LYFT teams with SPLT to improve Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

If you’re an able-bodied, technological person, you probably don’t need to worry too much about getting from one place to another. Chances are good you can drive somewhere, walk to a bus stop, use your smartphone to hail a ride-sharing service, or any number of other ways of getting from place to place. Not everybody … Read more

NASA turns to Rocky to keep astronauts fit in deep space

Let’s just say right up front that no, Sylvester Stallone will not be a permanent fixture on future space missions, nor will his silver screen boxing persona be making any trips to Mars in the near future. Rocky — short for Resistive Overload Combined with Kinetic Yo-Yo — is the name of the exercise equipment … Read more

Just how far away are those Pokémon on the Nearby map? A YouTuber figured it out

Are you sick of hearing about Pokémon GO yet? If yes, please skip over this and head over to one of our other many wonderful articles. But if you’re like me, you’re still out there running around and letting your inner child make your decisions for you. The game gives you multiple tools to figure out where … Read more

Microsoft Studios shutting down Xbox Fitness


Another nail was driven into the proverbial coffin of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox One, adding to speculation that the company is no longer interested in supporting the motion tracking and voice peripheral. Microsoft Studios has announced a phased shutdown for Xbox Fitness, the Xbox One Kinect fitness program, starting today with a full shutdown of … Read more

Using your smartphone in bed could cause temporary blindness?

smartphone in bed

Who would have thunk it and is it true? Using your smartphone in bed (or in dark conditions) could cause temporary blindness and “wreak havoc” on your vision. Doctors say two women went temporarily blind due to checking their smartphones constantly in the dark. In Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine doctors tell the story … Read more

Jawbone Quashes Rumors Of Exiting Wearables Market

The month of May brought about articles from Tech Insider and Fortune describing a dire situation building over at Jawbone. According to the the posts, Jawbone was ceasing production and development of wearables and Bluetooth speakers, selling off existing inventory to third-party sellers, and possibly closing up shop. It seems those reports may have been prematurely … Read more

Ovarian Cancer Predicted By Early Cellular Changes

Ovarian Cancer is a disease that affects thousands of women annually. It ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women and accounts for more deaths than any other cancer of the reproductive system. The American Cancer Society predicts that in 2016, over twenty-two thousand women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer and over fourteen … Read more

Runkeeper Faces Complaint In Norway For Tracking Habits

The popular fitness app Runkeeper is in some hot water after receiving a formal complaint from the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) after it was determined that the app tracks its users at all times, and sends that data to advertisers. As a fitness app, there is a certain amount of tracking that will need to … Read more

“Breathalyzer” For Lung Cancer Wins $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

A breathalyzer is usually used in instances where you’ve done something wrong, and a need arises to determine just how far out of bounds you are. There are definitely exceptions to that rule, but for the most part, a breathalyzer is usually associated with some sort of punishment. A team of students from MIT and … Read more

Thin Ice: Wearable Weight Loss Vest

Many of us would like to lose some weight. I know that personally I’ve got more than a few pounds to lose. Until those fantastic nanoparticles that MIT is working on come to fruition, we’ll just have to figure out another way, right? Thin Ice is a new wearable that wants to help with our weight loss … Read more

Ready For A New Fitness Tracker? Set Your Sights On Withings Go

Fitness and health are important. We’re definitely more likely to reach our fitness goals if we have some help tracking our exercise and eating habits. Withings, a French company known for their fitness trackers as well as other health-related products have added a new option to their catalog. The Withings Go is a new fitness … Read more

MOCAheart Review: Track Your Heart Health Quickly And Easily

Our health is important. People that are already in good shape tend to want to stay that way, while people in less-than-ideal shape generally at least would like to be in better shape. An important metric used by nearly every health professional in the world is blood pressure. Blood pressure is honestly a pretty erratic … Read more

Google Calendar Adds Goals


Not content to just have appointments, reminders, and tasks in Google Calendar, the company has gone ahead and added Goals as well. Your first thought might be that goals are the same as reminders, but there’s a pretty big difference once you start setting up goals. While reminders are set for a specific time and … Read more

Introducing Move It — World’s First Mobile-Connected Smart Home Gym


A new smart home gym has been introduced today by Eggplant Technologies. Move It is a four-in-one mobile-connected smart home gym that provides quick and effective cardio and muscle workouts. The companion app for iOS and Android provides instant feedback on workouts, offers users access to trainer-created workouts, and connects them with friends, family, and the … Read more

