Amazon’s Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities


Amazon has just released its Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities in America. Could your city be one of them? Are you well-read enough to make the cut? The ranking is determined by a compilation of sales data from cities with more than 500,000 residents on a per capita basis and includes purchases of all books, magazines, … Read more

Beth Behrs Launches First Comic Series Dents

Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs, the star of the CBS TV series 2 Broke Girls, is taking a stab at the world of comics with the debut of the post-apocalyptic comic series Dents. Described as Frozen meets The Hunger Games, the first three chapters are available exclusively on leading digital comics platform LINE Webtoon. Dents was co-created and co-written … Read more

VizMedia At C2E2 2016 #C2E22016

VizMedia is pretty well known for Anime and Manga such as Naruto, Sailor Moon, Hunter Hunter and Tokyo Ghoul. This year at C2E2, VizMedia decided to come out with a few announcements that you wouldn’t hear or see anywhere else because two workers from VidMedia were given the “okay” to provide us with some first … Read more

Google Spoiler Patent Wants You To Enjoy TV, Books, Etc. At Your Own Pace


Binge watching TV shows has become increasingly prevalent with content creators such as Netflix and others releasing full seasons of shows all at once. Some people will sit and watch a show from beginning to end as soon as it has been released, while others will take their time, watching an episode here or there. … Read more