Next Apple Watch may have a micro-LED display

Micro-LED display

The Apple Watch marked Apple’s first foray into OLED displays, now the next generation may see a micro-LED display. That is according to Digitimes who pulled its information from Apple suppliers. These suppliers claim that a micro-LED display will be on the Apple Watch come 2017. A micro-LED display would most likely extend the battery … Read more

Best Buy deep cuts Apple Watch for Father’s Day

Micro-LED display

Best Buy is offering some deep cuts on the Apple Watch for Father’s Day if you purchase and activate an iPhone to go along with it. The retailer is offering a $250 discount on Apple Watches across the board. This means you can snag the lowest Sport model for a mere $49. Of course, you … Read more

Native Union Accessory Review: Classy Apple Extras

Native Union

The Apple accessory market is a highly competitive one with many different manufactures and many different tiers of quality. You can certainly find many Apple accessories for a reasonably affordable price, then you will find some that are priced sky high. Native Union falls somewhere in the middle offering high quality and well designed accessories … Read more

Thinner Apple Watch 2 Rumored To Show Up At WWDC Later This Year


Some of you may have heard the name Brian White (Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton) or Ming-Chi- Kuo (KGI Securities), but if you haven’t they are two big Apple analysts who make predictions on Apple’s next products. Both have already started make predictions on what Apple will come out with, AKA the iPhone 7/7 Plus and … Read more

Apple Drops Price On Apple Watch $299


Tim Cook took to the stage today to make a few announcements regarding the Apple Watch, none of which were earth shattering. In short, Apple dropped the price on the Apple Watch to $299 and introduced new watch bands for the “most popular smartwatch” available. After going through the typical sales pitch and numbers of Apple Watches … Read more

The Woz On The Apple Watch: The Only Difference Are The Bands

Micro-LED display

The Woz took to Reddit to do the ever popular Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where he was asked a variety of questions ranging from the Apple Watch to Tim Cook. The Woz is generally a straight shooter when it comes to talking tech. While he’s one of the co-founders of Apple, he has given … Read more

Apple’s Next Generation Apple Watch 2 May Not Be Announced In March

Word on the street used to be that the Apple Watch 2 could be announced in March, but according to TechCrunch, Apple may only talk about the iPhone 6c and a new iPad. Backing up this thinking are the typical sources of speculation and analysts in the know. From the report on TechCrunch: I’m not so sure that … Read more

Catalyst Apple Watch And iPhone Case Review: Waterproof Designs

Catalyst Apple Watch

Protecting your smartphone and smartwatch is important to just about everyone who owns one or the other and the level of protection one chooses can vary. I happen to favor good protection with slim design, that is my preference. But some might want, or even need, protection that takes it up a few more notches. … Read more

The Bumper Apple Watch Case Review: Real Protection

The Bumper Apple Watch Case Review

So you bought an Apple Watch and you tend to be the rough sort who bumps into things. If you are that type of person who’s typically rough on your equipment you’re going to need some protection for that Apple Watch. Back in March 2015 an Indiegogo campaign sprouted up for a new Apple Watch … Read more

Apple Watch Price Drop Hints At March Release Of Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6c?

Apple Watch review

Target is offering a $100 Target gift card (only good towards future purchases) if you purchase the Apple Watch in their store, effectively bringing the entry level price to $249. Best Buy has one upped Target instituting a straight Apple Watch price drop of $100, no gift cards needed. So basically, right now might be … Read more

Apple Watch Review: Useful But Is It Worth The Price?

Apple Watch review

In my Moto 360 V2 review I admitted to changing my mind a bit about smartwatches. My initial impression was that smartwatches were redundant and really not needed. I mean, I can do everything by pulling my phone out and more. Why would I need a smartwatch? So the single most convenient thing about a smartwatch … Read more

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock Is Now Available

There was a leak recently about the possibility of a magnetic charger made by Apple for their smartwatch, the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch magnetic charging dock was already being sold at some Apple stores, but not sold online for those who aren’t near the genius bar or went to a location that didn’t have the … Read more

Apple Watch: Apple Has Reportedly Shipped 7 Million Apple Watches

We all expected it. Apple is owning the wearables market right now. Research firm Canalys has released a report saying that Apple has shipped 7 million Apple Watches since its launch in April, 2015. Apple is also the only company which sold over 300,000 units last quarter. 7 million is a huge number. Let me … Read more

