Tenba Roadie HDSLR backpack review: Protection/storage in spades

Tenba Roadie Top Pick

Over the years I’ve made the long trek to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a simple backpack for my camera gear and laptops. When Tenba offered to send over one of their specialty camera backpacks I was game for it. My Sony camera kit has grown over the past year with … Read more

Onewheel review: Unlike anything you’ve ever ridden…


We review a lot of tech products and video games here at Techaeris, and every once in awhile something comes our way that falls in between, and we just can’t pass up the opportunity to review it. Future Motion is a California based company “committed to designing and developing inspiring vehicles that include both elegant form and … Read more

Toddy Cable Review: Customized Micro-USB Or Lightning Cables

A few weeks ago we told you about the Toddy Cable Kickstarter and what they were trying to do to give you a special cable of your very own. I mentioned that Toddy Gear was kind enough to send me an early sample of the cable, so with a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign … Read more

Eachine E10C Mini Quadcopter Review: Fun In A Small Package

E10C Mini Quadcopter

Drones and quadcopters are gaining popularity and many of them are becoming more affordable. While prices are dropping, they’re not dropping to the point everyone is rushing out to pick one up. This is where products like the E10C Mini Quadcopter come into play. They’re small and super inexpensive and give users a chance to … Read more

STM Velocity Haven Review: A Durable, Device Friendly Laptop Backpack


We review quite a few hardware devices including laptops here at Techaeris. But what do you do use when you are transporting your laptop to and from work, school, or a friend’s house? Our STM Velocity Haven review takes a look at a laptop backpack with a cable routing system and multiple compartments for protecting and … Read more

Boogie Board Jot 8.5 Review: Replace Your Whiteboard With An eWriter

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got some variety of note taking device (or more than one) hanging on the side of your fridge. Whether it be an old, ratty whiteboard or a notepad of some sort, the refrigerator is a pretty common place to keep notes. Maybe you’re happy with your fridge note-taking but … Read more

What’s In The Box!?: Supply Pod X-Files Edition

Supply Pod X-Files Edition

After a short hiatus, we’re diving back into What’s In The Box!? with the Supply Pod X-Files Edition. For those who don’t know, the Supply Pod by Outer Places is a monthly subscription box that focuses on where science and science fiction collide. The last time, we took a look at the very first Supply … Read more

ELEGIANT VR Shinecon Review: Alternative To Cardboard

VR Shinecon review

Virtual reality is all the rage these days, especially since Google introduced Google Cardboard along with the Cardboard app. Suddenly there are a huge amount of options for VR headsets all over the Internet. Today we look at one of those offerings, this is our ELEGIANT VR Shinecon review. Design The VR Shinecon is designed … Read more

What’s In The Box!? Loot Crate: Galaxy Edition

Loot Crate: Galaxy Edition

We here at Techaeris love to geek out over a wide variety of things. Today we’re taking a look at the Loot Crate: Galaxy Edition of What’s In The Box!? Unlike previous months, we’re taking a look at the box with our very own Alex Hernandez rocking an unboxing video. While the past few months worth … Read more

The Etekcity LED Folding Desk Lamp – A Great Lamp With A Few Bells And Whistles

Etekcity LED Folding Lamp

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Etekcity LED Folding Desk Lamp. A desk lamp is not something that first comes to mind when it comes to technology. However, the Etekcity LED Folding Desk Lamp looks to change that. But, even with the all the bells and whistles that have been added, is there … Read more

PhoneSoap Review: Sanitize Your Smartphone While Charging


We all know there are germs all around us, and recent studies point out that our smartphones are the biggest germ collectors of all. One company has decided to tackle the issue head on, and our PhoneSoap review takes a look at a device that sanitizes your phone while you charge it. Before we get … Read more

Orbitkey Review: Protect Your Smartphone From Key Scratches


We get to review a lot of interesting tech items here at Techaeris, and while not totally a tech item, our Orbitkey review takes a look at a solution which not only organizes your keys, but comes with an optional USB key, and due to its design helps protect your smartphone from scratches when carried in the … Read more

What’s in the Box!? Loot Crate: Combat Edition


It’s time for another installment of What’s in the Box!? This time we’re tackling the Loot Crate: Combat Edition. As the headline suggests, November’s theme is Combat, and the box boasts items from Fallout 4, Blizzard, Street Fighter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Let’s take a detailed look at what’s inside. Cute and Deadly Blizzard … Read more

