Amazon Prime Day is July 12th, Countdown Deals available now

If you remember back to the inaugural Amazon Prime Day, it was a bit of a letdown with a lot of build up for very little payoff. Amazon is gearing up for another shot at Amazon Prime Day. Hopefully they’ve learned from last year’s mistakes and provide a real sale to get people excited! In the … Read more

Get Amazon Prime exclusive pricing on select Android phones

Android Phones

Amazon is running a special for Amazon Prime members on select Android phones and the deals aren’t too shabby, but they do come with strings attached. Right now the deals are on the BLU R1 HD and the moto g4 and are currently $50 off their retail prices. We reviewed the BLU Vivo 5 and … Read more

Amazon Takes On Netflix And Hulu With Monthly Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime Video

It was only a matter of time and Amazon has started offering a monthly subscription option for its Amazon Prime services. Previously available as a yearly subscription, Amazon Prime started out as a service which offered free 2 day shipping on most items, as well as extra discounts on others. As Amazon evolved, the company added … Read more

Is Amazon Customer Service And Security In Decline?

Amazon customer service

Amazon has built a reputation on the Internet as being a great place to purchase goods and services online. They offer a plethora of items and some great incentives through their Amazon Prime program that pretty much pays for itself. But lately I’ve been spotting stories across social media complaining about Amazon customer service. From … Read more

Amazon Prime Rolls Out Video Game Deals: 20% Off Up To Two Weeks After Release

We love video games here at Techaeris. Many of us play all sorts of games and enjoy time spent behind a controller immensely. Amazon understands this love of games and has recently unveiled some new benefits for Amazon Prime gamers. Starting today, Amazon will offer 20 percent off of brand new videogames starting with pre-orders … Read more

The Man In The High Castle Review: It Should Be On Your Watch List

The Man In The High Castle

There was a time when I watched network TV and there were shows I absolutely could not miss, 24 and more recently The Blacklist come to mind. But those were rarities and more often than not even if I found a series I enjoyed, I couldn’t commit to the same bat time, same bat channel mentality. … Read more

Amazon Prime Now Offers Restaurant Delivery In Seattle


With strong footholds established in online shopping and media streaming, Amazon is now dipping their toes in the food industry. Amazon Prime Now will now offer delivery for select restaurants across the Seattle area like Skillet, Wild Ginger, Cupcake Royale, and many more. Amazon Prime subscribers now have the option of using Prime Now, a delivery service that … Read more

Is YouTube Gearing Up To Be The Next Netflix?


As you might have read, there could be big changes coming to YouTube before the year runs out, most notably a possible subscription service aimed at providing ad-free viewing of the most popular YouTube celebrities. This is separate from the troubled Music Key service and, of course, the recent release of YouTube gaming. In case … Read more

HDR Coming To Amazon Prime Instant Video This Year


Amazon announced today that Amazon Prime Instant Video members will be able to watch titles in High Dynamic Range (HDR) video starting this year. Amazon will begin showing HDR content with some Amazon original titles and they are also working with Hollywood studios, technology innovators and consumer electronics companies to bring other HDR content to Amazon … Read more

Amazon Dash Button Helps Ensure You Don’t Run Out Of Your Favourite Products


Have you ever gone to do the laundry, shave, or make a coffee only to find out you’re out of detergent, shaving cream, or your favourite K-cup flavour? Amazon plans on changing that with their new Amazon Dash Button. The Dash Button is a simple fob with a button on it which can be hung … Read more

Amazon Fire Phone Price Drop Now $199 No Contract


Amazon had some lofty goals when they came up with the idea and marketing behind the Amazon Fire Phone. Then they priced it to compete with other flagship devices ($649 outright or $199 on contract) and made it carrier exclusive to AT&T. Those two things pretty much killed any traction they might have had getting out … Read more

Amazon Prime’s Unlimited Photo Storage

amazon customer service

Amazon Prime is just that: Prime. Not only does the service offer free two day shipping on Prime eligible goods (which is basically everything), but they also offer a video streaming service, music service, a grocery service, and various other perks including the Kindle Lending Library which allows you to download a free book every month. Now Prime … Read more

Amazon Considering Raising Price Of Prime Membership By $20 – $40

The Seattle Times is reporting that Amazon announced the possibility of raising their Amazon Prime subscription fee by $20 to $40, which would bring it the yearly cost to $99 to $119. Amazon Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak made the announcement in a conference call where he also discussed the companies fourth quarter results. What’s making … Read more