Use Flash Drives And A USB Hub To Create A RAID Array


OK, there’s this thing geeks like to do that makes absolutely no sense, trying something just to try it. Like installing Windows ’95 on an Android Wear watch. I mean why? Why would anyone want to do that? The answer, because they can. That’s exactly why YouTuber iBookGuy decided he wanted to see if he … Read more

Yahoo! Ads Temporarily Replaced With Spyware – Flash At Fault

It’s a day ending in ‘Y’ so there’s yet another issue with the Flash browser plugin. This time with some potentially far-reaching effects. In an attack that started on July 28th, the ads displayed on Yahoo! were replaced with ads that sent malware instead of advertising. First, the good news: The malicious ads have since … Read more

Amazon Workspaces: Windows Virtual Desktops For PCs And Tablets

Amazon has launched a new cloud service program called, Amazon Work, providing Windows Virtual Desktops to¬†Windows or Mac computers, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablets. The program is in limited beta so it is not ready for just anyone to use. Who knows how well this will catch on seeing as there is already much … Read more