What’s In the Box!? Supply Pod: The Martian Edition


In the middle of last month, we found out about a new subscription box by Outer Places. This month’s science and sci-fi themed box took on The Martian in its first theme and Supply Pod: The Martian edition offers some awesome goodies. As you readers know, we here at Techaeris love subscription boxes and we jumped at the … Read more

View-Master Review: A Classic Toy Reimagined With Virtual Reality


Depending how old you are, and at the risk of dating myself, you may remember the View-Masters of old. In case you’ve never seen or heard of it before, the original View-Master whisked kids away through the use of discs that had photos on them. You could get discs for space, destinations, nature, cartoons, you … Read more

AlcoMate Revo Review: Your Very Own Breathalyzer

Let’s just get this out of the way up front: All testing done on this product was completed by adults over the legal drinking age (21 in the U.S.) in a responsible manner. If you are going to drink, you should always drink responsibly, and you should never drink and drive. With all that said, … Read more

Ozobot Bit Review: A Smarter Robot That Teaches STEM Programming


Last year we reviewed the Ozobot, a small robot that helps kids learn about simple code language and deductive reasoning through colored code pieces and paths, as well as a few fun “learning while playing” apps. Earlier this year, Evollve introduced the Ozobot Bit — an updated version of the original Ozobot that adds customized block-based programming … Read more

Etekcity Zap 3LX Review: Quirky But Convenient

The Etekcity Zap is my first experience with remote plug-in devices. I’ve never given them much thought as I’ve always gotten up to turn on a light. However, there were times when my laziness got the best of me — that or a dog firmly planted in my lap — and it was difficult to … Read more

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack Review: A Great TSA Approved Backpack

swissgear scansmart backpack

I love the autumn season. The colors, the cool crisp air, the smell of burning wood and leaves, and jackets. Yep, that’s right. I love jackets and coats. Any excuse to have more pockets to carry more gadgets and electronics. But what to do in the hot summer months? I’ve never been in favor of … Read more

Chamberlain Automotive Jump Starter Review: Big Power In A Small Package

chamberlain automotive jump starter

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I love tech and gadgets. My wife has given my illness an official diagnosis of SmartphoneADD (SpADD). So needless to say, a lot of stuff goes through my tech backpack, but it takes something special to earn a permanent place. The Chamberlain Automotive Jump Starter … Read more

Kidde RemoteLync Monitor Review – Fire/Carbon Monoxide Notifications For Your Existing Alarms

The Kidde RemoteLync Monitor is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to products I’ve reviewed. This is the sort of product that you hope you’ll never have to use, but will feel good knowing it’s there. All things equal, I truly hope I never get an alert from the Kidde RemoteLync Monitor outside … Read more

DeskCycle Review: A Great Way To Burn Some Calories When You Can’t Leave Your Desk

We’ve all heard that sitting is horrible for us. Technology is slowly killing us, and most of us don’t get anywhere near enough exercise. There are some options available to get you up and off of your butt, but how many of us are lucky enough to work in an office where they’ll provide standing … Read more

Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool Kit Review: Solar Powered Phone Charging And More


There are more than a few portable phone chargers to choose from out there. Goal Zero sets themselves apart by offering a complete multi-tool kit that not only charges your phone, tablet, or camera, but also includes a flashlight and fan tool. But what really sets it apart is the fact that you can recharge … Read more

WorldPenScan X Review: Portable Pen Scanner & Translator


With mobile apps and tools, gone are the days of having to scan page after page manually through a cumbersome scanner for optical character recognition (OCR) and translation. While there are quite a few apps that will allow you to take a picture of a block of text and convert it via OCR technology into … Read more

STM Drifter Backpack Review: Larger Than It Looks


A good backpack is an essential tool for many people from bicyclist to the tech junkie who has too many toys. There are a variety of bags on the market, some are all purpose and some are made to serve a certain need. Mountain climbers are going to require a different setup than someone who’s … Read more

Snuza Hero Review: Cordless Portable Baby Movement Monitor


As a parent of five children I know what it’s like to worry about your baby sleeping alone down the hall and worrying about SIDS or something else happening to our baby. There are baby monitors galore on the market already and even video monitors and apps for your tablets and smartphones. While sound monitors, apps … Read more