Chicagoans can get a free Nest thermostat

nest thermostat

Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world. We should know as we call the Chicago area our home! We’re obviously not the only ones who know this. Nest is also acknowledging the greatness of Chicago by offering up a free Nest thermostat to its residents. There are, of course, some terms and conditions … Read more

Chicago loses the Lucas museum keeps parking lot

Lucas museum

The long battle between The Friends of the Park and the City of Chicago is finally over and the Lucas museum is officially dead. George Lucas expressed interest in building his narrative art museum in Chicago two years ago. Almost immediately there was both excitement and opposition to the Lucas museum, especially the chosen location. … Read more

Amazon’s Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities


Amazon has just released its Top 20 Most Well-Read Cities in America. Could your city be one of them? Are you well-read enough to make the cut? The ranking is determined by a compilation of sales data from cities with more than 500,000 residents on a per capita basis and includes purchases of all books, magazines, … Read more

Original Misfits Members Reunite For Riotfest In Denver And Chicago

After teasing a huge announcement for 9am this morning, Riotfest has released the first official band for the 2016 lineup in their Denver and Chicago locations: the original Misfits. 33 years and “20 eyes” after their last show together, Glenn Danzig will “Come Back” on stage with Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankestein once again. The Misfits … Read more

Planned George Lucas Museum Likely Dead In Chicago

It’s been a long and bumpy road for the proposed George Lucas Museum on Chicago’s lakefront. From the early days, vying to get the nod, to the excitement of winning the bid, we’ve been there from the beginning to keep track of the goings-on with the proposed museum in Techaeris’ back yard. It seems only fitting … Read more

The Robot Revolution Is On At Chicago’s Museum Of Science And Industry

We let you know a little bit about Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry Robot Revolution exhibit last month, and today we had an opportunity to visit the museum and chat with a representative about what brought the Robot Revolution to Chicago. We got in on the revolution a bit late, since the exhibit will only … Read more

Google Street View Adds More Chicago Attractions

A couple of us here at Techaeris call the Windy City (or at least the immediate surrounding area) home. We’re just a short ride away from the sights, the shows, the sports, the dining, everything that makes the city of Chicago truly great. For anyone that might not be so lucky, or may just want … Read more

Motorola Opening Experiential Moto Shop In Chicago


Chicagoans will have a new way to shop for Motorola products this holiday season as the company is set to open an experiential Moto Shop on November 7th. The Moto Shop will open in the heart of downtown Chicago and consumers will be able to experience Motorola’s latest offerings in a hands-on, interactive environment. Instead … Read more

Chicago’s Museum Of Science And Industry And Google.Org Show Off Robots


It’s a rare treat for me to take my kids out for a day at the museum and today was that day. Three of my five kiddos all got dressed and ready to go early because they love going into the city (Chicago) and seeing all the amazing sites. Dealing with a 3 year old, 5 … Read more

Google Expeditions & Google Cardboard Land In Chicago Area Schools


Two schools in the Chicago area, one in Aurora and one in Naperville, were chosen to participate in the new Google Expeditions program where technology brings kids on extraordinary journeys. Google Expeditions brings their Expedition Kits to the selected school where a handful of students get to use the learning tools Google provides the students … Read more

Chicago Netflix Tax Being Fought By Users In Court


If there’s one thing Chicago politicians love to do, it’s finding new ways to tax its residents and what better way than a Netflix tax? Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel and the city have imposed a new amusement tax on streaming services like Netflix in order to close a gaping budget hole. As you can guess, this … Read more

Amazon Fulfillment Center Announced For Illinois, Maybe For Drone Testing?


A new Amazon fulfillment center has just been announced and it’s being built in Joilet, Illinois. Amazon says this new fulfillment center (just outside of Chicago) will create 1,000 jobs for the local economy. The fulfillment center is going to be nearly 500,000 square feet and help Amazon service customers better and faster. “We are … Read more

Chicago Lucas Museum Not A Welcome Sight For Some


The planned Chicago Lucas Museum is an exciting prospect for many.  Not only would it bring more art, culture, revenue and jobs to the city of Chicago but it would give the city a pop culture anchor. George Lucas had originally approached San Francisco with the proposal but they ultimately could not agree on a … Read more

