Timepage review: The iOS calendar you need

iOS calendar

Finding an iOS calendar you like is a chore and can be frustrating. The stock iOS calendar isn’t horrible, but it lacks some customization and functionality. There are a huge number of calendars on the AppStore so it can be daunting to choose, especially the paid ones. Timepage is a $2.99 USD iOS calendar app that … Read more

Phunktastic Designs Icon Pack Review: A Trio Of Bold Color Icon Packs

Many designer likes to come up with their own creative icon packs and make them available to those who don’t want to use stock icon on their device. Phunktastic Designs is one of those icon pack designers to help you either get started with your first icon pack or if you’re in the market looking for … Read more

Health o meter nuyu Activity Tracker Review: Versatile Tracker At A Reasonable Price

Plenty of people want to get into better shape, and there are plenty of devices out there that claim to help you reach your goals. Fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and pedometers come in all varieties and all kind of shapes and sizes. Health o meter recently unveiled their nuyu line of health and fitness … Read more

Android Icon Pack Review: Serenity, Bayside, And Aura

Android devices are best known for being open source for the most part, coming in different shapes and sizes, and have similar hardware and features among other things, but what a lot of users like or enjoy about Android is customization. Whether you’re rooting your devices to have more control over it or just slapping on a … Read more

Apple Music For Android Review: Did Apple Hit The Right Notes?

Apple made good on its promise of making Apple Music available to Android users this week with their second app on the Android platform. We saw what happened to its Move to iOS app and some of that has carried over, albeit to a lesser extent. Let’s take a serious look at Apple’s second Android … Read more

CARROT Weather For iOS Review: That’s One Snarky App


A review of a weather app you say? How much can one really say about a weather app? I mean it should do two things and do them well: give you the forecast and current weather conditions. So does CARROT Weather for iOS meet that criteria? Yes, it absolutely does deliver the forecast and current weather … Read more

The Only Windows 10 Review You Need To Read

The only Windows 10 review you need to read…..seriously. Windows 10 is upon us, as are the Windows 10 reviews. With over 67 million downloads thus far, it’s easy to say that Microsoft is happy about the position it’s in with the fledgling OS.  Unlike Windows 10, when Windows 8 came out, it was met … Read more

App Review: C25K By Zen Labs

It’s not often that you can say a phone app has changed your life for the better. 19 years ago this weekend, I graduated from high school. As I walked across the stage, I vowed that I would never run again. The only exception would be if a wild beast was chasing me. Too many … Read more

DuOS Review – An Easy To Use Android Emulator For PC

If you’ve got a PC, you’re probably familiar with the name American Megatrends.  If nothing else, you’ve almost certainly seen that name flash across your screen when it boots up, since they’re a BIOS firmware developer for many major motherboard manufacturers (try saying that 3 times fast). It’s a pretty safe bet to say that … Read more

Windows Phone 8.1 Review: A Simple & Straightforward Mobile OS


Earlier today I reviewed the Nokia Lumia 830 from a hardware standpoint. This article is a Windows Phone 8.1 review in which I take a look at the operating system itself, and in the final article I’ll be offering my thoughts as an Android user “making the switch” to Windows Phone. Let’s take a look at Windows … Read more

Papuh Review: Loads Of Wallpapers For Your Androids


Do you like to customize the look of your Android phone?  You’re probably accustomed to downloading and applying different wallpapers to make your phone look fancy and new.  There are apps that make this process easier by collecting loads and loads of images that work perfectly for your phone.  The newest wallpaper aggregator on the … Read more

Review: Elementary Icon Pack For Android Features Raised Pastel Icons


One of the things I like the most about Android is the ability to customize. Throw on a launcher like Apex, download an icon theme pack or two, and away you go. There’s no shortage of icon packs, and more are coming online every day. One of the latest is Elementary Icon Pack by Travis … Read more

Ever Wanted To Keep A Journal? This App Is Perfect For You

The benefits of keeping a journal are well known: they can help deal with pain and emotional distress they can help people to deal with stress they can help writers deal with emotional they can boost your self esteem they can help your creative writing And of course they help you to remember important events … Read more

Review: Balx Icon Pack (Android)

