Tech Miser: Bye bye Evernote, maybe

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If you’re like me and have been using Evernote Basic for years, you may have gotten the same email I did on June 30th from the Evernote Team.  It starts with a headline that reads “Evernote Basic is changing.” Then they get to the nitty gritty. At Evernote, we are committed not only to making … Read more

Facebook Synced Photos Are Being Deleted, Try Google Photos Instead

After writing a personal post yesterday and getting a TON of questions about Facebook and Google Photos I’m back to give you a “how to” on the subject. Hopefully this will clear things up a bit for everyone. First, yes Facebook synced photos are getting deleted from their servers. Here’s my original post on the matter. … Read more

HOW TO: Tech Security: Part 7 – App Permissions, Location Services

Hopefully, this series has awakened some to the need to adjust security settings, without launching into full blown paranoia.  We do need a wake up call, but there’s no need for panic.  The series has covered quite a bit of territory.  But there are a few basics we need to look at, some fairly important. … Read more

HOW TO: Tech Security: Part 6 — More on Encryption

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Last time in this series we talked about encryption, viruses and malware, and now we’re going to continue that conversation and talk more about encryption. Point A to Point B Very few of us sit at home all the time, using only our home wifi.  More often than not we make use of public wifi to cut … Read more

HOW TO: Tech Security: Part 5 — Encryption And Malware


Last time we talked about two factor authentication, passcodes, and using the cloud. We’re not quite done yet as there are still a couple of places where we want to go that tie in. Next up, we’ll discuss device encryption and malware. Scrambling We can turn on device encryption. That scrambles the contents so that only … Read more

HOW TO: Tech Security: Part 4 — Authentication, Password Managers, And The Cloud


Last time in our how to avoid tech security and privacy risks, we talked about the lockscreen and passcodes. As we continue investigating how we can better lock down our devices, finances, and lives, there’s one more item in this category that we need to acknowledge. Two factor authentication. It’s a way of making money … Read more

HOW TO: Tech Security: Part 3 — It’s a Lock


So far, we’ve dealt with social engineering as a threat and scanners for the credit cards in your wallet. In both cases, thieves and scammers rely to some degree on our own normal behavior. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s Benjamin Franklin. There are some steps we can take on our … Read more

Amazon Shows You How To Make Your Own Amazon Echo

As many of us, including myself struggle to find a reason to drop $180 on Amazon’s Echo, plenty of people have already done so and most seem pretty happy with their purchase. And although I have yet to see one compelling reason to own one, I do grudgingly acknowledge that the world does not in fact rotate … Read more

HOW TO: Tech Security: Part 2 — In Your Pocket

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Last time, we talked about Facebook — not to warn about how bad Facebook is, but to highlight that we’re our own weakest link in our cybersecurity.  People can fake who they are online.  We’re not there with them to see that the picture of them doesn’t match who they really are.  Or that online … Read more

HOW TO: Tech Security: Part 1 — Facebook

Privacy Risks

We all like to keep our info private and secure and our devices working the way we expect them to.  And there are a whole slew of folks who want exactly the opposite.  There are ways to avoid having those people make us unhappy via our tech. The least secure connection to our devices isn’t … Read more

Shop Safe Online For The Holidays (And Every Day)


Not a week, and sometimes not a day, goes by without you hearing about some sort of data breach that may have compromised consumer’s credit cards and other online information. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas season almost upon us, Joe Stewart, director of malware research for Dell SecureWorks, has put together a … Read more

HOW TO: Save iCloud Storage Space Using Google Photos


Let’s face it, iCloud storage space is a premium commodity and Apple charges you for every bit of it. iCloud saves your entire iDevice backup, photos, videos, apps, contacts, emails, texts and probably some stuff you don’t even know about. With all that data your iCloud storage space gets eaten up fast! Well there is … Read more

HOW TO: Set Up And Use Microsoft Family Settings With Windows 10


Online safety and time constraints when it comes to tablet and computer use for kids is a big deal for parents. I recently had the chance to review an Android tablet and a Windows 2-in-1 aimed at kids. While the Android tablet used a proprietary Parental Control system, the Windows 2-in-1 used the Microsoft Family Settings … Read more

HOW TO: Copy Xbox One External Hard Drives


So you have that fancy 500GB Xbox One and are running out of room. You bought a 1TB hard drive thinking it’d be plenty… except now almost two years in, you’re out of space again. So you run out again and pick up the new 2TB Xbox One Seagate (or other USB 3.0) external hard … Read more

HOW TO: Enable Google Photos’ New People Naming And Merge Features


Yesterday Google started rolling out an updated version of their Google Photos app with a few new features including Chromecast support, sharing to WhatsApp, and some bug fixes. One of the biggest new features expands on the “Group Similar Faces” function that was introduced back in May. In Search, you can now label and merge … Read more

HOW TO: Windows 10 Upgrade Guide


So it’s been a month since Windows 10 was released and you haven’t received your update notification, or you’re tired of waiting for your update to come. If you’re itching to get Windows 10 installed on your laptop or desktop after reading the many available reviews (there’s only one review you really need to read though), … Read more

HOW TO: Enable The “Group Similar Faces” People Function in Google Photos


If you’ve looked in the settings of your Google Photos app, or on the Google Photos website and don’t see the “Group similar faces” option, you’re not alone and chances are it’s because you don’t live in the United States. Thanks to a reddit post, there is a very easy workaround that will allow you to enable … Read more

Google+ Collections: A Better Way To Share, Here’s How To Use Them


The great thing about Google+, and other social networks, is the ability to find interesting content based on your interests – and in the process meet new people. If you’re like me though, you post a lot of stuff about a lot of different things, and not everyone who follows you is necessarily interested in … Read more

HOW TO: Watch HBO Now On ANY Device


One of the wonderful things in this digital age is there’s almost always a workaround, and luckily for non-iDevice users that holds true for Apple’s three-month HBO Now exclusive as well. Because of the exclusive, the only way you could access HBO Now for the next three months is by signing up and watching it with … Read more

HOW TO: Enable New Experimental Transparent YouTube Interface In Chrome


A few weeks ago, we were teased a peak at a slick new YouTube interface that did away with the solid bars for a transparent look instead. Unfortunately, it seems to be in testing mode and there isn’t any word on when it will be rolling out to the masses. YouTube user Saurav Sinha has been … Read more

VPN Not Working In OS X Yosemite Beta? Try This Workaround


So you’ve decided to give OS X Yosemite Beta a go and so far you’re loving it but there’s one minor problem: your VPN no longer works. That seems to be the case for several people I’ve run into and the good news is there is a work around (not guaranteed for all). This method … Read more

HOW TO: Disable Your Android’s PIN Code at Home with Tasker (Android)


In our first Tasker article, we covered how to automate turning your Android smartphone’s wifi radio on and off based on your proximity to certain cell phone towers. This time around, we’re going to learn how to disable your PIN code when you’re at home. I decided to write up this recipe because there are … Read more

HOW TO: Automate Wifi with Tasker (Android)


I don’t know about you, but I hate having to turn my wifi connection on and off every time I walk into or out of the door at home and work. It’s a huge chore for me because I’m just as busy as the next person, and feel like I’m wasting my time doing something that … Read more