World’s First Activity Monitoring Compression Sleeve Hits Kickstarter

There are numerous ways these days to track and monitor your fitness activity, from the more popular fitness bands to chest straps. Canadian company Komodo Technologies has launched the world’s first activity monitoring compression sleeve — the AIO Smart Sleeve — on Kickstarter. With a small tracking device held securely against the forearm, AIO uses an … Read more

Health o meter nuyu Sleep System Review: Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our overall health. If you don’t get enough sleep, you aren’t going to be at your best during your waking hours. We would all like to get more sleep, but sometimes that is easier said than done. If you read my review of the Health o meter nuyu Activity … Read more

The Best Headphones for Running


Posted on March 22, 2016 by Andrew Lisa While many over-the-ear headphones offer uncompromising audio, even the most rigid audiophiles must consider fit, battery life, water resistance and durability if they’re going for a run. Luckily, some in-ear headphones don’t compromise much on quality. The team at SpecOut compiled a list of the best headphones … Read more

Health o meter nuyu Wireless Scale Review: Sleek Scale With Good Features

So you’re trying to get into better shape. Fitness trackers, like the Health o meter nuyu tracker that we reviewed recently, can certainly help one reach their fitness goals. But another important metric when thinking about fitness or weight loss is, well, your weight. As there are with fitness trackers, there are plenty of options … Read more

Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker Review: Versatile Tracker At A Reasonable Price

Plenty of people want to get into better shape, and there are plenty of devices out there that claim to help you reach your goals. Fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and pedometers come in all varieties and all kind of shapes and sizes. Health o meter recently unveiled their nuyu line of health and fitness … Read more

Fitti Guard Combines Fitness And Environmental Tracking


GNS GmbH has announced a new generation of fitness and environmental tracking with the upcoming Fitti Guard. In addition to the expected step and calorie counter, sleep analysis, and GPS tracking, Fitti Guard also includes sensors that measure ultraviolet, gamma-ray radiation, noise exposure, and air quality. “This unique activity GPS watch combines fitness and additional … Read more

Fitbit Unveiled A Newer And More Fashionable Fitness Tracker

Most of us have heard of Fitbit, the fitness tracker that’ll track your steps, sleep, notifications, and more. The company has announced their newest fitness tracker and a fashionable one at that, and it’s called Fitbit Alta. Fitbit has taken the extra step to make your next wearable look better and still keep track of what you … Read more

TYLT VU Pulse Adds Heart Rate Monitoring And Wireless Charging To Pebble Time


One of the companies we’ve continually worked with since starting Techaeris has been TYLT and now they’re back with another Kickstarter campaign. This time  the company’s focus is squarely on Pebble. The TYLT VU Pulse is a protective case with wireless charging and heart rate monitoring capabilities for your Pebble Time. It’s a really nifty … Read more

Moto 360 Sport Available In Canada Through TELUS


Motorola’s new Moto 360 Sport smartwatch is now available in Canada through TELUS, one of the “big three” telecommunications carriers. With built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and a music player, Moto 360 Sport has all the tools you need to hit the road and push for your personal best or just free your hands up to … Read more

The 12 Best Fitness Trackers in 2016


Posted on January 6, 2016 by Ben Taylor You’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get fit. Congratulations. You could start with a $50-per-month gym membership, but who has the leftover cash after high-speed internet, Netflix and HBO? Enter the fitness tracker. It’s personal, (reasonably) affordable and it just might get you off the couch … Read more

Moto 360 Sport Review: A Smartwatch For The Activity-Minded


It’s been almost a year since I last visited an Android Wear device when I reviewed the original Moto 360. For the most part the smartwatch does what it’s supposed to, but in the end having constant notifications on my wrist wasn’t for me. When Motorola announced a Moto 360 Sport version, my curiosity was piqued … Read more

[CES 2016] Here’s Our CES 2016 Predictions

CES 2016 Predictions

As we gear up for the Consumer Electronics Show this week, we thought we’d hit you with our CES 2016 predictions. From VR to connected homes, we think there’s going to be no stone unturned when it comes to the biggest electronics show of the year. Let’s dive in! Jamie Moxon 2016 – The year … Read more

Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Gifts For The Fitness Fanatic


The road to the holidays moves ever onward! Our Holiday Gift Guide provides a few ideas to keep your favorite tech-lover happy this holiday season. We’ve already stuffed some stockings and kept your favorite audiophile happy, up next we’ll take a look at a few options for the fitness fanatic. Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor and … Read more