[301] Audiofly AF56m Headphones Review: Just a Tip Away From Greatness

This week we are taking a look at a line of in-ear headphones from Audiofly. Audiofly is a young Australian company that first entered the market in 2011 and has been gathering very positive feedback for their audio equipment. Having already reviewed their premium offering with AF78 and the budget-oriented AF45m, we now aim straight … Read more

ZVOX Soundbase 570 Review: A Capable, Compact Sound Bar

ZVOX Soundbase 570 Review

Most all of us love watching TV, Movies, etc. while sitting on the couch at home. A good sound system generally improves that experience significantly, but not everybody has the time, money, or space to set up a full stereo system. Thankfully there are other available options. ZVOX is a company that understands all of … Read more

Inateck Marsbox Bluetooth Speaker Review: One Loud Bluetooth Speaker

The last Inateck Bluetooth speaker I reviewed was awesome and probably the best one I’ve used. Inateck provided me with another one of their Bluetooth speakers named “Marsbox” and from seeing it has two 5W audio outputs, it’ll be much louder than the BTSP-10 Plus Mini HiFi speaker. Let’s jump right into this Inateck Marsbox … Read more

V-Moda XS On Ear Headphones Review: Seriously Surprised!


So if you’ve been following my reviews lately, you’ll know full well that I’ve been pushing out plenty of headphone reviews, which has given me a new perspective on sound. From Parrot’s Ziks to Monster’s DNA Pro 2.0s, I’ve been testing some of the best mid-priced headphones ($300-$500) on the market. For the most part, I’m very … Read more

Fluance Offers Limited Trade-Up Program For New Fi50 Speaker


We told you all about the Fluance Fi50 audiophile grade Bluetooth speaker back in July when it was first announced, and it still sounds like an awfully incredible speaker. Maybe you agree and were thinking about picking one up. If you’ve been a loyal customer with Fluance in the past, they are currently offering a … Read more

Kidz Gear Headphone Review: Sound Made For Little Ears


I’ve done several headphone reviews lately and I’ve been using some extraordinary sets of headphones from Parrot to A-Audio. But us adults aren’t the only ones who sometimes need to plug in and keep our media from disturbing others. Kids need to be able to use their devices without being too loud, and that’s where … Read more

Griffin 20 Digital Audio Amplifier Review: Re-Use Those Old Speakers


Has your spouse been bugging you to get those speakers you’ve been holding on to thrown in the garbage? You know, the ones you never use because they’re old school red and black wires and you have a new smartphone dock somewhere that plays music. You know, the ones that could break that smartphone dock … Read more

Boom The Room! The Scosche BoomBottle H20 Giveaway!


The time has come once again ladies and gents, time for another giveaway! We always strive to make our giveaways accessible to everyone we can but when it’s us that has to cover shipping, we can only make the giveaway available to the lower 48 US States. Sorry Canada and the rest of the world, … Read more

A-Audio Icon Review: Stellar Over-The-Ear Wireless Headphones

I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few different varieties of headphone. From earbuds to on-ear to over-the-ear, there are definitely plenty of varieties available no matter your preference. We’ve looked at a few offerings from A-Audio in the past and have been pleased with their products so far. Today I’m taking a look … Read more

A-Audio Lyric Headphone Review: A Great Sounding Pair Of On-Ear Headphones


Just when I told myself that I needed a new pair of headphones, nothing too special, along came A-Audio’s Lyric On-Ear Headphones. To be perfectly honest, I had no clue this brand existed, but that didn’t stop me from checking out what they had to offer. After reading the description about the Lyric On-Ear Headphones, … Read more

Fluance Fi50 Audiophile-Grade Bluetooth Speaker System


Bluetooth speakers are one of the essential smartphone/tablet accessories today and they’re just about everywhere. While there are a lot of great sounding speakers the Fluance Fi50 is claiming audiophile-grade performance over Bluetooth. We haven’t had a chance to hear one ourselves just yet but we hope to have one coming at some point for … Read more

Kokoon: A New Way To Slip Into Restful Sleep

Imagine a pair of headphones which fit so comfortably that you barely noticed you were wearing them, designed not to overheat as well. Add to this sensors which detect your sleep state and adjust the volume of audio accordingly, lowering it while you’re asleep and slowly raising it in response to your sleep cycles and … Read more

Here Earbuds Promise ‘Superhuman Hearing 1.0’

Imagine being able to turn down the volume of street noise, cut out the noise of a screaming child or adjust the volume and balance of music to your satisfaction. Sounds very sci-fi, but this is what Here earbuds promise to do for you. Funded through Kickstarter, Doppler’s earbuds promise a whole new way of hearing … Read more

Stellé Audio Pillar Speaker Review: Incredible Sound In An Attractive Package

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, right? They’re small, usually don’t sound all that good, aren’t anything special to look at, and you can find them nearly anywhere, or so you might believe.  Stellé Audio has turned most of that rhetoric on its head with their products. Stellé has created a line of speakers … Read more

3D For Your Ears Coming With Neoh: Smart 3D Audio Headphones


3D Sound Labs has a goal to create the most immersive sound experience possible, and they’re making it a reality with Neoh, the world’s first smart 3D headphones. Announced at CES 2015, 3D Sound Labs has spent two years researching and developing a mobile solution that matches movie-quality sound. Dimitri Singer, co-founder of 3D Sound Labs states that: … Read more

Review: Kinivo WHD110 Wireless 5G HDMI Transmitter and Receiver System


Many of us have more than one television.  Many of us also have cable boxes, game consoles, PCs, etc. that we’ve connected to one of our televisions.  But what if you’d like to watch content from those consoles, cable boxes, etc. on one of your other televisions without uprooting all of your hardware?  Kinivo offers a wireless HDMI extender that will come to your rescue.

Read more

Review: JLab EPIC Earbuds

JLab Audio is well known throughout both the tech and music industries for delivering quality audio accessories for hardcore audiophiles and the average consumer alike. The company designs some of the highest quality headphones and Bluetooth speakers on the market. Recently, JLab sent me a pair of their EPIC in-ear earbuds to test out. Spoiler alert: I was impressed.

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Review: House Of Marley Uplift Earbuds

We are consuming media content on our smartdevices more than ever before. And sometimes you need a nice pair of earbuds to listen to that content without disturbing others around you. Sure, you could use the earbuds your smartphone comes with, but often times those earbuds just do not cut the mustard. Sometimes you have … Read more

Dr. Dre Beats Solo High-Definition On-Ear Headphones $99 At Best Buy Online

UPDATE: It appears these have sold out, some reports that the dark blue ones come and go as in stock so you might still look.  Need some new headphones, peep this deal at Best Buy. Beats Solo HD On-Ear headphones for just $99. Yeah, some may question if headphones are worth the high prices anyway … Read more