House of Marley Rebel BT review: Wireless headphones with big bass


We’re back with another House of Marley headphone review, this time we check out a Bluetooth version of one of their popular on-ear models. Read our House of Marley Rebel BT review to see what we thought of these wireless on-ear headphones. Specifications The House of Marley Rebel BT on-ear headphones have the following features and … Read more

ZORO II wireless headphone review: Decent affordable cups


Many of the wireless headphones we review here can be more on the pricey side of the spectrum. Today we’re looking at a more affordable pair of wireless headphones, the ZORO II Bluetooth headphones. The ZORO II headphones deliver some really great performance for the price you’re going to pay. Read our full ZORO II … Read more

Monster Elements review: Monster sound with added bling

Monster Elements

Headphones are one of the most personal technology purchases you’re ever going to make. Not everyone likes the same music, not everyone lies the same sound. We review a lot of headphones here and a lot of them are simply amazing. Each reviewer has their personal favorite but our personal favorites aren’t always your favorites. … Read more

More confirmation headphone jack is gone on iPhone 7

headphone jack

I get a ton of public relation emails on a daily basis, a lot of them regarding iPhone accessories. I don’t always look at every one of them and often times scan the others quickly but one caught my eye this morning. Patchworks is an iPhone case maker and they’re latest email photo sure shows … Read more

Turcom AcoustoShock 903 Bluetooth speaker review: easily handles all your audio and abuse


Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, but GOOD Bluetooth speakers are an entirely other story. I’ve owned a number of these and it’s always been the same story. Durable, good sound, compact, reasonably-priced: pick two… sometimes, barely one. Turcom took it upon themselves to sway that expectation in the consumer’s favor, and in most ways, succeeded. Read … Read more

Bluetooth 5 Is Being Announced Next Week

Bluetooth technology has evolved over the years and has always gotten better in one way or another. The current status of Bluetooth right now is Bluetooth 4.2, which includes LE (low energy) BT, LE Data Packet Length Extension, Link Layer Privacy, and more. Mark Powell, Executive Director of Bluetooth SIG let everyone know that Bluetooth … Read more

Minirig Bluetooth Review: Small Stature, Massive Sound


We’ve had a fair amount of Bluetooth speakers come in for review–all shapes and sizes–but the Minirig Bluetooth is in a class all its own. Minirig is a UK company just getting a leg into the US market, and they sent along their Minirig Bluetooth for us to take a look at. Check out our … Read more

Meizu EP51 Review: Well Balanced Wireless Earbuds

Meizu EP51

Good wireless earbuds can often cost an arm and a leg and cheap ones are often… well… cheap. The Meizu EP51 wireless earbuds are surprisingly well built, well balanced, and priced just right. Find out more in our Meizu EP51 wireless earbuds review. Meizu EP51 Specifications Charging interface: Micro USB Frequency response: 20-20000Hz Impedance: 16ohms … Read more

Phiaton BT 460 Review: Feature Packed Affordability

Phiaton BT 460

Bluetooth headphones are by no means in short supply. From earbuds, over-ears and on-ears you won’t have any issue finding Bluetooth headphones in any brick and mortar, let alone online. Phiaton realizes you can get Bluetooth headphones just about anywhere, but they also know not all of those headphones are created equal. The company sent … Read more

Triby Revisited: New Tricks With Alexa Integration

Alexa integration

Back in February we reviewed the Triby Bluetooth speaker and family hub and came away pretty impressed. The company reached out to us again and asked if we’d like to take a look at Triby one more time. This time, they told me, Triby has a new trick up its sleeve. After some wheeling and … Read more

iClever Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Review: Mobile Productivity Enhancement

Have you ever tried to type anything of any length on your phone or tablet? While it doesn’t particularly bother some people, for most of us it’s really kind of a pain. There’s only so much you can really do with the rather limited screen space. Thankfully there are options available if you are in … Read more

FUGOO Tough XL Review: Waterproof Sound


Bluetooth speakers are great to have inside the house to listen to your favorite tunes while you relax and enjoy some couch time. But sometimes you want to bring the sound outside where things might get a little wet and wild. Enter the FUGOO Tough XL. FUGOO sent us this beefy speaker to test out … Read more