Experience Chicago Through This Awesome Time-lapse


Eric Hines is a Chicago photographer and time-lapse cinematographer who’s made a few notable time-lapses in the past, his first Chicago time-lapse was amazing in its own right. Now he’s back with a second installment and even better time-lapse of the great city of Chicago. Being a Chicago area native myself this timelapse is that … Read more

Chicago George Lucas Museum Is Out Of This World


We reported some time back the George Lucas Museum would be coming to Chicago at some point in the near future and now we’re getting a glimpse of what it will look like. To say that the building’s design is futuristic is an understatement. Architecture firm, MAD Architects, was commissioned to design the museum by … Read more

First All-Electric Garbage Truck Takes Out The Trash In Chicago


Motiv Power Systems has designed the world’s first all-electric garbage truck.  The Electric Refuse Vehicle, or ERV, was made possible using Motiv’s modular, plug-and-play electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) technology and in collaboration with Chicago’s existing refuse truck vendors. The city is saving 2,688 gallons of gas by running these electric trash eaters on 60 mile … Read more

Chicago Lands The George Lucas Museum But Faces Opposition

There’s little doubt that Star Wars, Indiana Jones and George Lucas will be recurring topics here on MOARGeek due to their high levels of geek machismo. So what better way to kick off Lucas/Star Wars coverage than to talk about the George Lucas Museum landing in Chicago? Now I’m not the most unbiased person, due to … Read more

Chicago Wins Bid For The George Lucas Museum

George Lucas-Death Star-Chicago-skyline-2
George Lucas-Death Star-Chicago-skyline-2
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We’ve previously discussed Chicago’s attempts at luring the George Lucas Museum to the city.  Well, the wooing worked.  It turns out that the Windy City will in fact host the upcoming Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.  A spot on the city’s Museum Campus along Lake Michigan was a strong deciding factor in choosing Chicago over San Fransisco.

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Chicago Pushing To Get George Lucas Museum

George Lucas-Death Star-Chicago-skyline-2

Use the Force Rahm! Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing and campaigning to secure George Lucas’ planned museum here in the city of Chicago. Never mind that Lucas has been talking with San Francisco, George’s hometown and a whole lot closer to the center of movie making. AP reports that San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee … Read more

Digital Shadow: Watch Dog‘s Stunt Outs Shoddy Facebook Privacy Settings


I’ve certainly complained about Facebook in the past, and my feelings have largely remained the same.  It’s no secret that Facebook doesn’t seem to respect your privacy, and really wants to pry open and inspect all aspects of your life.  For the most part we seem to let them.  They roll out changes to their privacy settings, making you opt-out of updates that increasingly open up your data – if you can even find where to opt-out in their giant mess of settings.

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Review: Blueflame Magnetic Conductive Charger For iPhone 5/5s CES 2014 Stand Out

It was the last day of CES 2014, the vendors were breaking down their booths, people were rushing to shuttle lines ready to get on with life after CES. I too was making my way to the shuttle to Mandalay Bay so I could collapse into bed and rest. That’s when my buddy Rafael from … Read more

Sony Finds Suitor For Gracenote, The Tribune Company

Sony has found a buyer for Gracenote and it’s the same company that owns a major Chicago newspaper and Chicago television station. The Tribune Media Group owns both the Chicago Tribune and local television station WGN-TV Channel 9. And apparently Tribune Media Group also owns Tribune Media Services (TMS) which offers the same service as … Read more

Techaeris Visits Google’s Winter Wonderlab in Chicago


It’s not often that Google makes its presence felt in a retail setting, particularly in a mall at the start of the holiday shopping frenzy. But this year Google busted out of the Playstore and into six different cities with their Winter Wonderlab experience. The locations you can catch this event are New York City … Read more

Why Facebook Infuriates Me (And How Social Fixer Made It Better)


Written by Justin Jelinek
It really just seems to be a part of life these days – most of us use Facebook.  Whether you’re a FB power user, a grandmother looking at photos of your grandchildren, or something somewhere in between the two it can be difficult to escape Facebook’s clutches.

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T-Mobile Announces Hiring Events for Veterans


T-Mobile announced an effort to hire military veterans at a series of October hiring events. There are 3500 open positions that T-Mobile hopes to fill with U.S. Armed Forces, and active members of the National Guard, and Reserves. T-Mobile is already has a significant amount of employees who have served or serve in the military.

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