Canceled Nokia McLaren gets a hands on review showing 3D Touch

Nokia McLaren

The last we heard from the Nokia McLaren was the cancellation of the project back in 2014 along with some leaked photos of the device. Now Windows Central has managed to get some hands on time with a Nokia McLaren prototype which you can watch below. The Nokia McLaren specs were respectable back in 2013-2014 … Read more

A tougher Gorilla Glass 5 is announced by Corning

If you don’t put a protector on your tablet or smartphone screen and it has survived drops, slips, or being shoved into bags, purses, or pockets full junk, you can probably thank Corning. The New York based company, know as Corning Glass Works until 1989, when it became just Corning, has been manufacturing glass and ceramic … Read more

Can the HP Elite X3 save Windows 10 Mobile?

Elite X3

Windows 10 Mobile isn’t exactly on fire and that is something we all just need to come to terms with. I’m a fan of Windows 10 Mobile’s aesthetic look and its functionality as a mobile OS. But I’ve never been thrilled with Windows 10 Mobile’s app selection. HP is set to release its reentry into … Read more

Tech Miser: Bye bye Evernote, maybe

smartphone sales

If you’re like me and have been using Evernote Basic for years, you may have gotten the same email I did on June 30th from the Evernote Team.  It starts with a headline that reads “Evernote Basic is changing.” Then they get to the nitty gritty. At Evernote, we are committed not only to making … Read more

Xbox Beta App Hints At Xbox One Streaming To Windows 10 Mobile


Reddit user eric5949 may have discovered an upcoming feature in Windows 10 Mobile by accident — Xbox One Streaming to Windows 10 Mobile devices. Upon receiving an Xbox Live message from a friend with an Elite Dangerous screenshot attached, he clicked on the game name by accident and was taken to the game information page. He … Read more

ZUS Returns With ZUS Kevlar Cable — The Last Cable You’ll Ever Need?

Hot on the heels of their successful Indiegogo campaign for the ZUS Car Charger, nonda has returned with a new campaign. Not content with the runaway success that they’ve already achieved with their car charger that earned a 4.9 out of 5 rating from our very own Alex Hernandez, the new Indiegogo campaign is for … Read more

Get A Free Lumia 950 When You Buy A Lumia 950 XL For $649

If you were waiting for a great sale to give the Windows powered smartphones a try, the Microsoft store is holding one right now that gives you two great phones for the price of one. If you put down $649 for an unlocked Lumia 950 XL Microsoft will throw in an unlocked Lumia 950 for … Read more

A New Windows Insider Build Is Here

Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft came up with the Windows Insider program to get feedback from users who don’t mind testing out unstable software and today, Insiders are getting a “major” update. While the mobile version is only one build newer than the last one (released on Wednesday), the desktop version is getting updates to the Start menu, Windows Ink, improvements … Read more

VLC, Everyone’s Favorite Media Player Is Going To Be A Universal Windows App


There’s some good news for fans of VLC Media Player on Windows based devices. A universal version of VLC, one that takes advantage of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), is coming soon to Xbox One and other Windows devices. What does this mean? Take a look at this handy graphic from Microsoft. Basically, the UWP allows … Read more

Acer Liquid M330 Windows 10 Mobile Smartphone Launching Soon


While there are quite a few budget smartphones available, most run Android. The Acer Liquid M330 smartphone runs Windows 10 Mobile and joins the ranks of affordable smartphones with essential features for those looking for a simple and affordable smartphone. With a 4.5″ FWVGA (854×480) IPS screen, the Liquid M330 also features a 5MP rear camera … Read more

Microsoft’s Lumia Voices Program Closing April 12th


After renaming their Connects program to Lumia Voices last July, Microsoft has decided to shutter the program entirely on April 12th. The program allowed tech bloggers, photographers, movie makers, musicians, and anyone else who wanted to apply to test out Lumia devices. When the company made the name change, they indicated that they were going to continue … Read more

Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 Mobile Update From Several Promised Phones


Microsoft has been selling the Blu Win JR LTE for a while now as a low cost member of the Windows Phone lineup. The phone was attractively priced with some decent specs and most importantly, it was guaranteed an upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile when it arrived, something other phones with similar specs were denied. … Read more

HERE Maps Will No Longer Work On Windows 10 Smartphones After June


HERE Maps, a long time staple of Windows smartphones, will stop working on Windows 10 Mobile devices on June 30, 2016. HERE made the announcement in a blog post and in essence indicated that the move was a business decision due to the evolving smartphone market and its support for “new operating systems” (read Android … Read more