Yeelight Bedlamp Review: A Versatile Smart Lighting Solution

Yeelight Bedlamp

Smart products have taken center stage lately and the Yeelight Bedlamp is one of the more versatile smart lighting solutions out there, check out our review. Design Made from a very solid plastic material with an aluminum covered bottom portion, the Yeelight Bedlamp is solidly constructed and does not feel cheap whatsoever. It’s very modern … Read more

Dashbon Flicks Combines Speaker And Projector In Small Package

Dashbon Flicks

The Dashbon Flicks is a small HD LED projector Bluetooth speaker combo that might be the answer to backyard entertainment. With a small form factor and no wires it’s as portable as you can get and you can project a 100″ HD image from about 8 feet away. We don’t have one to review just … Read more

iClever Himbox HB01 Review: Add Bluetooth To Your Car

iClever Himbox HB01

Many new cars these days have either Bluetooth capability or some sort of infotainment system that can interface with your smartphone. Not all of us can afford a brand new car but a lot of us want to be able to wirelessly use our phones through our existing radio systems. This is where iClever’s Himbox … Read more

JBL Everest Elite 700 Review: Great Sound And Features

We’ve had more than a few pairs of headphones come through the doors at Techaeris in varying shapes, sizes, and feature sets. We’ve had the opportunity to check out a handful of products from JBL too, and been left quite impressed. Will the JBL Everest Elite 700 headphones continue with the tradition of quality from … Read more

Denon envaya Review: DSB200 Deep Rich Sound Experience

Denon evaya review

A lot of Bluetooth speakers come and go through the Techaeris offices and frankly there are a lot of great Bluetooth speakers out there. When Denon reached out to me to review their envaya I was really intrigued. I’ve heard of Denon before and what I’ve heard has always been nothing but good so let’s … Read more

JBL Trip Review: Add A Great Bluetooth Speakerphone To Your Car

Most new cars come with Bluetooth functionality built in as a standard option. Even so, there are all sorts of older cars — and some newer cars — on the road that have absolutely no Bluetooth capabilities whatsoever. The JBL Trip is a device meant to add some Bluetooth functionality to cars that don’t have … Read more

Fluance Announces Fi70, First Wireless Speaker With Dual 8″ Woofers

Fluance continues to raise the bar on audiophile-quality wireless speakers. They started with their bookshelf Fi30, and later upgraded that to the Fi50. They’ve recently announced their Signature Series floor speakers, a pair of powerhouse speakers. Today, Fluance has announced a new wireless Bluetooth speaker, the Fluance Fi70. The Fi70 is sure to start a … Read more

First Response Now Allows You To Check If You’re Pregnant Via Bluetooth


First Response, you know, the pregnancy test company, have something new for those who need to know if they’re expecting or not — a pregnancy test via Bluetooth. This pregnancy test will be similar to once you can buy at any retail store, but the only difference is you won’t see a plus or minus on it. … Read more

[UPDATED] Stratos Card Company Seems To Have Closed Down

Stratos Card

The Stratos Card seemed to be a new payment method many people enjoyed. A Bluetooth card that stored all of your other cards securely, making them simple and secure to use. The system seemed to work well and the company seemed to be doing well and was apparently very active on social media. That is, … Read more

Light Up The Party With The 1byone Magic Music Plasma Ball


Liven and light up any party with the 1byone Magic Music Plasma Ball and Bluetooth speaker! Whether it be an upcoming Halloween party or just a get together with a few friends kind of party, the Plasma Ball will keep your guests mesmerized while it lights up to the music. Stream your favorite tunes from your … Read more

ZAGG Slim Book iPad Air Keyboard Review: This Is The One


The iPad is, in my opinion, the best tablet in a declining tablet market and the best tablet experience you’re going to find. But sometimes the tablet experience is hampered by one of the most important parts of any device, the keyboard. The onscreen keyboard of the iPad is clunky, large, and usually in the … Read more