Ovarian Cancer Predicted By Early Cellular Changes

Ovarian Cancer is a disease that affects thousands of women annually. It ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women and accounts for more deaths than any other cancer of the reproductive system. The American Cancer Society predicts that in 2016, over twenty-two thousand women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer and over fourteen … Read more

L19-IL2: Building Immunity To Cancer


Talk to any cancer survivor and they will proudly admit to surviving the treatment, whether radiation or chemo-therapy, which at times may feel worse than the actual symptoms of the cancer within them. Radiation therapy has long been a proven method of killing cancer cells as well as inducing a fair immune response to where … Read more

Cancer Tumors — Going To The Dox (Doxorubicin)

Cancer patients have enough to deal with. It all starts with a tumor. If it stops there, that can be a good prognosis. The trouble starts when the metastasized tumor cells start spreading to other organs and tissue. What if we can trick the secondary tumors into ingesting poison? Researchers at the Houston Methodist Research … Read more

Trioxacarcins: Nature’s Cancer Fighting Superhero

Trioxacarcins are naturally occurring antibiotics that fight cancerous tumors and can serve as a building block towards producing other drugs and therapies. Their complex molecular structures have made them an attractive target in trying to synthesize them in the lab. They are normally extracted from Streptomyces bottropensis, and they are cytotoxic by means of attaching … Read more

Cancer, Cancer Research, And Technology


We all know someone that swears by the adage “They have a cure for cancer, but they won’t give it to us because then they’d lose money.” Business practices aside, this may be true, but it isn’t the whole truth. We can “Shkrelify” every pharmaceutical company as much as we want, but the science behind all … Read more

Research: Device Claims To Suppress Brain-Cancer Cell Growth


A new “wearable” device being tested to suppress brain-cancer cell growth in patients ended its clinical trials early with positive results. Optune is a battery powered device researchers claim will extend the life of a patient with “newly diagnosed glioblastoma” when it is paired with traditional temozolomide chemotherapy. Researches were confident enough in its effectiveness to … Read more

Deadpool Urges You To “Touch Yourself Tonight” In Cancer PSA


Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth has a message for all you guys out there, and delivers this PSA in a way that only Deadpool can. In a new video posted on Ryan Reynold’s YouTube page, Deadpool is urging you to “Touch Yourself Tonight,” and then goes on to explain how you can — and frequently … Read more

Raise Funds For Cancer Research, Buy A FCancer iPhone Case!


We’re pretty much a family focused and centered tech website here at Techaeris and we generally stay away from profanity and other not kid-friendly type posts. For this reason we’ve shortened the name of the charity in this story to FCancer with their blessing and permission. My father passed away from prostate cancer and that’s … Read more

Google Is Making Human Skin


Google is making human skin. Thankfully it’s not for Andy Rubin’s new defence contract or to stretch over his Androids! After moving Glass to the mainstream and not far away from doing the same to internet balloons, it’s time for a new push into healthcare. Google is creating limbs with artificial dermis as part of new research into … Read more

Google X Latest Moonshot Project, A Pill That Tests For Cancer


Google X is the place where Googly dreams are made. Projects like Google Glass and the Google self-driving car have come out of Google X, it’s a place to design the extreme. The latest Google X “Moonshot” project is a pill that tests for cancer. Google says they are working on a pill that contains microscopic … Read more

Google Funded Start-Up Calico Partners With AbbVie To Develop New Drugs


Google is one of the most interesting technology companies on the planet.  They started out as a simple search engine but have since had their hands into robotics and self-driving cars. Now the Google funded start-up, Calico, is partnering with AbbVie to develop new drugs that could battle diseases that strike the elderly. The partnership … Read more