Andrea Corvi is at it again, creating yet another unique looking icon pack for your favorite Android device. This time around, we’re reviewing Balx, an interesting mix of flat icons with a touch of shadow that makes the icons spring at your eyeballs in quite a different way. There are over 1,850 icons that have … Read more

Review: Lunar UI Icon Pack

Recently, I had the opportunity to test out developer Vishal Kashi’s Lunar UI icon pack, available for Android devices. There are over 730 icons available for use and 9 cloud-based high resolution wallpapers that compliment Lunar UI perfectly. If you’re running Holo Launcher, Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, Aviate Launcher, or Smart Launcher, you’re ready to go. … Read more

Review: Aurora UI Icon Pack (Android)

aurora-ui-icon-pack-logoIt’s nice to mix things up a little bit and use an icon pack on your Android device. There are a lot of dark and low-key icon packs available out there, but developer Fraom’s Aurora UI icon pack is just the thing if you’re looking for something more colorful.

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Review: KooGoo Icon Pack (Android)

Andrea Corvi’s latest Android icon pack, KooGoo, is something altogether different. Typically, I favor minimalistic icon packs when using Nova Launcher on my Android devices. Koogoo, however, struck me instantly as a pleasant alternative to my usual minimal themes. Let’s start with compatibility. The KooGoo icon pack supports Action Launcher Pro, ADW/EX Launcher, Apex Launcher, … Read more

Review: Banded Icon Pack (Android)


banded-icon-pack-1It should be no secret by now that I love icon packs. I love customizing my Android devices with custom themes and icons that suit my mood. Alex J. Miller of A Random Package has designed a beautiful, insanely minimalist icon pack called Banded.

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Review: Orpheus Music Player (Android)

orpheus-logoIf you’ve ever gone looking for a new music player for your Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll know that the Google Play Store is cluttered with hundreds upon hundreds of apps in that category. Less than half of them are worth your taps, and less than half of those are worth the price they ask for. Orpheus Music Player, however, is worth every single cent of the 99 cents you’ll pay for it, and then some!

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Review: Paper Icon Theme Pack (Android)


Graphic designer and Android developer Samer Zayer has created a unique new look for those of you who love to skin your Android device.

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Review: Front Facing Flash (XDA App)


The XDA Developers forum is a massive online community dedicated to trying new things on Android. They’re well-known for their comprehensive Android rooting and ROM flashing guides for virtually every phone released in recent history.

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SlideLock: A Dope Lockscreen Alternative For The Minimalist In You

As an HTC One owner (carrier locked) who has recently upgraded to KitKat, I was very upset to learn that I could not get the Nexus 5 lock screen on my device without rooting it (yes I thought this update was the holy grail and would turn my phone into some super-human device that looked exactly like a vanilla Android device, yeah I spazzed all the way out).  So for about two days straight I scoured the Play Store for lock screen alternatives that would mimic the Nexus 5 until I finally came across SlideLock.  SlideLock is a lock screen notifier replacement by Silver Finger Software who some of you may know from NotifierPro and coordinating themes in the Play store.

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Quick App Review: Set Goals And Meet Goals With Achvr

Achvr is kind of a bucket list app. A place where you can make a list of things you want, need or should do and work towards getting them done. You remember around a year ago Google attempted something similar with Schemer and abruptly shut it down. As a matter of fact today is the … Read more

Quickie App Review: SeriesGuide

Normally, I don’t make a fuss over content tracking apps. However, as TV shows become more cinematic, dramatic, and engaging, I found myself unable to keep track of all the amazing new shows that I wanted to see. Enter SeriesGuide, developer Uwe Trottmann’s answer to this common problem. This app has become indispensable to both … Read more

App Review: Yahoo News Digest

You know what it’s like.  You find yourself in bed perusing the App Store for new apps to download and there’s always that one app that keeps showing up over and over again in the ‘Best New Apps’ recommendations that you try to ignore but after its 15th sighting, you give in and download it. … Read more

Three Android Apps You Should Use

Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly I am sad to admit that I did not truly discover podcasting until 2012, when I started a job that required more than a half-hour drive each way. After a bit of research and testing other podcasting apps, I settled on Pocket Casts. This feature-rich app is always one of the … Read more