Are You Ready For Subscription Based Mobile Apps?

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Traditionally mobile apps have been either a fixed price, free with ads, donation based, or available free of charge with no ads. There are a handful of apps that use a subscription model but now Apple is making a move to encourage more developers to make their mobile apps subscription based. But Apple isn’t the … Read more

Flamingo: A New Android Twitter App With Deep Customization


Twitter apps have been a mixed bag on Android, some have been good, some have been great, and some have been horrible. Some have had little to no support while others have had great support but still lack some key features. Flamingo, a new Android Twitter app currently in beta, blasted out of the gates full … Read more

Is The Google Play Store Rating System Broken?

rating system

A rating system is used to inform other users whether a product or service is good or bad, but they can also be used for less than honorable purposes. Over the past few months there have been conversations concerning the Google Play store rating system and how some users are manipulating overall scores. Generally you … Read more

Google Introduces Voice Access Beta

Voice Access

This week Google introduced a new voice assistive technology for smartphones that it hopes will help millions of people — Voice Access beta. We’re all familiar with voice assistants like Siri, Google Now and Alexa. All of these offerings help make things a bit easier and a bit smoother for the users that take advantage … Read more

Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps For Your Family!

Parental Control

When it comes to the security of your kid, nothing should be left to chance. There are many parents who stay worried about their kids’ digital use hence they choose to use parental control apps. According to stats, the most used operating system by kids, preteens, and teens is Android hence there are many options … Read more

Applanet Pleads Guilty To Android App Piracy

app piracy

Android app piracy has been around for nearly as long as Android itself and has only grown over the years with third-party app stores. App piracy has gotten so big that even large companies are hosting developer’s work that has been pirated, even though the company has been alerted to the problem. But today we’re … Read more

The Techaeris Android App Is Live On Google Play

Techaeris Android App

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the official Techaeris Android app is officially live on the Google Play store for your downloading pleasure. Just a day after the debut of our iOS app the Android app is now official! We were able to clear up a few minor issues that were preventing us from being … Read more

Android Scientific Calculator App Adds Intrusive Permissions

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All mobile applications require some sort of permissions in order for the software to operate as intended that’s entirely normal protocol. Developers know what kind of permissions are needed for an app to operate as intended and good developers ask only for those permissions needed and nothing more. But sometimes an app requires permissions that … Read more

Star Wars The Force Awakens Comes To Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander for iOS and Android is a fun little game to play on your mobile device and it’s just about to get even better. Disney is updating the app with exclusive content based on Star Wars The Force Awakens! The game is free to download but does offer in app purchases — either … Read more

[301] Star Wars The Force Awakens Comes To Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander for iOS and Android is a fun little game to play on your mobile device and it’s just about to get even better. Disney is updating the app with exclusive content based on Star Wars The Force Awakens! The game is free to download but does offer in app purchases — either … Read more

Microsoft’s Windows Phone AppComparison for Android Just Highlights What We Already Know

When Apple launched its “Move to iOS” app earlier this year it served a specific purpose.  The app, much to the ire of fanboys, showed that it is possible and relatively easy to switch from Android to an iPhone without sacrificing most of the apps we have come to depend on. Sure, the ecosystem and some of the functionality needed … Read more

[301] Apple Music For Android Review: Did Apple Hit The Right Notes?

Apple made good on its promise of making Apple Music available to Android users this week with their second app on the Android platform. We saw what happened to its Move to iOS app and some of that has carried over, albeit to a lesser extent. Let’s take a serious look at Apple’s second Android … Read more

Easily Find Student Scholarships Using The Scholly App


Millions of high school students, and even non-traditional (read: older) students, will be applying to colleges in hopes to get into the best school with the best programs to offer. Many of those students will get accepted into the school of their choice and that’s a victory in its own right. Problem is, many of those … Read more

Five Android Wallpaper Apps To Customize Your Screen


Customization is one of the biggest draws of Google’s Android ecosystem. The ability to change nearly all aspects of your phone’s screens gives people a sense of identity in a sea of rounded square icons and grids. Everything from custom icons to custom weather widgets exist on Android but one of the easiest ways to … Read more

Android Apps In Russia Will Be Unbundled Per Antitrust Order


Google has lost the antitrust case against it in Russia and now the company is being ordered to unbundle its Android apps which they say will give competition level ground. Google has been under scrutiny from several governments and the antitrust case in the EU is still ongoing. This ruling by the Russian government might … Read more

Need 3rd Party 3D Touch Apps? Check Out This List!


Now that you have your shiny new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus you’re dying to keep using 3D Touch and are looking for some 3rd party 3D Touch apps. Look no further. While force touch is nothing new, Apple has done some pretty interesting things with the software that runs the hardware. As the … Read more

Netflix Developing App for Oculus


A new Netflix app for Samsung Gear VR has been released. The app allows members to access a virtual Netflix Living Room and enjoy Netflix programming from a virtual couch when using the Gear VR headset. With all of the mainstream focus on hardcore virtual games and abstract environments, Netflix is looking to fill the demand for … Read more

Disney’s Frozen Free Fall Asks If You Want To Build A Snowman on Consoles

With over 100 million downloads and 68 billion minutes played, Disney’s Frozen Free Fall is to match-3 puzzle games what Deadpool is to cosplayers, cheap fun and ultimately unkillable. The wildly popular multiplayer game is now available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. While the initial download and first few rounds are free, the game’s model will eventually require … Read more

Apple Releases Move To iOS App For Android, Probably Not The App You Wanted

There have been rumors swirling about the unthinkable happening – Apple releasing an app for Android on Google Play. Many thought it would be an Apple Music app, or some variety of iTunes integration for Android, which would be a huge olive branch extended from Cupertino to Mountain View.  Apple did, in fact, publish their first … Read more

Google Anti-Trust Ruling In Russia = Guilty


Google is taking a hammering from several countries in the EU and Russia has just returned their Google anti-trust ruling finding the company guilty. Guilty of abusing its position in the search market by bundling its own apps with Google Play Services, requiring Google search to be default and requiring Google apps have prominent placement … Read more