Android Wear Gets Official Speaker Support, New Gestures For Easier Navigation

Google is finally enabling speaker support in Android Wear, meaning select smart watches will be able to make calls and listen to messages using the included speaker. We’ve seen watches like the Huawei Watch and ASUS ZenWatch 2 ship with speakers inside, but they were not active at release. Google has announced a number of changes … Read more

Meet The Xwatch, $100 And Possibly Running Full Android


Wearables (particularly smartwatches) haven’t truly hit the mainstream like manufactures would have liked, I attribute it to high price points. So maybe the Bluboo Xwatch can break that mold and deliver a smartwatch that is both beautifully crafted and affordable. The Xwatch is a looker, at least from the photos we’ve seen, and it seems … Read more

Google Adds Designer Watch Faces For Android Wear

watch faces

Are you rocking an Android Wear device? In need of a new watch face? Something dressy? Playful? Google just added designer watch faces for Android Wear and you can pick them up now, free. Google realizes that more actual “watch” companies are embracing Android Wear (Fossil and TAG Heuer) and they need to offer up … Read more

Google’s Santa Tracker Is Live As Of Today

It’s that time of year again when Google opens up Santa’s Village and the Santa Tracker app to the world allowing kids or adults to take a break, have fun, and help Santa and his friends get ready for Christmas. This year the village has been redesigned and new games were added. If you’re not too familiar … Read more

Faulty Component Forced LG To Recall Watch Urbane 2 LTE; Assures Safety Isn’t An Issue


Earlier we reported that LG is recalling and halting the sale of their latest smartwatch, the Watch Urbane 2 LTE. Today, we found out why. LG says that during some quality assurance testing, the company came across a component which has the potential to reduce image quality on the device. The company said that the … Read more

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Sales Stopped Due To Hardware Issue


LG has stopped sales of its LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition due to what the company is calling hardware issues. The only clue we have as to the problem is a message from LG to The Verge stating the watch was pulled due to hardware issues that affect day-to-day operation. Both Verizon and AT&T have … Read more

Motorola Moto 360 V2 Review: Still King Of The Hill


It wasn’t long ago when I said that smartwatches were useless devices that no one really needed, then I started reviewing and testing them. Truth still is, no one really “needs” a smartwatch but if you have some disposable income they sure do come in handy, handier than I first thought. With the new crop … Read more

Apple Watch: Apple Has Reportedly Shipped 7 Million Apple Watches

We all expected it. Apple is owning the wearables market right now. Research firm Canalys has released a report saying that Apple has shipped 7 million Apple Watches since its launch in April, 2015. Apple is also the only company which sold over 300,000 units last quarter. 7 million is a huge number. Let me … Read more

Huawei Is Giving You An Extra Year Of Warranty For Its Watch


Huawei seems quite keen to make a mark, and with the recent Nexus 6P it’s certainly in the spotlight right now. The Chinese company is now announcing that it’ll offer an extra year of warranty to users of the Huawei Watch, as long as you buy it directly from Huawei. To qualify for this, you … Read more

Huawei Watch Review: This One Is A Looker


Without question the wearables market continues to be the one of most buzzed about tech spaces currently out there. Whether it’s opinion that the space is declining or opinion the space is growing, people are talking about it. With the release of the Apple Watch many analysts predicted that wearables might take off. We now … Read more

Chinese Users May See Google Play Store China


China is chock-full of Android smartphones and not the big names you and I all know. Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei, Cubot, Legoo and many more sell tons of Android devices in China and the surrounding areas. So it makes sense that Google would love to create a Google Play Store China. The only … Read more

The Huawei Watch Unveiled At IFA 2015


The wearables geek population has been clamoring for this announcement for months and it’s finally here, the Huawei watch unveiled at IFA 2015 is looking good and a bit pricey! Starting today, consumers can pre-order the Huawei Watch on, Google Store, and General availability and pre-order shipments begin September 17th. Six models with … Read more

Android Wear Now Works With iPhones, Officially


Google has just announced through its official blog that Android Wear now officially works with iPhones. A few days ago Huawei kind of let the cat out of the bag with an Amazon listing for its Huawei watch and there has been plenty of rumors about iPhone support for Android Wear coming leading up to now. Now it … Read more

2nd Gen Moto 360 Makes An Appearance In Indonesia


The tech world is ramping up for a lot of announcements over the next few months. Apple is working on preparing all of their new wares for September 9th. Samsung recently unveiled some of their gear and hinted at a new smartwatch as well. IFA 2015 is getting ready to drop and tech companies are … Read more