Instagram Will Be Switching Its Timeline From Chronological to Algorithmic

Seems like Instagram is not afraid of the same backlash Twitter recently faced when stories of changes to their timeline post prioritization began to circulate. In the most recent entry of the company’s blog, Instagram revealed plans to shift the timeline away from the current chronological order to a more Facebook-like, algorithmic-based stream. “You may … Read more

Microsoft Testing Logging In To Windows 10 With Your Smartphone


An observant Twitter user noticed that Microsoft has a new app which allows users to log in to their Windows 10 computer using their Windows Phone. The app, Phone Sign-in Beta, is listed and available on the Microsoft Store but before you get too excited, the description lists it as being intended for internal testing … Read more

Project Astoria Officially Killed Off By Microsoft


Rumours started to swirl last month that Microsoft was killing off Project Astoria — its Windows Bridge for Android project which was aimed at helping developers port Android apps to Windows 10 devices. In an update on the Windows Blog, Kevin Gallo (VP Windows Development Platform at Microsoft), has stated that the company would be … Read more

The HP Elite x3: HP’s Proof That Windows Phone Is Not Dead

Let’s first be clear. Windows phone is not dead, despite what some lesser articles reported a few weeks ago following the Microsoft reveal of less-than-spectacular market share numbers. Since those false claims of its demise, a few really impressive Windows phone OS powered devices have been announced and even more are on the horizon. That … Read more

JBL Trip Review: Add A Great Bluetooth Speakerphone To Your Car

Most new cars come with Bluetooth functionality built in as a standard option. Even so, there are all sorts of older cars — and some newer cars — on the road that have absolutely no Bluetooth capabilities whatsoever. The JBL Trip is a device meant to add some Bluetooth functionality to cars that don’t have … Read more

Pricing For The Microsoft Lumia 650 Has Been Leaked

Microsoft Logo

Rumored to the “last Lumia device,” the Microsoft Lumia 650 pricing has been leaked by a German site WinFuture. It will be on shelves in Germany shortly after February 1st which was the initial launch date for the newest Microsoft Lumia device. The phone will be released shortly after the February 1st launch in Europe, while other … Read more

Is Microsoft Abandoning The Lumia Name?

It appears that Microsoft will be using 2016 as a transition year for its smartphone division, since the upcoming Lumia 650 will be the last of its kind. With Apple and Android leading the pack, the Windows phone is in need of a game changer on the mobile front and phasing out the Lumia line seems to be … Read more

Has Microsoft Ditched Astoria For Islandwood, To Bring iOS Apps To Windows Phone?


Last year we were all a bit excited to see that Microsoft was working on Project Astoria which would see Android apps work on Windows Phone. But that excitement was short lived as Microsoft has seemingly halted the project in its tracks. Now there’s word that Microsoft has switched gears and is working on Project … Read more

[CES 2016] Acer Liquid Jade Primo Smartphone Brings Next Level Productivity


Acer’s new premium smartphone, the Acer Liquid Jade Primo, will be running Windows 10 Mobile to provide ultimate productivity through Microsoft’s Continuum. When the smartphone is connected to a secondary display, Continuum allows Windows 10 universal apps to provide a PC-like experience. With a slim and sleek profile, the Acer Liquid Jade Primo features a … Read more

Windows 10 Is now Active On More Than 200 Million Devices

Windows 10

That’s right, Windows 10 is now active on more than 200 million devices. That’s a lot of Windows 10 machines. Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10 is clearly going well.  Back in October the software giant revealed that 110 million devices were running Windows 10, and that number has now jumped to more than 200 million. … Read more

Windows Hello, It’s One Of Those Things

Windows Hello

So I’ve been using the Lumia 950 for a bit now and one of its features is Windows Hello. Windows Hello allows you to unlock the device using the 950’s front facing camera and your irises. After initial setup, which is super simple, you simply bring the phone up to your face and look at … Read more

Techaeris Picks For Best Smartphones 2015

best smartphones 2015

Picking the best smartphones of 2015 is a dangerous thing to do because people will always have varying opinions and there’s bound to be spirited discussion surrounding an article such as this. I guess you can say that for just about any “best of” list really. But here we are, doing it anyway. Here’s our … Read more

ITV Launches ‘ITV Hub’, Focuses on Live TV


You can wave goodbye to the old ITV Player and say hello to the latest on demand offering with the ITV Hub. The newly revamped service is available today, with a new updated design and navigation. The channels from the British broadcaster are now separated into different tabs with a large video player at the top of … Read more

Microsoft’s Windows Phone AppComparison for Android Just Highlights What We Already Know

When Apple launched its “Move to iOS” app earlier this year it served a specific purpose.  The app, much to the ire of fanboys, showed that it is possible and relatively easy to switch from Android to an iPhone without sacrificing most of the apps we have come to depend on. Sure, the ecosystem and some of the functionality needed … Read more