Organika Cases Review: Carrying Nature On Your Phone


Having done what feels like hundreds of case reviews over the past few years, I’ve definitely seen a wide variety. But nothing like what Organika sent me and what they’re trying to Kickstart. Organika is using real organic materials to create their new phone cases that will be available for Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG … Read more

Seidio Kryptek Surface Review: The Kryptek Camo Case


Seidio is back with its amazing Surface line of cases, but this time they’ve partnered with world-renowned state-of-the-art camouflage creators, Kryptek. Kryptek makes camo gear for a variety of different applications and was founded by two veterans who have a great eye for design. Seidio had a short statement concerning their partnership with Kryptek. From Navy Seals … Read more

OtterBox Symmetry Review: Slim Yet Tough OtterBox Protection


OtterBox is often thought of as these massive bulky and awkward protective cases for your device that are well suited to construction workers. While it is true that the company makes some amazing heavy duty cases for phones. The company also makes slimmer cases that don’t add crazy amount of weight and bulk. Often in … Read more

Incipio Octane Review: A Slim Stylish iPhone Case

Incipio Octane

In our last iPhone case review we took a look at the Incipio Performance series for iPhone 6s now we’re going to dive in with the Incipio Octane. Incipio’s cases are a nice mix of minimal design, sporty looks and elegant taste and the Incipio Octane is no different. Design The Incipio Octane is probably … Read more

UAG Trooper – UAG Glass Review: Armor For Your iPhone

UAG Trooper

I generally start out these iPhone case reviews by stating how inundated the case market is and that’s still 100% true. But I’m going to deviate a little bit from how I normally review stuff because while there are hundreds of choices of cases on the market. And there are a couple of handfuls of … Read more

Moshi 12″ MacBook Accessories Review: Protect Your Investment

macbook accessories

So you went and paid entirely too much for a 12″ MacBook with Retina display much like I did? Well now that you have it you may as well protect it and retain even more of its resale value and you can do just that with a few products from Moshi. I’m a big fan … Read more

Seidio LUMA Review: Colorize iPhone Flash Notifications

Seidio LUMA

Cases come and cases go, especially iPhone cases. I am currently writing this review with literally sixteen different iPhone cases sitting next to me including the Seidio LUMA which was sent to me awhile back but I’m finally getting to writing about it just now. Sometimes as a reviewer the products can get backlogged but … Read more

Catalyst Apple Watch And iPhone Case Review: Waterproof Designs

Catalyst Apple Watch

Protecting your smartphone and smartwatch is important to just about everyone who owns one or the other and the level of protection one chooses can vary. I happen to favor good protection with slim design, that is my preference. But some might want, or even need, protection that takes it up a few more notches. … Read more

Caseology iPhone 6s – 6s Plus Case Review: Elegant Design, Beautiful Protection

Caseology-iPhone 6s

So if you’ve been following the site for some time you’ll know that I’ve done a lot of case reviews. A lot. Cases are one of those things that are out there in bulk. You can order them from as cheap as $1.00 all the way up to and beyond $100. I’ve literally used cases … Read more

Nexus 6P Toast Cover Review: Beautify Your Nexus With Wood

Google Nexus

Alright, we all love our phones and we like to protect our phones. But sometimes we don’t want a bulky case on that phone and from my experience with the Spigen case for the Nexus 6P it can interfere with the fingerprint scanner. So that’s why Toast makes these rocking real wood covers for phones … Read more

Seidio Dilex Pro Galaxy Note 5 Review: Balanced Protection


Case reviews are a reoccurring theme here and there are no plans to ever stop doing them. Cases are something a lot of people use and we like to try and review as many as possible for you our readers. Case reviews can get difficult to write about because there’s only so much you can … Read more

Moshi iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Cases Drop Today


Moshi is one of the best Apple accessory makers on the market today always providing excellent quality and value for the products they churn out. Now Moshi is introducing some of its new Moshi iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accessories this same day they’ve been announced. Check out the full details below. San Francisco, Calif. … Read more

Bumpies iPhone 6 Review: Are You A True Minimalist?


So you call yourself a minimalist. You love clean lines, unobtrusive design and phone cases that are functional but don’t detract from the beauty of the phone you purchased. You often buy slim cases with little to no color or loud designs and certainly with no branding. You favor clear non bulky cases that are … Read more

Seidio Drops Prices On Some Of Its Popular Products


Seidio makes some wonderful mobile accessories and we’ve reviewed them here before. Now Seidio has decided to drop prices on some of its wares so now is the time to take advantage of these price drops. They’re also having a Labor Day sale, take an extra 25% OFF the already price dropped gear and anything else … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Keyboard Case?


How would you feel about a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Keyboard Case? Yeah, that’s what I said, keyboard case. According to everyones favorite leaker (Evan Blass) @evleaks, that’s exactly what someone has created. It’s not clear if this is just a troll post from Blass or a legitimate product shot. It’s also not clear if … Read more

Seidio OBEX And TETRA Pro For iPhone 6 Plus Dual Review


Cases seem to follow me everywhere I go, I have lost track of how many case reviews I have done over the past two years but it’s easily close to a hundred. This round we’re checking out the Seidio OBEX and TETRA Pro for the iPhone 6 Plus. Check out what I think of these … Read more

Seidio Surface Case Review: A Great Case For The Galaxy Note Edge

There are positives and negatives to owning a bleeding-edge phone. Positives include the inclusion into an “elite” group of owners, and the turning of heads whenever you pull the phone out. Lots of people have a Note 4 – not very many have a Note with a curved edge, right? However, one of the biggest … Read more

Griffin iPhone 6 Plus Case Review: A Little Of Everything


Without a doubt the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been wildly popular devices for Apple since their first iPhone redesign with the iPhone 4, so it makes sense that case makers are churning out cases in many different styles and offerings. We’ve been bringing you reviews of many cases from Moshi, UAG, Verus, … Read more

iPhone 6 Plus Verus Case Review: A New Premium Case Choice


The phone cases keep rolling in here at Techaeris headquarters and this time around we’re taking a look at some cases from Verus. I’d never heard of Verus until I met them at CES 2015 and they went ahead and sent me four different iPhone 6 Plus cases to have a look at. Rather than … Read more

Review: Supernova S5 Aluminum Bumper For Galaxy S5



Draco Designs is no stranger to Techaeris or, for that matter, to my hands. I’ve reviewed their awesome products before, and when they sent me their Supernova S5 for the Samsung GS5 I knew I was getting something special. Before we get too deep into the review I will say this, as I always say before reviewing something of this caliber…this bumper is high quality, and it comes with a higher cost than other bumpers.  If you’re not prepared to spend a little money, then this is probably not the bumper for you. Now on with the show. 

Read more