Huawei Watch Goes Up For Amazon Pre-Order


If you’re looking to buy the new Huawei watch you can run over to Amazon and pre-order it right now. The price tag on these beauties start at $349 and run up to $799.99 for the gold version and the following specs are listed on Amazon’s page. 1.4″ Full Circle AMOLED display with scratch resistant … Read more

New Rumor Speculates On Two Moto 360 Models This Year


It’s getting to the time of year where we might expect a new Moto 360 sometimes soon. A report from the India Times suggests that we may not be getting a new Moto 360, but two new Moto 360 models. The hypothesis comes from some Motorola documentation through a Brazilian equivalent of the FCC, Anatel. … Read more

Apple To Make Apple Watch Android Compatible? [Speculation]


In an OP/ED by Tim Bajarin of Tech Opinions he talks of Apple possibly making the Apple Watch Android compatible. Of course this is nothing but mere speculation but could it actually have any merit or possibility of happening? In recent years (especially) Apple has operated a locked down ecosystem that only allows for Apple … Read more

Ingress For Android Wear Rolling Out To Agents Now


Ingress, the Google augmented reality game from Niantic Labs is now available on your Android Wear watch. The update to the Ingress app should be rolling out to agents now and everyone should see it very soon. Ingress is basically a capture the flag game with lots of different types of badges and rewards one … Read more

MainTool Wants To Turn Your Timepiece Into A Smartwatch


Smartwatches are still in their growing up stage and it’s easy to see that the consumer isn’t yet convinced they need one. Apple Watch sales have taken a tumble this past week and is not likely to meet its projected sales figures. Android Wear devices are selling even less than the Apple Watch, though I’m … Read more

A Casio Smartwatch Could Be Coming In March 2016, Look Out Apple!


Like most forty something’s around these days I grew up with Casio as a household name and I even owned the famed Casio calculator watch. Casio was always a brand that you could trust back in those days but as the technology landscape has changed they’ve kind of fallen off the radar. Android Wear, Pebble … Read more

Android Wear Gets A YouTube Player App

Tired of watching YouTube on your phone, or Chromecast, or computer, or whatever it is you use? Well, here’s another way you can watch YouTube. Introducing, Video for Android Wear&YouTube. As it states in the name of the application, you are able to watch YouTube videos on your Android Wear device. The application is compatible with … Read more

Google Fit Receives New Update, API’s

These days, anyone trying to use their smartphone to track their exercise and fitness plans knows that there are a plethora of fitness apps available. Two of my favorites are MapMyFitness and Endomondo. Then there’s training apps like C25K, and many others. So how do you keep all your workout info in one place? It seems … Read more

A New Wearable From Google Detects Diseases Prior To Patient Showing Symptoms

With Android Wear taking the Android world by storm, Google is working on bringing more functionality to wearables. However, instead of just keeping focus on the consumer line, the search giant is working another kind of secret wearable. This one is created by Google’s experimental Google X division and puts the entire focus on health tracking. … Read more

Google Drops 17 New Android Wear Watch Faces on the Play Store

Partnering with well known brands and designers, Google announced 17 new Android Wear watch faces for your downloading and wearing pleasure. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of a few of these while others may be a bit more obscure. That said, the brands and their respective watch faces should have something for everyone. … Read more

Kairos Is Coming: The High End Hybrid Smartwatch Begins Shipping Soon

Kairos All 3

A while back we talked about Kairos, the mechanical hybrid smartwatch and even sat down and interviewed founder Sam Yang. At that time Kairos had a pre-order campaign for their watches that gave early adopters the chance to get in early and reserve a watch at half price. They eventually finished that pre-order campaign and even … Read more

Lenovo Hints At Summer Phone And Watch Release

It looks like Motorola might be coming out with their first new phone, apart from the Nexus 6, since their acquisition by Lenovo. It was only two years ago that we were eagerly awaiting what they were going to bring to the table after the acquisition. Unlike Microsoft with the Nokia rebranding, Lenovo say they will … Read more

The Huawei TalkBand B2 Now Available In The U.S.


Wearables are the ‘it’ thing this 2015. With Android Wear devices and the Apple Watch making their presence known people are starting to ponder smart wearables. Sure you’ve had FitBit around for awhile and all manner of fitness tracker type devices but wearables are starting to grow and expand in complexity and the Huawei TalkBand … Read more

My Five Favorite Android Wear Watch Faces

We all like seeing different watch faces on our Android Wear device whether it be the Moto 360, LG G/R/Urbane, the Samsung Gear Live, etc. but I’ve come to enjoy these five watch faces that I have used since getting my Moto 360 back in September 2014. More and more tend to be released and … Read more