Prisma is the new mobile editing craze of the moment


Editing photos on your iPhone or Android device is basically a requirement these days for any social media post. Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, posting a picture without at least one filter is passé.  The latest mobile editing craze is Prisma and admittedly I got on the train using the iOS app. Now … Read more

Tenba Roadie HDSLR backpack review: Protection/storage in spades

Tenba Roadie Top Pick

Over the years I’ve made the long trek to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a simple backpack for my camera gear and laptops. When Tenba offered to send over one of their specialty camera backpacks I was game for it. My Sony camera kit has grown over the past year with … Read more

Huawei allegedly attempts to pass off DSLR photo as P9 photo


Without a doubt cameras on phones have become better, and what comes out of them can be stellar. But trying to allegedly pass off a DSLR photo for a phone photo is likely going to come back and bite you. That’s what Huawei is learning the hard way. The company posted a magnificent photo to … Read more

Samsung Gear 360 available for $349 under one very specific condition

If you’re interested in picking up the Samsung Gear 360 camera for only $349, you’d better book yourself a ticket to Anaheim, CA for Vidcon. The Gear 360 will be available at this special price starting on Thursday, but only if you’re attending the annual conference celebrating online video. Not planning on attending? You’re not completely out … Read more

Adobe Creative Cloud update brings workflow, performance, and Magic enhancements

Adobe first gave us a glimpse of the upcoming Content-Aware Crop feature being added to Photoshop last month, and now that and other features are now available in the Adobe Creative Cloud June 2016 release. Adobe’s Creative Cloud has always been about empowering people to create with four core elements: desktop, mobile, market and community. … Read more

Cameras Are Now Obsolete

SidneyLanier Featured Image

In fact, we may be using the same camera most of the time. Here is my photography motto if you’ve not ever heard me (or another photography enthusiast) say it: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” That’s right, Mr. I-stood-in-line-all-day-to-get-this-iPhone6SPlus128giga-whatever dude. Your camera is the same as mine most of the … Read more

Facebook Synced Photos Are Being Deleted, Try Google Photos Instead

After writing a personal post yesterday and getting a TON of questions about Facebook and Google Photos I’m back to give you a “how to” on the subject. Hopefully this will clear things up a bit for everyone. First, yes Facebook synced photos are getting deleted from their servers. Here’s my original post on the matter. … Read more

Treat Dads And Grads With These Gift Ideas From Dell Canada


With graduations and Father’s Day just around the corner, Dell Canada has compiled a list of gift ideas for those after the hottest tech gadgets. From gaming rigs to laptops and cameras, you should be able to find something at Dell Canada for the dad or grad in your life. Oculus Rift Headset + VR-Ready … Read more

Instagram Timeline Algorithms Going Live Now

In a move that all but guarantees I will never look at the app again, Instagram has flipped the switch on their new timeline algorithms that change your feed from chronological to what they’re calling “a new way of ordering posts.” Not content with simply adopting a newer, uglier logo, Instagram has decided to alienate a … Read more

Adobe Introducing Content-Aware Crop To Photoshop CC


If you’ve used Adobe Photoshop, you’re no doubt familiar with their Content-Aware technology which includes Content-Aware fills, scaling, healing, and other options. Content-Aware is a feature that will fill in a section of an image based on the surrounding image for more seamless fixes. One of the main issues that can arise with working with images … Read more

Tenba Cineluxe Series: A Photographer’s Best Protection


Tenba has been making bags since 1977 and their latest offering, the Cineluxe series, brings doctor style opening to an already stellar bag. The “doctor style” opening provides a quicker and easier way to get to your photography gear when you’re in a hurry. If you’re as old as some of us (cough) you’ll remember … Read more

Microsoft Launches Music x Technology Collaboration Website


Microsoft has officially launched a new online destination for new ideas combining music and technology called Music x Technology. The website will feature monthly content with new artist collaborations and behind-the-scenes videos on how technology helped make the music come to life. The first feature on the site is an interactive photography project shot by Carlo Van … Read more

Google Photos Adds Live Photos Support In iOS Update


Fans of Google Photos on the iOS platform hav been missing one major feature up until now: Live Photos support. Those fans will be missing features no longer, as Google today announced that Live Photos support will be coming to the Google Photos iOS app in an update available on the App Store now. A … Read more

Fury After Adobe Creative Cloud Deletes Files

Adobe has patched its Creative Cloud apps after people noticed the software was deleting Mac users’ files without warning. After customers updated Creative Cloud, it accessed their hard drive and deleted the first folder that appeared in alphabetical order. Due to file-naming conventions on Mac computers, the bug often deleted hidden system folders or data backup files. … Read more

Google Photos Puts Picasa In Kimura For The Submission


There can only be one photo service from Google and the battle has ended with Google Photos knocking out Picasa with a bruising Kimura. Google is finally sending the old warrior into retirement and is shutting down Picasa May 1st 2016. The shuttering of Picasa will likely be a blow to many who have come to love … Read more

The Average Lifespan of Seven Popular Tech Products


Posted on December 29, 2015 by Ben Taylor The holidays might be over, but the festive season brings a wave of new toys, from smartphones to game consoles, digital cameras to HDTVs. It’s the electronic antidote to the post-holiday blues. But just how long will all of these new gadgets last? For some home items, … Read more

Google Introduces Shared Albums In Google Photos


Google launched its Google Photos service back in May in an effort to make sharing images to non-Google users even easier and simpler. With an update to Google Photos earlier this week, the company has added the previously announced shared album functionality, allowing users to make collaborative albums. With shared albums in Google Photos, anyone … Read more

Lightroom Mobile For Android Now Free For All Users


Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile app has been available free for iOS users since October, and Lightroom Mobile for Android is now finally available for free to all users, including those without Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription. Lightroom Mobile for Android 1.4 brings essential tools to view, organize, edit, and share photos on the go with powerful, yet … Read more

Google Photos Now Helps Free Up Local Device Storage Space


Constantly running out of space on your smartphone or tablet? With microSD card slots becoming rarer in the latest devices, storage space has become a bigger issue for a lot of users. One of the biggest culprits of eating up storage space is all those selfies, party, travel, and other photos and videos that you … Read more

Canadian Sikh Wakes To Image Showing Him As Paris Attacker


In this day and age of social media and Photoshop, it’s easy to fall into the trap of circulating false images when tragedies happen. One such image has been circulating since the Paris attacks last week, and it turns out that the image of an alleged terrorist involved in the attacks is actually an altered image … Read more

New Mobile Apps Unveiled, Touch Added To Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Tools


Adobe has announced two new mobile apps at Adobe MAX 2015 – Photoshop Fix and Capture CC. These new apps enable quick retouching and asset capture on the go. Adobe also announced new Touch capabilities across existing Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and Premiere Pro CC. In addition, video content will be coming soon … Read more