Prisma is the new mobile editing craze of the moment


Editing photos on your iPhone or Android device is basically a requirement these days for any social media post. Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, posting a picture without at least one filter is passé.  The latest mobile editing craze is Prisma and admittedly I got on the train using the iOS app. Now … Read more

MESUIT brings Android to your iPhone


If you’re one of the rare users out there that doesn’t hold a loyalty to iOS or Android and like to use both, MESUIT may be for you. Jijia, a Chinese company, has just launched MESUIT which looks like an iPhone battery case but houses much more capability. The case offers expanded battery life, expandable … Read more

iPhone7 shell revealed in full 4K resolution

iPhone 7 shell

If you’re a follower of leaked video and pictures you know that they’re never in high quality resolution which leaves much to the imagination. Now EverythingApplePro has been able to procure an iPhone 7 shell from Besound, a company who’s making lightning port headphones and bring us a 4k view. Accessory companies are often given … Read more

A tougher Gorilla Glass 5 is announced by Corning

If you don’t put a protector on your tablet or smartphone screen and it has survived drops, slips, or being shoved into bags, purses, or pockets full junk, you can probably thank Corning. The New York based company, know as Corning Glass Works until 1989, when it became just Corning, has been manufacturing glass and ceramic … Read more

Let’s throw fuel on the iPhone rumors fire… iPhone 7 Pro?

iPhone 7 Pro

OK, so there have been rumors of an iPhone 7 Pro model coming from Apple and that there would be three iPhone 7’s to choose from. Well that rumor never really went anywhere with most people agreeing that Apple would simply have the same iPhone and then the Plus model. Now we’re seeing admitted “dummy” … Read more

iPhone 7 video shows what could be the next iPhone

iPhone 7 video

An iPhone 7 video showing what could be the next iPhone has popped up on 9to5Mac’s YouTube channel. The iPhone 7 video confirms that the headphone jack is indeed gone but the video is in 240p and hard to view. Of course it could be said that Apple plans these leaks and they do so … Read more

Just how far away are those Pokémon on the Nearby map? A YouTuber figured it out

Are you sick of hearing about Pokémon GO yet? If yes, please skip over this and head over to one of our other many wonderful articles. But if you’re like me, you’re still out there running around and letting your inner child make your decisions for you. The game gives you multiple tools to figure out where … Read more

Rumor: Wire-free AirPods launching with iPhone 7?

wire-free AirPods

One of the biggest rumors to hit the mobile technology world is the exclusion of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. With the removal of the headphone jack we all wondered how Apple would deliver music to users’ ears. While the headphone jack rumor was swirling, another rumor was also making the rounds… Apple’s … Read more

Soon you’ll be able to use your iPhone for ATM withdrawals


The days of using your plastic debit card to withdraw money from an ATM could be coming to a close with Touch ID ATM withdrawals. FIS and Payment Alliance International have announced they’re converting 70,000 ATM locations with the Touch ID withdrawal feature. Customers will open an app and access the machine by holding the iPhone … Read more

T-Mobile offers free data for Pokémon GO players


We’ve seen John Legere and T-Mobile make some pretty crazy offers in the past. What other company would offer its customers a share of its own stock? Uncarrier moves such as Binge On and Music Freedom may get some side-eye glances from some, but they are both clearly very popular. You know what else is … Read more

Timepage review: The iOS calendar you need

iOS calendar

Finding an iOS calendar you like is a chore and can be frustrating. The stock iOS calendar isn’t horrible, but it lacks some customization and functionality. There are a huge number of calendars on the AppStore so it can be daunting to choose, especially the paid ones. Timepage is a $2.99 USD iOS calendar app that … Read more

nevo Balade Parisienne review: A minimalist smartwatch that’s almost there


Smartwatches and fitness trackers have definitely been gaining popularity lately. If you don’t want a full blown smartwatch which barely makes it through the day, or don’t need all the features a fitness tracker offers, then there are other options. Our nevo Balade Parisienne review takes a look at a minimalist smartwatch that has basic smartwatch … Read more