped make the music come to life. The first feature on the site is an interactive photography project shot by Carlo Van … Read more