Receive A $50 Discount On The Apple Watch When You Purchase A New iPhone

Just about everyone knows Apple isn’t the biggest fan of running promotions on their products. They’ll run the occasional “back to school” and “Black Friday” promotions that, in my opinion, aren’t really promotions, they just take x amount of dollars off of Macbooks or iPhones or iPods. Though the last time I paid any attention to … Read more

Why You’ll Never See Nice Accessories Packaged With Your Apple Products


Maybe you’re one of the millions of people who just picked up a brand new Apple Watch or possibly an iPhone. Maybe you’re one of those millions of people who looked at the included charger for the Apple Watch and raised an eyebrow. Or maybe you picked up the latest iPhone and found the same … Read more

Huawei Watch Review: This One Is A Looker


Without question the wearables market continues to be the one of most buzzed about tech spaces currently out there. Whether it’s opinion that the space is declining or opinion the space is growing, people are talking about it. With the release of the Apple Watch many analysts predicted that wearables might take off. We now … Read more

Tech Wearables Are Getting Smaller – An Apple Ring May Be In Our Future


According to the US Patent & Trademark Office in a report published this morning, Apple has applied for a patent titled “Devices and Methods for a Ring Computing Device.” The abstract goes further on to describe a voice activated ring device: A user controls an external electronic device with a finger-ring-mounted touchscreen that includes a … Read more

Apple Watch Burns Caused By “Wearing It Wrong”?

apple watch featured

When Apple had issues with reception quality on its iPhone 4, the company’s reaction to the problem was that customers were holding it wrong. Which makes this story all the more humorous. Canadian Annie Hoang had been wearing her Apple Watch for 7 hours and decided to take it off. To her shock she found … Read more

After Initial Surge, Wearables Demand Slows Significantly


Even though they’ve been around for some time now, wearables are still the “new kid on the block” when it comes to mobile technology. With the announcement and release of the Apple Watch last year, interest in wearables surged, but a report by Argus Insights has found that demand for wearables has slowed significantly since November of … Read more

What Will We See At The September Apple Event?


It’s nearly that time, yet again. Time for the yearly September Apple event that usually introduces the new iPhone along with other projects the company is working on. So what will we see this year from Apple? Well the obvious device to be shown will be the iPhone 6s (or iPhone 7 depending on who … Read more

Samsung Gear A Smartwatch Will Have A Rotating Bezel


Samsung‘s Gear watches were some of the first smartwatches out on the market and arguably helped push the smartwatch idea forward. The first generations of the Samsung Gear watch have been square and the company is turning a corner with the Samsung Gear A. The new Gear A will be round and feature a rotating … Read more

The Apple Watch Hits Best Buy Early August


The Apple Watch will be hitting Best Buy shelves on August 7th making them the only retailer outside of Apple to carry the device. The company will carry the Apple Watch in about one hundred of its stores, which is about ten percent of the companies outlets. It makes sense that Apple would choose them … Read more

Apple Q3 Results Announced, Apple Watch Launch Called Success


Apple Q3 results are in and it’s no surprise that the company is once again up in revenue, to the tune of 33%. Apple attributes Q3 growth to iPhone sales, Mac sales, Apple services and also called the Apple Watch launch a success but not stating the watch directly impacted Q3 revenue. Apple posted a quarterly … Read more

Ingress For Android Wear Rolling Out To Agents Now


Ingress, the Google augmented reality game from Niantic Labs is now available on your Android Wear watch. The update to the Ingress app should be rolling out to agents now and everyone should see it very soon. Ingress is basically a capture the flag game with lots of different types of badges and rewards one … Read more

MainTool Wants To Turn Your Timepiece Into A Smartwatch


Smartwatches are still in their growing up stage and it’s easy to see that the consumer isn’t yet convinced they need one. Apple Watch sales have taken a tumble this past week and is not likely to meet its projected sales figures. Android Wear devices are selling even less than the Apple Watch, though I’m … Read more

Kairos Is Coming: The High End Hybrid Smartwatch Begins Shipping Soon

Kairos All 3

A while back we talked about Kairos, the mechanical hybrid smartwatch and even sat down and interviewed founder Sam Yang. At that time Kairos had a pre-order campaign for their watches that gave early adopters the chance to get in early and reserve a watch at half price. They eventually finished that pre-order campaign and even … Read more